Ferrari Stories November 19, 2020

From time to time, Fully Charged receives an offer that is too good to refuse, and when a long-term friend of the show offered us his electrified Ferrari 308, we didn’t hesitate.

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Ferrari Stories October 13, 2020

Ferrari is one of the most recognized car brands in the world and it’s time for it to go all-electric.

An analyst makes the case for it.

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Ferrari Stories June 16, 2020

Take note of Phil Popham’s words. The CEO of Lotus made it crystal clear this week that he believes that electric motors and batteries are the right technology for sports cars. Popham’s stance couldn’t be more different than what Ferrari executives believe: that EV technology is “not developed” enough for sports cars, much less a supercar.

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Ferrari Stories May 17, 2020

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s chief commercial officer, this week said that EV battery technology is “not developed enough” for a supercar. He said it will take at least until 2025 before Ferrari could produce an EV worthy of its brand. Mi scusi, Signore Galliera. Have you not seen these 10 EVs that, today and right now, put Ferrari’s internal combustion cars to shame?

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Ferrari Stories May 15, 2020

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s chief commercial officer, repeated the Italian automaker’s stance that it won’t make an EV until after 2025. He believes battery technology needs at least a few years to improve before it can deliver on Ferrari’s “brand heritage.”

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Ferrari Stories December 12, 2019

Ferrari has been reticent about going all-electric, but the brand’s CEO now says that they will eventually do it after 2025 – if they are still around… expand full story

Ferrari Stories May 30, 2019

Ferrari has unveiled its first production car with a plug, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale PHEV. Albeit not all-electric, it’s Ferrari’ most electric car to date and the company still has ambitions to go all-electric. expand full story

Ferrari Stories January 17, 2018

Tesla has turned the world of supercars on its head when it unveiled a prototype of its next-generation Roadster with record-breaking specs last year.

It created a benchmark for future supercars, especially electric ones, and now Ferrari wants to try to beat Tesla at its own game. expand full story

Ferrari Stories July 13, 2016


Atieva, a well-funded electric car startup led on the engineering side by Peter Rawlinson, former Tesla VP and Model S Chief Engineer, introduced today its first prototype, Edna, an all-electric van with supercar-like performance.

The vehicle is used to showcase the company’s all-electric platform, which will be first commercialized in a luxury sedan and not a van, but in the meantime, Atieva benchmarked the van against a Ferrari and a Tesla Model S. expand full story

Ferrari Stories June 9, 2016


Electric vehicle startup Faraday Future (FF) announced today the hiring of Marco Mattiacci, former President & CEO of Ferrari North America (2010 to 2014), as Global Chief Brand & Commercial Officer. Mattiacci is only the latest in a series of hires from legacy luxury automakers to lead Faraday’s marketing department.

The strategy gives a glimpse at the image the company, which as yet to present a vehicle aimed for production, will likely try to project in the EV market. expand full story

Ferrari Stories April 26, 2016

Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous vs Ferrari F430 Drag Races [Video]

I’m still not tired of watching a large electric SUV eclipsing small luxury sports cars in drag races (though only on short distances) and this latest video from Drag Times makes no exception.

Ferrari Stories October 21, 2015

Apple CarPlay FerrariSpeaking today on CNBC, Ferrari chairman and Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne spoke affirmatively when asked if he believes Apple will make a car. The Ferrari boss explained that he believes the automobile space is one in which Apple can exhibit its skills, clarifying that he believes Apple will have a car assembled rather than building it on their own. Marchionne added that Apple has not approached Fiat for being its partner for assembling a car. expand full story

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