Polestar Stories February 25

Polestar, Volvo’s performance brand revived as an all-electric brand, has released pictures and a few details of a new electric sedan concept: the Polestar Precept. expand full story

Polestar Stories December 19, 2019

Volvo’s Polestar 2 is going to be one of the most interesting electric cars to hit the market in 2020, and it just got more interesting. The electric sedan is getting a 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs) towing capacity, beating the Tesla Model 3. expand full story

Polestar Stories November 14, 2019

It’s been three weeks since the opening of the world’s first so-called Polestar Space, where the Swedish brand will sell electric performance vehicles. A couple of new (rough) videos like this one reveal the customer experience, which Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath explained a few weeks ago.

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Polestar Stories November 5, 2019

Hardcore EV fans might easily dismiss the $156,500, limited-edition Polestar 1 as a piece of eye candy. And Polestar deserves scrutiny for debuting the electric brand with this vehicle, which has a gas engine and a battery providing a relatively modest range of about 65 miles for an EV.

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Polestar Stories September 11, 2019

An executive for Volvo’s Polestar candidly admitted that “Tesla is far ahead of everyone else on energy efficiency” and they are going to have to catch up or find other ways to compete. expand full story

Polestar Stories August 27, 2019

Polestar, Volvo’s electric car brand, announced today the opening of its massive new electric car factory in Shanghai and the start of production of the Polestar 1. expand full story

Polestar Stories May 15, 2019

Volvo, both through Polestar and its own brand, plans to bring several new all-electric vehicles to market and in order to do that, it needs significant battery supply.

The automaker now says that it has secured ‘multi-billion dollar battery supply deals’ with CATL and LG Chem. expand full story

Polestar Stories May 3, 2019

Electric car maker Polestar will qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit, and the company says it will do so separately from parent company Volvo. This would ensure both Polestar and Volvo could both sell 200,000 EVs before the credit begins to phase out. Let’s see how this works…

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Polestar Stories February 27, 2019

Volvo has relaunched its Polestar brand as an electric vehicle automaker and it claims that its first all-electric vehicle, the Polestar 2, will be a Tesla Model 3 competitor.

Today, it is fully unveiling the Polestar 2 after teasing and leaking some images. expand full story

Polestar Stories January 23, 2019

Polestar, Volvo’s performance brand which has been relaunched as an electric brand, is apparently gradually unveiling the Polestar 2, an upcoming all-electric sedan, which it describes as a “Tesla Model 3 competitor.”

After releasing the first image of the Polestar 2 earlier this month, they have now released a second one through an app, which also includes details about the vehicle’s user interface.

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