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Here’s how deep geothermal drilling might be clean energy’s future

deep geothermal

Quaise Energy is on a mission to prove that deep geothermal drilling could provide more than enough clean energy to meet the world’s needs as we move away from fossil fuels. Matt Houde, cofounder at Quaise Energy, explained its potential at the TEDX Boston Planetary Stewardship Event last week.

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Could geothermal supply up to 50% of the world’s energy by 2050?


Geothermal supplies just 0.4% of the world’s energy today, but it could potentially supply up to 50% of the world’s energy by 2050, according to Carlos Araque, cofounder and CEO of Quaise Energy, who made that prediction at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit 2022 last week during a panel discussion called, “Is this geothermal’s moment?”

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Here’s how the new US tax credits and rebates will work for clean energy home upgrades

US tax credits rebates

US President Joe Biden signed the big climate bill – the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – earlier this week. Electrek spoke with Dan Gayer, JD, CPA, a senior manager in the tax practice at Baker Newman Noyes, about how homeowners can claim tax credits and rebates as they work to achieve energy efficiency and lower their energy bills.

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Dandelion Energy expands residential geothermal to Vermont

Dandelion Energy Vermont

Renewable resources provided 99.9% of Vermont’s electricity generation in 2019, the largest share for any state, but it has more than 100,000 homes that use fuel oil, the dirtiest fuel for home heating. US residential geothermal company Dandelion Energy wants to help Vermont ditch the fuel oil – it today announced that it’s expanding its services into the Green Mountain State. 

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10 Questions: Geothermal with Dandelion Energy founder Kathy Hannun


Kathy Hannun came to geothermal while at Alphabet’s X (formerly called Google[x]). In May 2017, she spun the company out and assumed the role of CEO of Dandelion Energy. She’s now in the role of president of the company, which allows her more free time, which means she can talk to us!

Hunnan spoke with Electrek‘s publisher Seth Weintraub and writer Michelle Lewis about why home geothermal systems are more affordable, convenient, and energy-efficient than anything else out there. At the same time, geothermal eliminates the fossil-fuel-based heating oil and gas systems currently in use.

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EGEB: MidAmerican to offer clients 100% green energy, Dandelion seeks to democratize geothermal energy, market adapts to tariffs

Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

Today on EGEB, MidAmerican claims it will be the first U.S. utility to offer 100% renewable energy to willing clients. Dandelion seeks to take a foothold in the heating and air conditioning market with a new geothermal unit. Foreign companies adapt to Trump’s tariffs by planning new U.S. factories.