Fossil Fuels Stories March 6

ExxonMobil held its investor day at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) yesterday, and its CEO, Darren Woods, dismissed carbon targets as a “beauty match” with other companies.

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Connecticut lawmaker wants insurers to pull away from fossil fuels

Connecticut state senator Matt Lesser (D), a co-chair of the state senate’s insurance committee, is pushing a bill that would require the state’s insurance commissioner to study and report on climate change issues. A public hearing on the bill was held yesterday.

Fossil Fuels Stories March 4

West Virginia house’s lively solar bill debate featured some twisted logic

The SB583 solar bill debate was lively on the West Virginia House floor yesterday, and some of the delegates’ viewpoints were… interesting. However, the House of Delegates ultimately passed the bill on a 75-23 vote that will make it easier for companies to get a small portion of their power supply from solar energy.

Fossil Fuels Stories March 3

This is the real life-threatening pandemic — and it’s not coronavirus

You know what’s shortening people’s lives globally, far more than viruses, wars, disease, and smoking? It’s air pollution, according to a new study released today and published in Cardiovascular Research.

Fossil Fuels Stories February 26

JP Morgan ends funding for some — but not all — fossil fuels

JP Morgan, the world’s largest financier of the fossil-fuel industry, announced yesterday that it will end fossil-fuel loans for Arctic oil drilling and phase out loans for coal mining.

Fossil Fuels Stories February 17

Nearly 1 in 5 cars in Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, are fully electric. The reality that such a place exists has sent oil and fuel-retail companies to Norway to prepare for the disruption ahead.

London’s Financial Times reported this week that Canada’s Couche-Tard, a multinational company with about 15,000 convenience stores, is using Norway as a “laboratory” to study a future without gas stations. Couche-Tard replaced fuel pumps with EV chargers in some of its Circle K gas stations in Scandinavia.

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Fossil Fuels Stories February 14

Why Wyoming’s coal habit is turning it into an energy dinosaur

The Wyoming legislature proposed a bill this week that would have penalized — yes, penalized — utility companies for using green energy to supply electricity to customers. Fortunately, the bill didn’t receive sufficient votes to advance.

Fossil Fuels Stories February 12

US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (pictured, with Donald Trump) and House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Greg Walden (R-OR) introduced climate-change legislative proposals today in an attempt to shift the Republican party’s message on climate change from nothing to something.

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Fossil Fuels Stories February 11

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) introduced the Clean Economy Act of 2020 today. The act’s purpose is to put the United States on a pathway to achieve net-zero emissions by no later than 2050.

The bill is co-sponsored by 32 senators — all Democrats — as well as Angus King of Maine, who is an independent.

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Fossil Fuels Stories January 31

Jim Cramer on Chevron and Exxon declines: ‘I’m done with fossil fuels. They’re done… This is the other side of Tesla’

Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, cofounder of The Street, and former stockbroker and hedge fund manager, declared fossil fuels dead after oil giants Exxon Mobil and Chevron reported Q4 earnings this morning.

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