Lead–acid battery Stories October 18, 2021

Electrek was invited to try out the cheapest EV in the world, which is manufactured by Changli. It was hilarious, cute, “cheap” in every way, and a wild exercise for the imagination. Even though it doesn’t retain its famed price tag, the US importers have put great effort into adding back value where the shipping costs took it away.

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Lead–acid battery Stories May 23, 2015

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There has been a lot of uninformed banker-speak in the media about Tesla’s battery including by Bloomberg here. The problem is these folks don’t understand the new market that Tesla is opening up.

But I’m also turning to Bloomberg for the first smart analysis and that’s not surprisingly from Solar City’s Lyndon Rive (who happens to be Elon Musk’s Cousin – perhaps you noticed the accent?).

The complaints have been that the battery wall doesn’t make economic sense – that for the average household to go off the grid with these combined with solar (or wind), it would be incredibly expensive.

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