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Electric car Stories December 26, 2019

The global auto industry will need fewer employees in the future. That’s evident from the tens of thousands of jobs axed in 2019 for a host of reasons. The world’s manufacturing regions that survive (and thrive) in the 2020s will be the ones that embrace new technology. Rust-belt Ohio is emerging as a shining example of how EVs can become the savior – not the destroyer – of US auto-manufacturing jobs.

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Electric car Stories July 4, 2019

The 1898 Riker Electric, a pioneering race-winning electric car that bested gasoline vehicles, is heading to public sale for the first time.

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Electric car Stories May 28, 2019

Oil and gas company Chevron recently announced that it’s bringing electric vehicle chargers to its gas stations — meanwhile, one of its lobbyists is spurring a fight against EV infrastructure in Arizona.

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Electric car Stories March 29, 2019

During a rally in Michigan, President Trump mocked electric cars, but it sounded like he had a few questions about the technology. Here, we try to answer them. expand full story

Electric car Stories September 14, 2018

Despite an impressive amount of innovation in the electric vehicle industry, it’s not every day that a new electric vehicle is debuted with such a successful pre-order period. That’s why news of the Microlino surpassing $100 million in pre-orders is so promising.

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Electric car Stories October 30, 2017

The electric car revolution always had a perceived chicken and egg problem with charging infrastructure. This perception is starting to dissipate as both industries are growing rapidly side by side.

A new report on the status of the U.S. EV charging industry is giving us a new look at the market and confirms that over 50,000 charge points (public and private) are now in operation in the country. expand full story

Electric car Stories September 28, 2017

A new study from shows that out of the 10 fastest-selling used cars on the market in the US today, 6 of them have plugs – 3 plug-in hybrids and 3 fully electric vehicles.

The top spot belongs to the fully electric Fiat 500e, followed by the BMW i3.  The i3 is listed in the study as a plug-in hybrid, despite the base model being electric – we’re not sure if the two models were counted separately or just bundled together for the purposes of this study.  Both the i3 and 500e have been popular on the used market in the last year, as many of the cars have been coming off 3-year leases, putting a bunch of lightly-used lease return electric cars on the market at attractive prices.

Also in the top 10 are the Prius Plug-in in 4th place, the Nissan LEAF in 6th place, and the Ford Fusion Energi and Tesla Model S rounding out the list in 9th and 10th.

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Electric car Stories September 20, 2017

We have seen some pretty strange electric car charging solutions in the past, like solar panels deploying out of a car or chargers attached to a bear, but that’s something else.

A giraffe-looking electric car charging station powered by both solar and wind. expand full story

Electric car Stories July 13, 2017

The auto industry is once again attempting to slow down the rollout of electric vehicles.

Virtually all automakers, except for Tesla of course, have sent a letter to the Chinese government in an attempt to have them drastically weaken their zero-emission vehicle mandate. expand full story

Electric car Stories February 1, 2017


In a future where the world’s car fleet is rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles, gas stations will be forcefully downgraded to simple convenience stores and consequently, they will lose a significant revenue stream brought in by people stopping for gas but buying something at the convenience store.

Some oil companies have accepted that the transition is happening and started installing electric vehicle chargers at their gas stations. Shell is the latest major company to jump on board. expand full story

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