ev charging Stories July 29

A new bipartisan piece of legislation which aims to repair highway infrastructure in the US includes billions in funding for projects that include reducing carbon emissions and installing electric vehicle chargers along designated highway corridors.

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ev charging Stories June 18

Kentucky is now the latest state to find that Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCSs) are exempt from utility regulation. Had Kentucky’s Public Service Commission (PSC) decided otherwise, it would mean that EVCS charging costs would be regulated just like your home power bill. But it would also have had heavy consequences, deterring private investment in EV charging infrastructure.

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ev charging Stories January 21

Petro Canada, formerly a state-owned oil company in Canada but now part of Suncor, becomes the latest oil company to get involved in electric vehicle charging.

They are starting to deploy their own electric vehicle chargers at gas stations – and they are not kidding around when it comes to the charge rate. expand full story

ev charging Stories May 23, 2018

A massive new plan to deploy DC fast-charging stations powered by grid-scale batteries throughout the UK to create a network with a 2 GW capacity – the world’s biggest – moves forward with backing from the National Grid. expand full story

ev charging Stories November 14, 2017

Electric vehicles face a challenge for urban adoption due to the difficulty of charging when you often have to park on city streets.

London is trying to address the problem by expanding a program to install EV charging stations inside street lamp posts. expand full story

ev charging Stories August 3, 2017

ev charging Stories June 19, 2017

The electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the US still has a long way to go, but the progress over the past few years is promising.

A new report from University of Michigan researchers using data from the Department of Energy suggest that there are now ~16,000 public electric vehicle charging stations with ~43,000 connectors in the US. expand full story

ev charging Stories April 28, 2017

Volkswagen recently submitted both its plans to invest $2 billion in electric vehicle infrastructure in the US as part of its court settlements with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the DieselGate scandal.

We reported on the main details of the plan for California, which includes installing ultra-fast 320 kW chargers, and the plan for the whole country, which includes a ‘nationwide 150 kW+ fast charging network’.

Now other automakers are contesting the plans and want to have a say in how VW should spend that money. Some ideas are OK, though the contestation could result in slowing the rollout of the EV infrastructure, while other demands are plain ridiculous. expand full story

ev charging Stories April 17, 2017

We previously reported on several reward programs for electric vehicles owners charging during off-peak hours, like BMW’s program in California and the Netherlands is trying to make it a nationwide standard for EVs, but now we learn of a new program that appears to be significantly more generous than those two.

Con Edison, an electric utility operating in New York City and Westchester County, will pay “5 cents in rewards for each kilowatt-hour of charging during off-peak hours.” expand full story

ev charging Stories July 19, 2016

Electric vehicle enthusiasts and some automakers have been calling for more homogeneity in charging standards. Some progress has been made, but ultimately, it looks like we will have to wait to see which standards will prevail and which will become obsolete.

In the meantime, we are starting to see some interesting charging stations using several different standards at the same location. Tesla has even been participating in a few of these stations around the world, but its latest, which happens to be its first Supercharger in the Czech Republic, is particularly impressive. expand full story

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