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Mercedes-Benz EQS

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Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT becomes first Level 3 autonomous driving system to be certified for US roads

Mercedes autonomous

Mercedes-Benz may be celebrating on the casino floor in Las Vegas right now – it has announced its DRIVE PILOT conditional autonomous driving system has been authorized for use on public roads, beginning in Nevada. DRIVE PILOT now sits as the only SAE Level 3 system in a production EV certified for operation as Mercedes looks to expand further west this year.

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Mercedes’ $1,200 EV update cuts 0-60 times by a second, but only in one market

Mercedes EV update

Mercedes-Benz has begun rolling out an EV update subscription to EQ owners that can boost 0-60 mph acceleration as much as an entire second. The $1,200 annual subscription, however, has not been homologated for sale in the EU just yet. As a result, EQS or EQE owners closest to Mercedes-Benz’s home country of Germany cannot yet take advantage of the update.

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Mercedes-Benz is launching a bunch of new EQ vehicles for the 2023 model year, including an AMG EQE

Mercedes 2023 EQ

Mercedes-Benz has shared new details of the 2023 model year versions of its EQ line of all-electric vehicles. While multiple models sit upon the precipice of debuting in the US, Mercedes has introduced even more variations that should be available to US consumers by year’s end. Check it out.

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Mercedes EQS review: You can no longer call internal combustion vehicles ‘luxury’

mercedes EQS review

I got to spend almost a week with the Mercedes EQS as my daily driver and it sure was interesting to see what it was like owning a $130,000 car. One thing’s for certain and stood out however, electric propulsion takes luxury to a new level. In fact, at this point, I’d be reluctant to call anything with an internal combustion engine a luxury vehicle. Here’s why:

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The top 10 fastest-charging EVs currently available

Xcel Energy EV

With a tremendous number of bespoke EVs that have already arrived this year, there has never been a more exciting time to switch to go all-electric. A number of factors will play into your EV decision, regardless of whether it’s a lease or a purchase. Aside from the obvious preference for a certain model design, things like cargo space, range, acceleration, and technology are all important to consider. So is charging speed. Some of the data below could be the deciding factor in choosing one EV or another. Check out the top 10 fastest charging EVs currently available.

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Mercedes-Benz officially unveils details of upcoming EQS SUV, arriving in US late 2022

Mercedes EQS SUV

Following two years of teasing the public, Mercedes-Benz has finally pulled the entire sheet off its EQS SUV. When it arrives at dealers toward the end of this year, the new model will be the first SUV on Mercedes’ EQ line to arrive in the US. There’s lots to unfold here, so let’s dig in.

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Mercedes-AMG shares pricing for new performance EQS model, the first AMG EV on EQ architecture


Mercedes-AMG will soon deliver the first performance versions of the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQS and has now shared pricing. With two new curated trims for the US market, the Mercedes-AMG EQS will be the first AMG electric vehicle to arrive on the Mercedes-EQ architecture.

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Mercedes-Benz Innovation and Technology Day: A look at EV technologies including the Vision EQXX, EQE, and Level-3 driving

Mercedes EV

During an Innovation and Technology Day held in Los Angeles, Electrek got the opportunity to learn about some of the current and upcoming technologies Mercedes-Benz is developing around its EQ series of EVs. This includes a close-up look at the VISION EQXX concept, a ride along in the upcoming EQE sedan, and experiencing Level-2 and Level-3 autonomous driving.

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Mercedes-Benz showcases its Intelligent Park Pilot technology in Los Angeles, demonstrating an EQS autonomously valet itself

Mercedes valet

During a live demonstration at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch offered a glimpse into the future in which our EVs will valet themselves. Using the Intelligent Park Pilot feature in the Mercedes EQS, the companies were able to demonstrate a driver pulling up, exiting the vehicle, and activating the automated valet using an app.

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Mercedes-Benz cuts ribbon on new Alabama battery plant ahead of EQ production in the US, shares interior images of seven-seat EQS SUV

Mercedes US Production

Mercedes-Benz delivered multiple press releases this morning, sharing details of its new battery manufacturing facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as well as interior images of its upcoming EQS SUV, one of the German automaker’s EVs that will soon begin production on US soil.

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Mercedes-Benz unveils VISION EQXX prototype with over 620 mile range, impressive drag coefficient, and a solar roof

Mercedes EQXX

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new prototype that represents the future possibilities in EV range and efficiency. The Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX features an ultra-efficient electric drivetrain, lightweight engineering and is styled with sustainable materials. While the EQXX remains a prototype, its initial specs are staggering, offering a wealth of optimism for future EVs from Mercedes.

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Mercedes unveils 5 new electric cars! First look at EQG, EQE, Maybach EQS, more [Video]


As is to be expected, the German marques dominated at this year’s Munich motor show, constructing enormous stands not only in the expo centre on the outskirts of town, but in the very heart of Munich’s old town. BMW, Porsche, and Audi all gave strong showings (I particularly enjoyed Audi naming its stand the “hall of progress”), but one brand stood out among all the rest, not just for the size of their elaborate displays, but for the volume of exciting new metal on show: Mercedes.

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Mercedes EQS 450+ review: The poshest electric car ever? [video]

Across its long and storied history, Mercedes-Benz has repeatedly proven itself to be a marque capable of doing lots of different types of car extremely well. From low-slung, sporty convertibles to compact city cars of unparalleled luxury, there is hardly a shape of four-wheeled thing that Merc hasn’t successfully taken swing at. But there has never been so much as a shadow of doubt as to which type of car Mercedes does best.

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Mercedes-Benz introduces EV insurance coverage to include charging stations

Mercedes-Benz Wallbox

Mercedes-Benz announced on Friday that its comprehensive insurance will include coverage of home-charging equipment, cables, and batteries. The policy includes risk coverage up to € 10,000 ($10,900) related to theft, vandalism, “overvoltage damage,” short circuits, and even bites from animals and rodents.