electric 3 wheeler Stories September 2, 2021

If you were to take a pen to a blank piece of paper, and from scratch, attempt to design a vehicle that is the very antithesis of everything you’d look for in a mode of urban transportation, I strongly suspect that you’d end up drawing something that looked an awful lot like… a car.

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electric 3 wheeler Stories July 22, 2016

Morgan EV3

We were impressed when Morgan unveiled the production version of its all-electric 3-wheeler, the EV 3, at the 2016 Geneva Motor show earlier this year. The vehicle hit the mark in term of design and proved one of the most satisfying car developed by the company, which is known for its rich history of iconic car designs.

Now the company is releasing the first few vehicles in a limited edition, which is updated with minor changes from the production version unveiled earlier this year. expand full story

electric 3 wheeler Stories March 1, 2016


When we saw Morgan’s EV3 prototype last year, we were surprised by its impressive electric powertrain specs with an estimated 150 miles range on a 20 kWh battery pack, but the design lack the automaker’s flagship quiet confidence in its appearance – granted it was only a prototype.

Today Morgan unveiled the production version at the 2016 Geneva Motor show and it hits the mark (see gallery below). expand full story

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