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BMW, Mercedes, and VW each saw EV sales skyrocket vs. ICE slump, but who is winning?

EV sales

Following a production year riddled with supply chain constraints, chip shortages, and a war in Ukraine, German automakers BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen Group still saw significant growth in EV sales. Conversely, combustion vehicle sales continue to drop due to the reasons above, in addition to more and more drivers joining the green side.

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Volkswagen’s next-gen MEB+ platform offers faster charging, 125 miles of added range

Volkswagen platform

Volkswagen Group has shared a progress update outlining the development of its upcoming MEB+ EV platform. What was originally thought to be an upgrade to its current EV platform will actually arrive as the German automaker’s next-generation EV backbone. Volkswagen reaffirmed previous range improvements but also shared new details on upcoming models we can expect to see use this technology in the future. Here’s the latest.

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Volkswagen plans North American battery plant, paving way for more EV tax credits

Volkswagen battery

Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume recently shared that the company is actively searching for a home for its first battery cell factory in North America. Furthermore, Blume has named Canada specifically as “one logical option.” By joining Volkswagen’s current EV production footprint in Tennessee, the Group may soon meet the battery manufacturing requirements outlined in the Inflation Reduction Act for vehicles like the ID.4 to continue to qualify for US federal tax credits, while opening the door for more EVs under its umbrella to qualify.

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An electric Volkswagen pickup? New global head says not this decade

Volkswagen electric pickup

As more and more all-electric pickup trucks make their way to the US market, those consumers holding out for a Volkswagen branded model may need to let go and look elsewhere. According to Volkswagen’s new global head of passenger cars, an electric pickup truck is not a priority at the moment, despite comments from the German automaker’s newly appointed head of North America validating such desires.

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Growing EV demand helps Volkswagen reach half a million ID deliveries one year early

Volkswagen deliveries

As legacy automaker Volkswagen looks to electrify its entire lineup of vehicles over the next decade, it is touting accelerated progress today by reaching a milestone of 500,000 EV deliveries a year early. With ten new EV models planned for deliveries by 2026, Volkswagen is capitalizing off growing EV demand with hopes to further accelerate its electrification strategy around the globe.

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Weird Alibaba: Only $2,000 for this great-looking electric Vintage VW bus, with a small twist

There’s something fun about trademark infringement reproducing retro-looking vehicles in an electric form factor. You get all of the exciting, old school design vibes that today’s automotive culture is sorely lacking, yet in a modern vehicle that doesn’t require two hours of wrenching for every hour of driving.

And this awesome-looking reproduction of a 60’s VW bus is a perfect example. Well, except for the fact that Alibaba’s finest EV engineers seem to have given the bus a feature that I don’t think came standard back in the day.

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Personnel shake-ups continue as Volkswagen America CEO leaves to head up Scout EV brand

Volkswagen Scout

The game of musical CEO chairs continues on at Volkswagen Group as yet another executive is leaving their current post to lead a different marque. Current president and CEO for Volkswagen Group of America Scott Keogh announced he is stepping down after nearly five years to become CEO of Volkswagen’s new all-electric truck brand, Scout.

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