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LG Energy Solution and Snow Lake Lithium team up to establish lithium supply chain for EVs in North America

Lithium North America

Carbon-conscious mining company Snow Lake Lithium and battery production specialist LG Energy Solution announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a domestic supply chain of lithium in North America. When Snow Lake’s lithium mining operation gets up and running in 2025, it plans to supply LG with the precious Earth material essential to current EV battery chemistry. This domestic supply chain could help several automakers qualify for US federal tax credits as well.

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Ford, LG Energy supplier using lithium extraction with ‘minimal environmental impact’ to produce EV battery metals


Compass Mineral International, a leading supplier of essential minerals like salt and sulfate of potash (used in plant fertilizer), has been pivoting to focus on the “new gold” rush, lithium. The minerals company, which has deals to supply lithium for EV leaders like Ford and LG Energy, is doubling down by using a new extraction technology to obtain the mineral with minimal impact on the environment.

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Will this metal recycling startup revolutionize the battery and clean energy sectors? [Update]

US minerals

Most of the materials required for batteries and other clean energy technology are dirty to mine. They’re also mostly controlled by China. Can a recycling technology startup change that?

Electrek spoke with Megan O’Connor, cofounder and CEO of Nth Cycle, a Beverly, Massachusetts-based developer of a recycling technology that extracts critical metals from batteries for a second life, about how to enable a clean, domestic, and streamlined supply of critical minerals for the clean energy transition. Nth Cycle’s technology was developed at Harvard and Yale universities.

In April, Nth Cycle received $3.2 million in seed funding led by Boston-based clean energy venture capital company Clean Energy Ventures.

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Snow Lake Lithium is developing the world’s first all-electric lithium mine to support EV industry in North America

Lithium North America

Snow Lake Resources Ltd. has outlined plans to develop over 55,000 acres in Manitoba, Canada into the world’s first all-electric lithium mine. By utilizing Manitoba’s hydroelectricity, the entire mining operation can run on 98% renewable energy, helping the company sustainably source lithium – a vital resource to EV batteries – domestically in North America. As Snow Lake Lithium works through the environmental red tape to begin mining, it is seeking an OEM to enter in a joint venture to help process the lithium into EV batteries for North America.

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EGEB: Scandinavia’s largest offshore wind farm is inaugurated

Scandinavia's largest offshore wind

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s largest offshore wind farm was inaugurated yesterday.
  • A judge denies another bid to halt excavation at the largest-known lithium resource in the US.
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EGEB: Clean energy was second-most prevalent US electricity source in 2020

IPCC report

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • In 2020, clean energy sources generated 21% of all US electricity.
  • A judge rules that the largest known lithium resource in the US can be excavated.
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GM to source lithium for next-generation EV batteries in US

GM batteries US

General Motors (GM) has announced a strategic investment and commercial collaboration with Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) to secure lower-cost lithium in the US for the development of its next generation of EV batteries. The legacy automaker hopes this collaboration will garner more environmentally friendly methods of obtaining precious lithium while simultaneously help lower the price of its EVs.

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This breakthrough may revolutionize lithium-sulfur batteries

lithium-sulfur batteries

Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries, given their light weight and theoretical high capacities, are a promising alternative to conventional lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for large-scale energy storage systems and electric vehicles. But Li-S batteries currently suffer from poor longevity.

Now, scientists from the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in Korea have discovered a new catalyst material’s ability to significantly improve lithium-sulfur battery life, giving them great commercial potential.

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LG Chem and GM to invest $2+B for Ohio battery factory, Cadillac EV on tap

General Motors, Detroit

In July it was announced that LG Chem was working on a potential new billion-dollar US battery cell factory for electric cars. Today in a security filing in South Korea, LG Chem confirmed that investment, and that GM will invest another billion.

Reuters reports that the location is expected to be in the area of Lordstown, Ohio, where GM (pictured in Detroit) recently sold its factory to an EV startup affiliated with Workhorse. This follows news earlier this week that Piedmont Lithium received an important federal permit to proceed with its lithium mine in Gaston County, North Carolina — the second in North America. Looks like Interstate 77 will be America’s hot new lithium corridor.