electric vehicle charging Stories July 27

A battle is emerging in the world of transportation – the electric vehicle (EV) vs. the internal combustion engine (ICE). Soon you’ll have to choose sides, so it’s vital that you’re fully informed.

We’re here to help with that decision by offering context to consumers, whether you’ve never been near an EV or if you’re an expert. Below is breakdown of how far you can travel in each state on $100 in an EV vs. an ICE vehicle.

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electric vehicle charging Stories July 19

DC Fastchargers / Source: EVgo

Indiana has been slow to install electric car chargers, but the Hoosier State is now going to give eight electric utilities, including Duke Energy, NIPSCO, and AES Indiana, more than $5.5 million to set up 61 EV fast charging stations. The money will come from the Volkswagen settlement over its Clean Air Act violations.

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electric vehicle charging Stories July 15

Tamarind is a tropical fruit consumed worldwide, and its bulky shells take up a considerable amount of space in landfills. So a team of scientists found a way to convert the tamarind shells, which are rich in carbon, into carbon nanosheets, a key component of supercapacitors. As future scientific breakthroughs are made, supercapacitors could have the potential to play a larger role in energy storage, next-gen electric vehicles, and charging infrastructure.

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In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Charging an electric vehicle with rooftop solar in the US is cheaper than using grid power or public chargers.
  • El Salvador commissions its very first wind farm.
  • UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates. Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes. Click here to learn more and get your quotes. — *ad.

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electric vehicle charging Stories June 3

Seven out of 10 Americans plan on taking road trips this summer. Electric vehicle drivers can, of course, use navigation systems, apps, and websites to find places to charge up, but utility company National Grid, which serves New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, today launched EV Road Trip plans featuring fun destinations with charging stations in the three Northeastern states.

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electric vehicle charging Stories May 26

Public fast-charging network EVgo has announced a new program called EVgo Reservations that gives drivers the freedom to claim their spot at a charger ahead of time. The initial rollout consists of 17 locations across California and the Seattle area in a pilot program that has already expanded.

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electric vehicle charging Stories March 24

Electrek spoke with Danielle J. Harris, director of mobility innovation at Elemental Excelerator, about innovative mobility industry solutions, how we can build robust electric infrastructure and encourage the mass adoption of EVs, and the importance of equity and access.

Elemental Excelerator is a Honolulu and East Palo Alto, California-based cleantech startup accelerator that finds and funds mobility startups to work with corporates, community-based organizations, and cities. It catalyzes partnerships to equitably and sustainably advance the transportation industry.

Elemental is currently accepting applications for Cohort 10. More information can be found here

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electric vehicle charging Stories March 2

Six utilities today announced the formation of the Electric Highway Coalition. It’s a plan to ensure that electric vehicle drivers have access to a network of charging stations on major highway systems on the Atlantic coast, in the Midwest and South, and in the Gulf and Central Plains regions.

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electric vehicle charging Stories March 1

The Petaluma, California, City Council this week unanimously moved to ban new gas stations, and existing stations won’t be allowed to add new gas pumps – but they can add electric chargers. The council must approve the ban during a second reading in order to make it official.

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electric vehicle charging Stories February 19

In an effort to expedite the country’s transition toward electric vehicles, the South Korean government is lowering the prices of electric vehicles by 2025. This strategy includes implementing electric battery leases for Korean customers. This would cut their initial purchase costs by nearly half.

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