Volkswagen Stories July 18

Volkswagen has released its latest EV-focused video for the US, as the automaker compares the electric future to the moon landing, as the 50th anniversary of that historic event draws near.

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Volkswagen Stories July 12

Volkswagen and Ford have announced the long-expected expansion of their alliance, as the two companies will collaborate on electric and self-driving cars.

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Volkswagen Stories July 10

Volkswagen has posted a new video showcasing the inside of its upcoming ID.3 electric hatchback, giving us our longest — though still brief — look at the dashboard yet.

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Volkswagen Stories July 8

Volkswagen has long-term contracts with a number of battery suppliers as the company starts its massive push into electric cars, but it’s finding those suppliers need a little extra convincing when it comes to the potential of manufacturing batteries for its EVs.

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Volkswagen Stories July 5

Volkswagen’s Dutch website is already taking registrations for the automaker’s updated version of the e-up, which is due to arrive in European showrooms early next year with increased range.

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Volkswagen Stories July 2

A new interview with Volkswagen’s chief marketing officer reveals some of the reasoning behind the carmaker’s electric car strategy, including further details on the company’s new operating system and Automotive Cloud.

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Volkswagen Stories June 27

Volkswagen’s previously announced electric car sharing service, WeShare, officially kicked off today in Berlin. The launch brings 1,500 e-Golf vehicles to the city’s streets, with more electric models to follow.

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Volkswagen Stories June 24

The Volkswagen group is about to transition its electric car production from just a few thousand cars per year to millions of units per year and that’s going to take an incredible amount of battery cells.

Despite some concerns, VW now says that its battery contracts are secured ‘for the first few years’ of the production ramp up. expand full story

Volkswagen Stories June 20

Volkswagen’s “new direction” in the US is already in full swing as the company has unleashed a blitz of ads during the past few weeks, with one constant — the ID. BUZZ electric bus, still just a concept vehicle that’s three years from production.

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Volkswagen Stories June 17

VW is preparing to launch the ID3, its first next-gen all-electric car based on its new MEB platform, and it has been gradually revealing more about it leading to the release of the production version later this year.

Today, they announced that the ID.3, and other upcoming ID vehicles, will have a battery warranty covering 70% energy capacity for 8 years and 160,000 km (100,000 miles). They also confirmed the official charge rate, which is somewhat disappointing. expand full story

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