Electric Buses Stories May 7, 2018

The Lion Electric Co., a school bus maker based in Quebec, has been converting its production capacity to electric school buses over the past 3 years and is now leveraging its expertise to bring to market an entire lineup of all-electric trucks and buses. expand full story

First Priority GreenFleet (FPGF) partnered up with The Lion Electric Co. to deploy what they claim is “the biggest all-electric school bus deployment in North American history made by a single Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).” expand full story

Electric Buses Stories April 6, 2018

Earlier this week, a New Flyer electric bus rolled over and crashed during testing in Anniston, Alabama.

It’s a surprising accident and the rooftop battery pack design is potentially to blame. expand full story

Electric Buses Stories December 28, 2017

Electric buses are becoming increasingly popular with transit fleets around the world, but no more than in Shenzhen, China.

The megacity has been building a large fleet of electric buses for years now, but this week it announced that it completely electrified its fleet with more than 16,000 electric buses. expand full story

Electric Buses Stories November 10, 2017

Along with Daimler’s broader move into heavy-duty electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is moving into electric buses.

The German automotive company announced that it will start volume production of “a modular battery pack” for its Citaro bus “by the end of next year.” expand full story

Electric Buses Stories October 23, 2017

Today, the mayors of 12 major cities pledge to several ambitious targets and initiatives to make their cities “greener, healthier and more prosperous.”

Among those goals, they pledged to only buy all-electric buses starting in 2025. expand full story

Electric Buses Stories October 11, 2017

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA or “LA Metro”) has been updating its fleet with new electric buses. Earlier this year, it placed an order for 60 new BYD all-electric buses, which was a significant order.

Now we learn that they are making an even bigger order of 100 new all-electric buses from New Flyer, which just unveiled its new Xcelsior all-electric bus with up to 600 kWh battery packs. expand full story

Electric Buses Stories September 19, 2017

US-based electric bus manufacturer Proterra upgraded its 40-foot Catalyst E2, now called ‘Catalyst E2 max‘, with a massive 660 kWh battery pack and brought it to the track at the Navistar Proving Grounds in New Carlisle, Indiana, to test it.

Unsurprisingly with that insane amount of battery capacity in the vehicle, they beat the record for the most distance traveled on a single charge by an electric vehicle.  expand full story

Electric Buses Stories July 14, 2017

Based on their use, it would seem that school buses would be a fairly simple mode of transport to electrify, yet, very few of those vehicles are powered by batteries today.

Now, Blue Bird, an important American bus manufacturer better known for its school buses, announced that it is ready to bring all-electric school buses to its lineup and unveiled 2 new models. expand full story

Electric Buses Stories January 12, 2017

If you were wondering how electric bus manufacturer Proterra managed to secure a large $140 million round of financing last week, it might be easier to understand now that we know they had a massive order in the pipeline.

King County’s Metro Transit, which includes Seattle’s metro area, announced a zero-emission transition of its fleet of buses and confirmed that it will add 120 new all-electric buses over the next 3 years. Proterra is getting the bulk of the order. expand full story

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