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‘Electric sky jeep’ plane completes maiden flight with hopes to transport doctors and supplies to countries in need

Electric Jeep plane

A UK-based aviation project called NUNCATS has successfully completed the maiden flight of its all-electric plane, described as an “electric sky jeep.” Looking ahead, the project’s goal is to expand the availability of healthcare by transporting doctors, medical supplies, and other cargo to remote parts of the world with zero emissions, helping save lives.

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BYD continues expansion to UK – could it pass Tesla in global BEV sales this year as projected?

BYD Tesla

Having already expanded into several countries throughout Europe, Build Your Dreams (BYD) has announced that sales of its EVs will begin in the UK this quarter. As the veteran Chinese automaker continues to expand its BEV production and sales presence around the globe, we wonder if 2023 is the year that BYD Auto usurps Tesla for the top spot in global sales.

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Hyundai shares IONIQ 6 pricing and specs that do not include 53 kWh battery in UK

Hyundai IONIQ 6 pricing

Hyundai Motor UK has shared pricing and performance specs for both Premium and Ultimate trims of the upcoming IONIQ 6 streamliner. All versions of the IONIQ 6 currently coming to the UK feature the larger 77.4 kWh battery, providing the most range. However, as you’ll see below, the starting pricing of the IONIQ 6 is higher to start, compared to what a 53 kWh version may cost in the US.

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Blink Charging acquires EB Charging overseas, marking its first entry into the UK market

Blink UK

Blink Charging announced that its European subsidiary, Blink Holdings BV, has acquired Electric Blue Ltd. better known as EB Charging based in the UK. In addition to Blink’s first entry into the UK, the acquisition marks Blink’s global expansion which now includes over eighteen countries.

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Bentley makes impressive cuts to CO2 emissions at ‘Dream Factory’ in Crewe

Bentley Dream Factory

British automaker Bentley has shared new data outlining its progress toward becoming carbon neutral throughout its entire global supply chain. The automaker’s “Dream Factory” headquarters in Crewe, England is already carbon neutral, but Bentley’s latest numbers show how much of a decrease it has made in its overall environmental impact the past year alone.

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How insulation and heat pumps could cut the UK’s – and other countries’ – need for Russian gas [Update]

electric heat pumps

As the global energy crunch deepens, thanks to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new analysis from the nonprofit think tank Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) looks at how home insulation and heat pumps could reduce the UK’s need for Russian gas. The approach could certainly be applied in other countries, too.

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2022 Nissan LEAF gets cosmetic updates but is still clinging to yesteryear’s CHAdeMO fast charging

2022 Nissan LEAF

Ahead of an opening of orders on March 1, the 2022 Nissan LEAF will arrive in the UK and Europe with a refreshed exterior look. The 2022 models will include new alloy wheels, Nissan brand badges, and new exterior color choices. However, not much else has changed compared to previous model year LEAFs, including the decision to stick with the lame duck CHAdeMO charging port.

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