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Biden White House to award $2.8B to bolster EV battery and mineral production in the US

US EV battery

Later today, the Biden administration is expected to announce $2.8 billion that will be awarded in grants around the US in support of EV battery manufacturing and mineral production domestically. The White House is also launching what is being called the “American Battery Material Initiative” to bolster mineral supply chains for automakers operating in the US.

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‘The lights will not go out’ – Energy experts do not foresee EVs overloading US electrical grid

EVs electrical grid

According to research teams and engineers at multiple US energy laboratories, the acceleration of EV adoption will not reach any sort of “tipping” point in which charging EVs will overwhelm the electrical grid. In fact, experts state that the entire industry is well aware of this imminent electrical load coming to the US grid and is adapting daily to support a future dominated by EVs.

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Biden administration, DOE announce $3 billion in new funding to support US EV battery manufacturing and recycling

President Biden

President Biden and the US Department of Energy have issued multiple notices of intent to allocate $2.91 billion in support of EV battery manufacturing as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The DOE shared plans to use the funds to further battery materials refining, production plants, and battery cell manufacturing facilities in addition to battery recycling.

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Tritium CEO to meet President Biden today following announcement of a new DCFC manufacturing facility in Tennessee

Tritium Biden

DC fast charging hardware and software manufacturer Tritium outlined plans for a new manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee this morning. Furthermore, all chargers produced at the new facility are expected to comply with Buy America Act provisions. As a result, Tritium CEO Jane Hunter will meet President Biden at the White House today to discuss US EV infrastructure.

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Senate expected to pause Build Back Better bill, revised EV tax credits remain in limbo

During a congressional sprint to pass legislation before holiday recess, the US Senate is reportedly planning to put a pin in President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Build Back Better bill to focus on other acts it hopes to pass before 2021’s end. Unfortunately, any delays to the Build Back Better bill means a delay in the proposed revisions to federal tax credits for EV automakers and moreover, US consumers.

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Biden’s latest executive order calls for a zero-emissions federal fleet by 2027

Biden Executive Order

The Biden administration announced an executive order today focused on reestablishing the US federal government as a leader in sustainability. The sections within the executive order tackle major global issues like climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and net-zero carbon electricity production. Furthermore, the President has set a 2027 deadline to make all light-duty government fleets zero emissions.

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‘Build Back Better Act’ passes House, EV tax credit faces US Senate next

electric inflation reduction act EV tax credit senate congress

The US House of Representatives passed the $1.9 trillion “Build Back Better” legislation early this morning, following a lengthy session that included a record-setting speech from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The Build Back Better bill, which includes robust changes to federal tax credits for EVs, will now face the Senate, where two vital Democrats have already shared that they are undecided on their vote.

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COP26 Daily Briefing: 3 big things that happened on November 12


The COP26, aka the United Nations Climate Change Conference UK 2021, has officially finished in Glasgow. But the final agreement has not yet been put in place, and that will likely come over the weekend. Here’s Electrek‘s daily roundup of the key happenings at the world’s most important summit ever.

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Foreign ambassadors protest Biden’s US- and union-built EV rebate requirements

US President Joe Biden has spent weeks battling opposition to his sweeping Build Back Better spending bill from Just Say No Republicans, and even some self-promoting sellouts in his own party. Now he’s also getting blowback to proposed rebates on US- and union-built EVs from foreign ambassadors and several domestic automakers.

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Biden pitches $174B electric vehicle plan at Ford in Michigan

Ford tax credit

US President Joe Biden is making the case for his electric vehicle plan today during a visit to a Ford Motor electric vehicle plant in Dearborn, Michigan, this afternoon. It’s ahead of Ford’s big reveal on Wednesday of the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck. He is also likely to make note of the fact that United Auto Workers will build the F-150 Lightning.

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Lawmakers unveil $25 billion legislation to convert US school buses to electric

electric US school buses

This week, Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that would invest $25 billion to convert the entire US fleet of ICE school buses to electric vehicles. The bill would authorize federal grant money over the course of 10 years, and 40% of the funds would be specifically devoted to replacing school buses operating in mostly nonwhite, poorer communities.

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Here’s what’s in Biden’s $2T infrastructure plan about clean energy

Biden infrastructure plan

The Biden administration has published its $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which is called The American Jobs Plan, on the White House website. He’ll discuss the plan today in a speech in Pittsburgh.

It’s extremely comprehensive – and that’s an understatement – so we pulled out the clean energy overview in a quick roundup here.

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Senators urge President Biden to set end date for ICE vehicle sales

President Biden

In an unconfirmed letter to the Commander in Chief, two US Senators from California urged the administration to follow their state’s lead in establishing a phase out date for gas-powered vehicles. Furthermore, President Biden and his team are maneuvering how to reimplement vehicle emissions rules eased by the previous administration.

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Postmaster General commits to only 10% of new USPS fleet going fully-electric

USPS electric

The Postmaster General for the United States Postal Service (USPS) recently committed to 10% of its new fleet going full-electric. The upgrade was announced this past week and will replace 50,000-165,000 vehicles over the next 10 years. The USPS’ current ICE lineup of LLV’s (long-life vehicles) is near 30 years old.

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Maryland county transitioning to electric public school buses

Maryland’s Montgomery County plans to switch the entire public school bus fleet to fully electric from diesel engines. The transition is one of the largest in the US to date, and is expected to take 12 years. The green plan will completely replace all 1,400 current ICE buses. What’s most interesting about the deal is that it comes with virtually no additional cost to Montgomery County’s public school districts.

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Global semiconductor shortage could stymie EV manufacturers in 2021

semiconductor shortage

As the world enters 2021 with a cautious optimism, its global markets are still feeling many of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic that have yet to be eradicated. Many people have pivoted toward remote work. This has increased smartphone and laptop demand, leading to shortages of essential components like semiconductors. One industry that is beginning to experience the impact of these shortages is automakers. If semiconductor manufacturers can’t catch up, it could spell more delays for several major automotive companies.

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