Polestar Precept Stories September 3

In a refreshing display of transparency, Polestar has publicly shared details of the carbon footprint of its EV models compared to ICE vehicles. With this data, Polestar looks to better educate consumers and build trust as it pertains to emissions.

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Polestar Precept Stories July 26

Swedish EV automaker Polestar has shared big plans for expansion by promising to double its global presence from nine to 18 markets. Furthermore, Polestar has also shared plans to double its retail presence to 100 operational locations, all before the end of 2021.

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Polestar Precept Stories July 15

Generally speaking, getting overexcited about a concept car is a one-way ticket to bitter disappointment. Why? Because firstly, it may not even make it to production. And secondly, even if it does, it’ll probably look very “different” – aka “worse.” Goodbye massive rims, butterfly doors, and wacky interior with joysticks in place of a wheel. Hello softened edges, cheap plastics and sadness. 

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Polestar Precept Stories July 7

As Polestar makes continued efforts to bring its previously announced Precept concept EV to full production, the Swedish automaker has decided to document the whole process. The first installment of Precept: from Concept to Car has debuted on YouTube, with several more installations to follow throughout the entire development phase.

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Polestar Precept Stories September 26, 2020

Polestar confirmed that it is going to bring its latest electric car concept, the Precept, to production, but without a clear timeline.

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Polestar Precept Stories April 7, 2020

Polestar has released a close look at the Precept, a new electric sedan that shows the Swedish automaker’s design direction. expand full story

Polestar Precept Stories February 25, 2020

Polestar, Volvo’s performance brand revived as an all-electric brand, has released pictures and a few details of a new electric sedan concept: the Polestar Precept. expand full story

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