Electric cars Stories October 18

Can you imagine a whole brigade of all-electric Abrams tanks powered by those new ‘Solar farm in a box’ systems being deployed in combat zones? We are not quite there yet, but the US Army is apparently aware that it is a likely possibility due to their long-standing close links with the auto industry, which is currently in an important electric transition. expand full story

Electric cars Stories October 12

With all the planned bans on petrol and diesel cars announced lately, we are starting to witness different levels of government and jurisdictions outdoing themselves. For example, Scotland announced a phase-out of new petrol and diesel cars by 2032 while the UK is aiming for 2040.

Now Paris announces that it is only going to allow electric cars as soon as 2030 ahead of France’s 2040 goal. expand full story

Electric cars Stories October 11

Ireland’s Minister of Finance, Paschal Luke Donohoe, introduced this week a new measure to accelerate the deployment of electric cars in the country through businesses in their new budget.

The government will give tax breaks over one year for electric vehicles used as company cars. expand full story

Electric cars Stories October 10

Today, the new Dutch government presented its detailed plan for the coming years and it includes making all new cars emission-free by 2030 – virtually banning petrol- and diesel-powered cars in favor of battery-powered vehicles. expand full story

Electric cars Stories October 9

In a time where a surprising number of major automakers are announcing that they believe electric cars are the future of the auto industry, we are still seeing them complaining about, and in some cases lobbying against, the fuel emission standards.

Now trade groups representing virtually the entire auto industry are again putting pressure on U.S. regulators to weaken rules that would force them to produce more electric cars. expand full story

Electric cars Stories September 28

As we previously reported, virtually all automakers (except for Tesla) have asked China to slow down their electric car mandate.

Today, the Chinese government announced that they are delaying the implementation of the mandate by a year, but it’s not to say that the auto industry lobbying had its way entirely. expand full story

Electric cars Stories September 26

California and its Air Resources Board have long been perceived as leaders in the fight against climate change and especially in the adoption of electric cars.

But several other countries have since been more aggressive and announced upcoming bans on sales of new gas and diesel-powered cars.

Now California’s government is reportedly considering the same drastic initiative. expand full story

Electric cars Stories September 10

France, the UK, and more recently Scotland, all announced efforts to ban petrol and gas-powered cars in favor of electric vehicles.

While some of those efforts could have a significant impact, none would be greater than if the largest car market in the world, China, would do the same.

Now the Chinese government is also reportedly considering a deadline to go all-electric, which would virtually be the end of the internal combustion engine. expand full story

Electric cars Stories September 5

Don’t get high on your own supply. Norway showed that to be true with its rapid adoption of electric vehicles despite being an oil rich country.

Now Scotland follows with its own new target to phase out new petrol and diesel cars by 2032 – ahead of recent targets by other countries. expand full story

While it remains a niche market with less than 2% market share in most countries, everything points to electric vehicles becoming mainstream and disrupting the auto industry in a big way sooner rather than later.

But the timing is still being strongly debated with predictions all over the place.

Now a new report puts the target for 1 billion electric vehicles on the roads by 2050 and predicts some tough times for automakers leading up to the milestone. expand full story

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