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4 factors to consider when shopping for your first electric car


It’s finally time. You’ve decided to make the switch and join the zero-emission club. Buying your first electric car comes with a whole new experience. Once you feel the instant torque, upgraded technology, and smoother drive, you will never go back. Now the question becomes how do you choose which electric car to buy? Here are a few factors to consider.

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Could new Federal EV tax credit crater EV sales until end of the year?

Tesla Gigafactory Texas July 2022

Now that the US Senate has an agreement on the reform of the federal tax credit for electric vehicles, it looks like it might finally happen after roughly two years of work. Though it’s still pending a vote.

But it does bring up an interesting question: Will it make EV sales crash until the end of the year since it’s not retroactive?

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Senate moves forward with EV tax credit reform; Tesla (TSLA) to be included back and more

The US Senate is going to move forward with a sweeping new bill after Senator Joe Manchin finally accepted to include investments to curb climate change. The new bill is going to include the long-awaited electric vehicle tax credit reform that is going to give back access to the tax credit to Tesla GM vehicles, along with other changes.

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I go everywhere in my city by electric vehicle, yet I don’t own an electric car. Here’s how I do it

Spoiler alert: Electric vehicles are the future, and they’re destined to replace fossil fuel-powered cars. Unless you’ve got your head firmly buried in the sand, that won’t come as a shocker to you.

But credit where credit is due. We humans, we’re a pretty ingenious animal. We figured out how to build massive societies fueled in large part by poking holes in the ground and then burning the super-pressurized pre-historic algae we found. That was a neat trick, until we realized that it had the small downside of destroying the world we’re leaving for our kids. Whoops.

Now we’re in the process of righting that wrong. Some are embracing the change wholeheartedly, and others are being dragged into the future, kicking and screaming. But make no mistake, it’s the future and it’s coming.

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Here’s what’s projected for electric vehicle manufacturing through 2030

F-150 Lightning snow

Automakers worldwide will spend more than a half trillion dollars to develop new electric cars and passenger trucks, and also on battery manufacturing, through 2030, according to the latest report by London-based sustainability consultancy firm ERM for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

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Learn how electric cars actually affect the environment in this free 15-minute webinar

electric car environment

To what extent are electric vehicles better than gas cars for the environment? Experts at the Argonne National Laboratory, a US Department of Energy science and engineering research center in Lemont, Illinois, are inviting the public to listen in as they discuss the best ways to measure greenhouse gas emissions.

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Biden announces $5 billion over 5 years for a nationwide EV charging network

Midwestern EV charging

The US Departments of Transportation and Energy today announced that nearly $5 billion is earmarked for a national electric vehicle charging network under the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program established by President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

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This is what big companies want from car and truck makers in EVs

Net zero new vehicles by 2030

Vehicle manufacturers are ramping up electric vehicle production, so big companies like Amazon, AT&T, and IKEA are telling vehicle manufacturers what kinds of EVs they want. Here’s the “blueprint” that members of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance are today presenting to makers like Volvo, GM, and Daimler explaining which EVs they want to purchase in the United States over the next five years.

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Will car dealerships be able to adapt to the age of electric cars fast enough?

Tesla vehicle drivers are familiar with completing most of the car-buying or leasing steps online. But according to new research from global business management consultants EY, not everyone is ready to ditch the car dealership experience. It’s a familiar car-buying experience, especially for those who haven’t yet switched to electric cars. But dealerships are going to have to adapt quickly to the changes brought by the arrival of electric cars, or they’ll be left behind.

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