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EV rebate

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An EV charging rebate program expands in Massachusetts – here’s why it matters

app for ev charging tax rebate massachusetts 2022

National Grid, a utility that serves more than 20 million people in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, is expanding its Off-Peak Charging Rebate Program in Massachusetts that it runs with, a certified B corporation and global provider of managed EV charging software.

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Foreign ambassadors protest Biden’s US- and union-built EV rebate requirements

US President Joe Biden has spent weeks battling opposition to his sweeping Build Back Better spending bill from Just Say No Republicans, and even some self-promoting sellouts in his own party. Now he’s also getting blowback to proposed rebates on US- and union-built EVs from foreign ambassadors and several domestic automakers.

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Ontario shuts down EV rebate just as Tesla Model 3 was blowing it up

As the Conservative party is officially talking over the Ontario government, they announced that they are officially shutting down the province’s generous electric vehicle rebate program effective immediately.

The move comes after Tesla’s ramp-up of Model 3 deliveries in the province have blown up the program, but many reservation holders will not have access to it.