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GMC Hummer EV

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Bestselling EV trucks in 2022 and what models you can look forward to next


Trucks offer a unique driving experience, combining the ability to haul massive loads (like boats, trailers, or any of those fun toys) with a spacious interior fit for a king. Now, they are getting an upgrade as several EV trucks hit the market in 2022. Check out the bestselling electric trucks below, and then at the end, learn what models you will be able to get your hands on in 2023.

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GMC Hummer EV will get new ‘Extract Mode,’ delivering 16 inches of ground clearance

Following initial deliveries of the GMC Edition 1 Hummer EV, current and future drivers will soon be able to experience “Extract Mode” – an upcoming adaptive air suspension feature that can lift the vehicle higher than several competitors in both the combustion and electric truck markets. Check out the video footage below.

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Review: GMC’s Hummer EV ‘Super(size)truck’ is excess in all the best ways

Hummer EV GMC 2022

GMC flew Electrek out to Scottsdale, Arizona, last month to test-drive the new Hummer EV on proving grounds, backroads, highways, and desert trails. After a few days with this beast, it is clear that this thing has all the bells and whistles – but with a huge 200+ kWh battery, is the Hummer brand still a little excessive?

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Supply and Demand 101: Nascent EV trucks reselling well over MSRP on the open market

reselling EV

As new, larger, and more powerful EVs make their way into consumer driveways, their deliveries still remain quite small in number compared to the other electric vehicle types. That being said, the demand for electric trucks has exploded with many manufacturer models reserved into the next couple years. As a result, some early customers of these EV trucks are taking advantage of this demand and reselling them for a profit, some more than double what they paid.

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GMC has gotten over 65,000 Hummer EV reservations, pickup version sold out into 2024

most expensive electric vehicles

General Motors marque GMC recently shared that it has received over 65,000 reservations for its electrified Hummer pickup and SUV, much higher than the American automaker’s initial expectations. As a result, GMC is expediting Hummer EV production to keep up with the growing consumer demand. That being said, the SUV version of the Hummer is not scheduled to deliver until 2023, and new pickup orders won’t be fulfilled until 2024 under current production timelines.

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GM recalls Hummer EV over bad software in the taillights

GM has initiated a recall on the Hummer EV electric pickup truck over bad software affecting the taillights. However, it can’t fix the problem with a software update, and owners will have to go to dealerships to potentially have their taillights replaced. The good news is that GMC is early in its rollout and all vehicles were fixed before the information went up on NHTSA’s website.

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GM’s Super Bowl campaign features Austin Powers characters using Ultium EV technology to save the world, then take it over

GM Austin Powers

General Motor’s streak of newsworthy movements continues as we head into Super Bowl weekend. The American automaker has begun teasing this year’s big game commercial, which continues its “Everybody In” campaign to promote its EV lineup. This year however, GM’s “everybody” includes some familiar, villainous faces from the Austin Powers film franchise.

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Rumor: the 1000 hp GMC Hummer EV popped wheelies in testing (debunked)

A 9,000-plus lb., 1000 hp, three-motor, all-wheel drive mechanical monster, the new GMC Hummer EV defies most people’s understanding and expectations of what a car can do. Astonishingly, this nearly five-ton beast can rocket from 0–60 mph in 3.0 seconds in production trim – which is impressive enough, until you find out that the prototypes could do wheelies!

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With only 25 Bolts and one Hummer delivered in Q4, GM cedes #2 US EV maker podium space to Ford

GM Ford EV

After sharing its quarterly deliveries to cap off 2021, General Motors revealed just how rough of a Q4 it had in terms of EV deliveries. While the legacy automaker has recently unveiled several new and exciting EVs to come, GM’s current EV output is quite nominal, opening the door for rival Ford to carry its electrified momentum to become the #2 EV automaker in the US behind Tesla.

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Ford likely to have more EV sales than ‘all in’ GM for 2021, analyst concludes

GM Ford EV

According to a recent research study by Morgan Stanley, Ford Motor Company is on pace to outsell General Motors (GM) in the EV market for 2021. The research compares Ford’s EV sales through the first 10 months of this year against GM’s, while noting the latter’s halt to Bolt production.

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GM Defense is planning a military prototype based off the GMC Hummer EV

Military Hummer EV

General Motors recently shared that it is speaking with the US military about building an electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (eLRV) prototype based off the GMC Hummer EV. The eLRV prototype planned for 2022 will be developed by GM Defense as a modified version of the Hummer EV, to fit US Army specifications. The move completes the circle started when the original Humvee was adapted from from a military personnel transporter to civilian gas guzzler at the end of last century.

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Upcoming electric trucks: Cybertruck, F-150 Lightning, Hummer EV compared

Cybertruck F-150 Lightning Hummer EV

As we sit in the midst of 2021, electric vehicles remain a major storyline. Even long-established, legacy automakers (some with over 100 years of experience) have finally wisened up and pivoted toward EVs to remain competitive. In the next couple years, three major automotive brands, old and new, will release three highly anticipated electric trucks. This includes the Tesla Cybertruck, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and GMC’s modern spin on a gas-guzzling behemoth with the Hummer EV.

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