autonomous Stories September 2

General Motors’ self-driving rideshare service Cruise announced that it has recalled 80 of its electric robotaxis in order to update their software following an accident in June that injured two people. The NHTSA stated that the software issue caused the self-driving Cruise vehicles to “incorrectly predict” oncoming vehicle’s paths, adding risk for collisions.

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autonomous Stories August 23

Former Apple engineer Xiaolang Zhang has pleaded guilty to trade secret theft after being accused of stealing information surrounding Apple’s self-driving technology. Zhang would go on to work for XPeng Motors in China, which has publicly stated it has zero involvement with Apple or Zhang’s case.

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autonomous Stories August 8

During its inaugural partner’s conference in Shanghai, autonomous-centric robotic car brand JIDU shared details of its lofty production expansion goals overseas. Furthermore, the CEO of parent company Baidu, said JIDU’s autonomous driving technology will “lead the Tesla generation.”

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autonomous Stories July 21

During its Baidu World 2022 technology conference today, the Chinese technology company unveiled its sixth-generation fully-autonomous vehicle – the Apollo RT6. With a detachable steering wheel, Baidu has created a production-ready EV with Level 4 autonomous driving capability that is expected to join the Apollo Go robotaxi fleet next year.

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autonomous Stories April 10

Last week, a GM Cruise-converted Chevy Bolt without a driver was pulled over by San Francisco Police. In an unexpected turn, the car “bolted” …to a safe spot. Cruise responded below.

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autonomous Stories July 4, 2019

BMW and Daimler are strengthening their already-announced autonomous vehicle partnership as the two companies look to launch their next-generation self-driving tech in passenger cars by 2024.

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autonomous Stories June 17, 2019

Domino’s Pizza will use robotics company Nuro’s autonomous R2 delivery vehicle to deliver pizzas in Houston starting this year as part of a pilot program.

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autonomous Stories May 21, 2019

Self-driving trucks hauling USPS mail between Phoenix and Dallas

USPS mail is being hauled across the Southwest in self-driving trucks over the next few weeks as part of a new pilot program.

autonomous Stories May 16, 2019

Einride’s T-Pod, an all-electric driverless truck, has started making deliveries on a stretch of public road in Sweden. Einride and customer DB Schenker are calling the deliveries the first of their kind in the world.

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autonomous Stories February 11, 2019

Anthony Levandowski is aware of his reputation.

One of the most controversial figures in autonomous driving, his background has been well-covered, from building the Ghostrider motorcycle that competed in the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004 and 2005, to his work on Google’s self-driving car.

It continues with his founding of Otto, a self-driving trucking startup acquired by Uber, to his role at the center of the Waymo vs. Uber case. Levandowski was accused of stealing Waymo’s self-driving secrets and bringing them along to Uber, which fired him. Waymo eventually accepted a settlement of $245 million. 

There’s more of course, including the founding of a AI-focused religious organization, Way of the Future. It seems with Anthony Levandowski, there’s always more… expand full story

autonomous Stories November 20, 2017

This morning Uber Technologies Inc. announced that they have agreed to purchase 24,000 Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrids from the Swedish company to for a fleet of driverless cars. Let that sink in for a moment, 24 thousand self-driving sports utility vehicles. That is 10,000 more than the number of yellow cabs in New York City.

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autonomous Stories June 17, 2017

In this week’s top stories: Model 3 sightings, next-gen Tesla Roadster rumors, Fisker‘s all-electric claims, Model X becomes the highest safety rated SUV ever, Autopilot 2.0 and Autopark, and much more.

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autonomous Stories March 30, 2017

autonomous Stories March 2, 2017


Earlier this week, a Tesla Model S hit a barrier on the highway near Dallas, Texas. The driver, who fortunately wasn’t injured, first blamed Tesla’s Autopilot for the crash.

We now have footage of the accident and it actually shows a situation that the Autopilot probably shouldn’t be expected to be able to handle, at least not yet. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder not to trust the system without paying attention. expand full story

autonomous Stories January 3, 2017


Intel has announced it will acquire 15% of mapping company HERE in an effort that will see the two companies collaborate on autonomous vehicle tech, machine learning, and more.

A press release from Intel notes the partnership will focus on development of autonomous vehicle technology it describes as “a highly scalable proof-of-concept architecture that supports real-time updates of high-definition (HD) maps for highly and fully automated driving.” It also said the two companies will collaborate on opportunities in IoT and machine learning related technology.

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autonomous Stories August 22, 2016

autonomous solar boat

This month we reported on an EV enthusiast who transformed their Bayliner into an all-electric boat using Tesla battery modules. Now we take a look at a team of individuals who have their autonomous, solar-powered boat, dubbed the Seacharger, traversing the Pacific ocean towards New Zealand.

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autonomous Stories June 6, 2016

FF potential production car

Earlier this year, we revealed that electric car startup Faraday Future (FF) hired Bosch engineering director and leading automated driving expert, Jan Becker, to lead its own self-driving effort. The company has been building an impressive team of automated driving experts under Becker, including experts from Ford and more recently, the startup hired computer vision expert, Sangmin Oh, from Nvidia.

Now we learn that just months after starting the project, Faraday Future is about to start testing self-driving car prototypes in Michigan. expand full story

autonomous Stories June 2, 2016

bmw next vision

In a not so surprising but disappointing report for EV enthusiasts today, we learn that BMW is putting its electric vehicle programs on the “back burner” in order to focus its ‘i’ brand, under which the German automaker has been releasing its electric vehicles, on self-driving cars instead.

The company reportedly will not release a new all-electric vehicle until 2021. expand full story

autonomous Stories May 4, 2016

autonomous Stories April 28, 2016


A report from AutoExtremist (later corroborated by The Wall Street Journal) says today that Alphabet/Google is in the late stages of discussing an “advanced technical partnership” with London-based Fiat Chrysler, citing sources with direct knowledge of the discussions…

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autonomous Stories April 21, 2016


Tesla CEO Elon was in Norway today where he gave a keynote address at a government sponsored conference on ‘Future transport solutions’. Musk gave a quick presentation and then sat down for a public talk with Minister of Transport and Communications, Ketil Solvik-Olsen (picture above).

His presentation was titled:”How to reduce global warming through renewable energy production and consumption“. He shared his views about the necessities to accelerate the transition to a post fossil fuel economy in a similar way as he did during his Paris talk last year. expand full story

autonomous Stories March 18, 2016

Mercedes autonomous e-class

Last year, famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist and early Tesla investor Steve Juvertson recalled a conversation he had with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick:

Travis recently told me that in 2020, if Telsas are autonomous, he’d want to buy all of them. He said all 500,000 of estimated 2020 production, I’d want them all, but he couldn’t get a return call from Elon.

Well apparently Kalanick couldn’t wait any longer and reportedly already placed an order for 100,000 autonomous Mercedes S-Class sedans, according to sources inside Daimler and Uber talking to German magazine Manager Magazinexpand full story

ap prototype 1

A Tesla Model S test vehicle with a new suite of sensors has been spotted in the San Francisco Bay Area last night, as reported by a Redditor on the Tesla forum.

The vehicle appears to be equipped with LiDAR sensors on the side mirrors, a new front-facing camera, and additional sensors around the car. Although it’s definitely a Tesla Model S, it doesn’t necessarily means the car is owned by Tesla or that the automaker is testing this particular hardware suite. expand full story

autonomous Stories February 15, 2016

self-driving car

According to a report over the weekend from Crain’s Detroit Business, Google/Alphabet is seeking an R&D site for its self-driving cars near Ann Arbor, Michigan. This report comes as FCC documents last month revealed that the Mountain View company was planning to bring the cars to four new cities. Kirkland, Washington officially became one of those locations two weeks ago, and as we noted, a location near Ann Arbor makes perfect sense to be one of the next bunch… expand full story

autonomous Stories January 15, 2016


Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a press conference last week about the release of the latest version of the company’s software for the Model S and X. The update added new and improved autonomous features to the automaker’s fleet.

During the press call, Musk reiterated that the current sensor suite the company is using to implement new autonomous features will not support full autonomous driving, but the CEO was extremely vague about the timing of the roll out for the new hardware suite that could enable fully self-driving cars. expand full story

autonomous Stories January 4, 2016

General Motors President Dan Ammann (center) with Lyft Inc. co-f

GM announced a $500 million investment in car-sharing company Lyft to create an integrated network of on-demand autonomous vehicles in the U.S. expand full story

autonomous Stories December 21, 2015


Google’s self-driving car initiative has been gaining momentum over the past year, but now it looks like the company has at least one more big piece of news up its sleeve. According to a report from Yahoo Autos, Google and Ford are planning to announce a joint venture to build self-driving cars.

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autonomous Stories December 16, 2015

geohot driverless car

Tesla is currently using a hardware suite of sensors from Mobileye to get the input needed for its Autopilot system to control the Model S on highways and under some specific road conditions. But as it is often the case with Tesla (like for its seats), the company is looking to discontinue Mobileye’s system in favor of bringing it in-house, according to an email exchange between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and George Hotz, a software engineer mainly known for being the first person to jailbreak the iPhone. expand full story

autonomous Stories December 1, 2015

Google’s self-driving car November report reveals 1 very minor accident, not much else

Google publishes a report for its self-driving car project once a month, and today — appropriately — the company published the report for November. Today’s report is notably unexciting, but it does mean the end of a two-month streak of the cars being accident-free. That said, the accident that Google details in this report is barely an accident…

Once again, Google wasn’t at fault in yet another fender-bender:

A vehicle approaching from behind came to a stop and then rolled forward and collided with the rear bumper of the Google AV. The approximate speed of the other vehicle at the time of impact was 4 MPH. The speed of the Google AV at the time of impact was below 1 MPH.

Other than this minor accident, which bumps the total number of accidents the cars have been involved in to 17, there’s not much new here. The cars have now driven a total of 1,320,755 autonomous miles, and 955,771 manual miles. The total number of Lexus cars on the road is the same, but there are now 30 prototypes out and about.

You can read the full report for yourself at Google’s website.

autonomous Stories November 4, 2015


Up to June of this year, Google’s self-driving cars had yet to be at fault in any accidents, and it seems that record has held true over the last few months. Of the dozen or so accidents up to that point, the majority had happened when the self-driving car wasn’t even moving, and the rest occurred when Google’s safety drivers were in control of the vehicles.

Unfortunately, in the months after Google released the first report, Google’s cars continued to see a couple of accidents per month. But that trend has come to an interesting halt recently. As we’ve learned thanks to Google’s recently-published October report, the self-driving cars have now gone more than two months without a single accident… expand full story

autonomous Stories November 3, 2015

gty_elon_musk_tesla_ll_130918_33x16_1600Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a conference call today to discuss the company’s third quarter financial results with analysts. During the call, Musk commented on the recent release of the Autopilot and the technology going forward. When asked how he sees the market with full autonomous driving and manual driving vehicles, the CEO said that once self-driving cars are being produced, non-autonomous cars will have a “negative value” and be the equivalent of owning a horse – meaning it would be for “sentimental reasons”. expand full story

autonomous Stories October 29, 2015

press01_autopilot_dashThe rules regulating the use of Tesla’s Autopilot are often vague or even non-existent depending on the jurisdiction, but the California DMV is working to change that. The organization is due to release a draft of consumer rules for the use of autonomous features in vehicles.

Earlier this year, the agency sent a letter to Tesla to clarify the autonomous features of the Autopilot update and state officials even met with the company the day before the release (Oct. 14) according to the San Jose Mercury News. Yet the DMV still appears to be confused about the workings of Tesla’s Autopilot… expand full story

autonomous Stories October 21, 2015

delorean renovo and standfordA team of engineers at Stanford University teamed up with Renovo Motors, the makers of a Corvette-like all-electric car, to build a self-driving electric DeLorean. The group unveiled the prototype yesterday, just before the day Marty McFly time-travels to in the “Back to the Future” film franchise, which popularized the DeLorean. expand full story

autonomous Stories August 6, 2015

Travis Kalanick, chief executive officer of Uber Technologies Inc., gestures as he speaks during the Institute of Directors (IOD) annual convention at the Royal Albert Hall in London, U.K., on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne told the IOD "clearly the economy is growing, unemployment has fallen sharply and business investment has picked up," Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Travis Kalanick
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During yesterday’s conference call about Tesla’s second quarter financial results, Elon Musk refused to answer a question from a financial analyst about Travis Kalanick’s, Uber’s CEO, recent comments that his company would buy 500,000 Teslas in 2020 if they are equipped with Tesla’s self-driving technology by the end of the decade.

The short conversation was very revealing. Here it is in full: expand full story

autonomous Stories November 10, 2013

He looks thrilled! expand full story

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