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Mercedes-Benz shares pricing of US-built EQE SUV with potential for federal tax credits

EQE SUV pricing

Mercedes-Benz has finally shared the US pricing of its upcoming EQE SUV before it hits dealerships this spring. Since the all-electric luxury SUV will be built at Mercedes’ production facility in Alabama, certain trims may qualify for federal tax credits under new terms outlined in the Inflation Reduction act. Learn how all the price tiers break down below.

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Mercedes-Benz shares details of new OS, doubles down on Luminar’s lidar technology

Mercedes lidar

Mercedes-Benz announced multiple newsworthy innovations during its Operating System Strategy Update in Sunnyvale, California earlier today. The German automaker announced it is building its own proprietary operating system called MB.OS which will offer features like navigation and maps from Google. Additionally, Mercedes announced it is expanding upon a previous partnership with lidar specialist Luminar in a new multi-billion dollar deal to integrate the tech by mid-decade.

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Maybach’s first plug-in hybrid sedan gets nearly twice the all-electric range of a Toyota Prius


Mercedes-Maybach unveiled its first plug-in hybrid Thursday, the S 580 e sedan, marking a new era for the over 100-year-old luxury automaker. Despite being a PHEV, the Maybach S 580 e gets twice the all-electric range of Toyota’s fifth-generation Prius.

Perhaps, more importantly, Maybach is set to release its first fully electric vehicle later this year.

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Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT becomes first Level 3 autonomous driving system to be certified for US roads

Mercedes autonomous

Mercedes-Benz may be celebrating on the casino floor in Las Vegas right now – it has announced its DRIVE PILOT conditional autonomous driving system has been authorized for use on public roads, beginning in Nevada. DRIVE PILOT now sits as the only SAE Level 3 system in a production EV certified for operation as Mercedes looks to expand further west this year.

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BMW, Mercedes, and VW each saw EV sales skyrocket vs. ICE slump, but who is winning?

EV sales

Following a production year riddled with supply chain constraints, chip shortages, and a war in Ukraine, German automakers BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen Group still saw significant growth in EV sales. Conversely, combustion vehicle sales continue to drop due to the reasons above, in addition to more and more drivers joining the green side.

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ChargePoint and Mercedes-Benz team up to bring hundreds of fast charging hubs to EV drivers

Mercedes charging

EV charging network ChargePoint and Mercedes-Benz have shared plans to build out a series of charging hubs across the US and Canada. Together with renewable energy provider MN8 Energy, the companies will begin building the EV fast charging hubs in major cities and highway corridors this year.

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Mercedes-Benz to double EV motor output at German plant to 1M units

Mercedes EV plant

German automaker Mercedes-Benz announced another big step in becoming an all-electric luxury brand by the end of the decade. The company recently shared that its Untertürkheim plant, where combustion engines have primarily been assembled, will be scaled up to deliver more EV motors for future Mercedes EQ vehicles. It is now targeting 1 million a year beginning in 2024.

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Mercedes’ $1,200 EV update cuts 0-60 times by a second, but only in one market

Mercedes EV update

Mercedes-Benz has begun rolling out an EV update subscription to EQ owners that can boost 0-60 mph acceleration as much as an entire second. The $1,200 annual subscription, however, has not been homologated for sale in the EU just yet. As a result, EQS or EQE owners closest to Mercedes-Benz’s home country of Germany cannot yet take advantage of the update.

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Mercedes-Benz debuts upcoming EQE SUV alongside high-performance AMG version


Mercedes-Benz has flooded the newswire today, sharing multiple press releases surrounding its EV technology. Today’s news includes more granular details relating to its upcoming EQE SUV, as well as first images and specs for the Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV that will soon join it. There is A LOT to unpack here, so let’s hop right in..

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Mercedes-Benz sold 30,000 electric vehicles in Q3 as EQS SUV hits showrooms in the US


Mercedes Benz released its global Q3 sales report as the luxury automaker ventures toward an all-electric future. In Q3 (July to September), Mercedes Benz sold 30,000 electric vehicles, 115% more than last year. As EV demand in the US heats up, Mercedes is introducing a full lineup, including the all-new EQS SUV arriving later this month.

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Mercedes-Benz all-electric EQS SUV will be too luxuriously priced for US federal tax credits

Mercedes EQS SUV price

Spoiler alert: A week after announcing the first EQS SUV models began rolling off its US assembly lines, Mercedes-Benz has finally shared what starting price and trims consumers can expect to see. Although this all-electric SUV and its battery components will be built on US soil, its price tag will prevent US customers from qualifying for federal tax credits. Shocking.

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Mercedes-Benz is launching a bunch of new EQ vehicles for the 2023 model year, including an AMG EQE

Mercedes 2023 EQ

Mercedes-Benz has shared new details of the 2023 model year versions of its EQ line of all-electric vehicles. While multiple models sit upon the precipice of debuting in the US, Mercedes has introduced even more variations that should be available to US consumers by year’s end. Check it out.

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Mercedes-Benz rolls first EQS SUVs roll off US assembly line – will it still qualify for tax credits?


Mercedes-Benz announced the official launch of EQS SUV production today, the first of its EQ line to be built entirely in the US. With a start of production and Mercedes’ Tuscaloosa assembly plant in Alabama, we expect to hear EQS SUV pricing soon as deliveries remain on track for later this year. With the recent signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, we wonder if the US-built electric SUV will qualify for federal tax credits under the new terms of the bill.

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