Electric cars Stories September 14

  • 2019 could feature some of the most extreme weather in 20 years. And yes, climate change is a major catalyst.
  • The UN says that the climate crisis is the greatest threat ever to human rights.
  • Why are hurricanes getting stronger? Three reasons.
  • British farmers say we don’t need to stop consuming beef to address the climate crisis.
  • And more…

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Electric cars Stories August 28

California, which is seen as the leader in electric vehicle adoption in the US, is still nowhere near its goal to have 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by the end of the next decade. expand full story

Electric cars Stories July 31

A big part of the general public still doesn’t see all-electric cars as a viable option for their next vehicle.

JD Power confirms that in a new study and shows that there are still a lot of improvements to be made on the consumer education front when it comes to EVs. expand full story

Electric cars Stories July 15

Most markets are starting to require electric vehicles to make a sound at lower speeds to prevent pedestrian accidents, and Mercedes-Benz is now demonstrating the pedestrian sound for its EQC electric SUV. expand full story

Electric cars Stories July 11

A new report envisions a number of energy scenarios for the UK as it aims for net zero emissions by 2050, and one future path involves using 35 million electric cars to store a large amount of renewable energy.

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Electric cars Stories June 26

A barely-disguised Arnold Schwarzenegger touts the “benefits” of gasoline to customers who are interested in electric cars in a fun new ad that aims to increase electric vehicle adoption. But for many EV buyers, the anti-selling EV tactics used by car salesmen might hit too close to home.

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Electric cars Stories May 24

A promising electric car-sharing program in a UK town only lasted a few months, as the EVs quickly became a target for vandals who caused “exceptional levels of damage” to the cars.

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Electric cars Stories April 22

Electric vehicle detractors are rejoicing after a new study from the Munich-based IFO Institute for Economic Research is claiming electric cars are dirtier than diesel, but the study is already being debunked for being extremely flawed. expand full story

Electric cars Stories February 7

AAA research released a new study about the effect of temperature on electric vehicle range and they claim that the average electric car range drops “41 percent at 20°F and when the HVAC system is used to heat the inside of the vehicle.”

Tesla disputes the claims saying that data from their own fleet of vehicles show that the decrease is not “anywhere near” what AAA is reporting. expand full story

Electric cars Stories August 4, 2018

I have been reporting on electric cars full-time for the past 3 years now. Over 5,200 articles later, I am frustrated by the number of articles I wrote about vehicles you still can’t buy today.

But I think that will change in the next 2 years.

We now know of dozens of electric vehicle programs coming to market in the next few years and we believe they will change the auto industry forever.

Here we take a quick look at the 5 most exciting new electric cars you can buy in the next 2 years. expand full story

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