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Everrati debuts an all-electric Mercedes SL W113 ‘Pagoda’ in Monaco

Electric Mercedes SL

A mere 24 hours after introducing an all-electric Land Rover Defender designed specifically as a Shore Tender vehicle for yachts, EV conversion specialist Everrati is unveiling yet another spin on a classic – an electric Mercedes-Benz SL W113 “Pagoda.” The 1960s Benz is being showcased in Monte Carlo with a second, more sustainable life as an EV.

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Mercedes-Benz CLA concept is the long-range entry-level EV we’ve been waiting for


The Tesla Model 3 is getting a new rival. After teasing us for the past few months, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its highly anticipated CLA electric sedan concept at IAA Mobility on Sunday. The Mercedes CLA concept is the new “one-liter car,” thanks to its advanced efficiency, enabling over 466 miles (750 km) WLTP range. It will be the first of the brand’s new entry-level EV class.

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Mercedes-Benz shares cost of the its new eSprinter van, is it worth a camper conversion?

Is a viable option for electric van life finally here? Possibly! Earlier today, Mercedes-Benz shared more details of its 2024 eSprinter Van refresh, including a more accurate range estimate (although still not official). What is official is the pricing, however, and when compared with its other specs, we may see some van enthusiasts consider a conversion.

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7 auto giants unite to build universal network of 30K+ clean-energy-powered fast chargers to North America

Charging network

And yes, it’ll have NACS accessibility. In a shocking but exciting announcement this morning, a group of some of the world’s largest automakers has combined forces into a new joint venture to deliver a new “high-powered” charger network across cities and highways in North America to expedite EV adoption. Oh, and they intend to power the entire network with renewable energy.

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We tested Mercedes-Benz’s new ChatGPT voice assistant integration and heard some horrible jokes [Video]

Mercedes ChatGPT

Today, Mercedes-Benz shared details of its expansion of AI functions to bolster its MBUX user experience, particularly its “Hey Mercedes” voice assistance technology which has now been integrated with renowned chatbot ChatGPT. On a recent visit to the automaker’s International Design Center, we got the chance to test out ChatGPT first hand in a Mercedes EV. Get ready for some really bad jokes.

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Mercedes-Benz unveils Vision One Eleven concept with axial flux motors and ‘unique battery chemistry’

Mercedes Concept

This week, we got a special invitation to Carlsbad, California, to peek behind the curtain of Mercedes-Benz’s International Design Center (IDC). It was here that the automaker’s creative team shared details of its fifth design strategy, which includes NFTs, augmented reality, and some exciting new motor technology. The true star of the show, however, was the debut of Mercedes’s latest all-electric concept, the Vision One Eleven – a hyper-futuristic nod to an experimental legend that debuted over 50 years ago.

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California certified as next US state to allow Mercedes’ Level 3 autonomous DRIVE PILOT

Level 3 autonomous

Califooooorniaaaaaa here we coooommmmeeeee (autonomously). Mercedes-Benz has just announced that its SAE Level 3 autonomous driver assist system, DRIVE PILOT, has been certified to operate in the entire state of California, beginning with a couple of familiar models.

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Ultimate glamping solution: Mercedes bringing luxury electric camper van to the US


For those of you looking for the ultimate glamping experience, Mercedes-Benz is about to have the solution for you. Mercedes revealed its new dedicated Vans Electric Architecture (VAN.EA) to expand its EV van lineup, and for the first time, the automaker will introduce private luxury midsize electric vans to the US and China, including camper versions.

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German automakers take different sides on the use of e-fuels over EVs


German automakers, known for their luxury and performance, hold different views on the use of e-fuels. While Mercedes-Benz CEO says it will favor “technically superior” EVs over ICE vehicles powered by e-fuels, Audi’s CEO says the synthetic fuels will play a major role within the Volkswagen Group’s plans, including Porsche.

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