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Volta trucks sells over 300 all-electric trucks totaling more than $92M in revenue

Volta electric trucks

Ahead of its start of series production next quarter, commercial EV startup Volta Trucks announced it has locked in customer orders for over 300 of its all-electric Volta Zero trucks. These orders alone secure a huge chunk of the company’s overall production targets for 2023, representing customer demand and cause for optimism as Volta Trucks finally looks to begin initial EV deliveries and expand to additional markets.

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From drawing board to assembly line in 12 months: Volta Zero truck nears series production

Volta truck production

Commercial EV startup Volta Trucks has shared another major milestone in its lightning fast 12-month journey in bringing its flagship Zero truck into production. The very first Volta Zero truck has rolled off its assembly line in Austria, kicking off a series of validation prototypes for customers before full commercial production next year.

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Volta Trucks confirms it’s bringing its electric trucks to the US beginning in mid-2023

Volta Trucks US

Commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks has shared a roadmap outlining plans to bring its all-electric Zero trucks to the United States next year. Its strategy will include the 16-ton Volta Zero truck to begin, followed by Class 5 and 6 variants. Additionally, Volta Trucks is searching for a manufacturing partner on US soil to begin building the Zero trucks before year’s end.

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Volta Trucks unveils the 7.5- and 12-ton variants of its fully-electric Volta Zero

Volta Zero trucks

Commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks has publicly debuted two new variations of its 16-ton Volta Zero. The forthcoming 7.5- and 12-ton variants will complete a four model range Volta Zero trucks and provide smaller and more maneuverable transportation to commercial fleets compared to their larger predecessors.

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Volta Trucks announces €230 million in Series C funding to support start of production for 16-ton Volta Zero truck

Volta Trucks Funding

As Volta Trucks works toward start of production for its all-electric Zero truck later this year, it has gained the funding to get it over the finish line. The zero-emission truck manufacturer announced it has garnered an additional €230 million (~$260.6 million) in Series C funding. Furthermore, Volta Trucks’ 5,000+ soft pre-orders offer a potential revenue value of over €1.2 billion (~$1.4 billion).

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Volta Trucks confirms €37 million in Series B funding and over €600 million in Zero Truck soft pre-orders

Volta Trucks pre order

UK EV startup Volta Trucks continues to chug forward towards series production of its Zero Truck, and has announced an additional €37 million in Series B funding to help. Alongside the newest funding announcement, Volta Trucks shared it has already received 2,500 soft pre-orders for its Zero Truck. Should all those pre-orders come to fruition, their value is over €600 million (~$705.5 million).

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Volta Trucks unveils first operational prototype chassis for the upcoming Zero Truck

Volta Zero Truck

UK-based EV startup Volta Trucks has just unveiled its first running prototype chassis that will offer the framework of its upcoming purpose-built, 16-ton electric truck. The newly announced Volta Zero Truck prototype chassis was designed and built to include the production specification frame and drivetrain components consumers will eventually see in the finished vehicle. With big goals set for 2025, this announcement brings Volta Trucks one step closer to providing inner-city logistics to the masses.

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