electric vehicle charging Stories Yesterday

The electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry is evolving at a high pace as it is trying to keep up with the growing deployment of electric vehicles.

Now a manufacturer is trying to push the boundaries of charge rates by unveiling a new station with a record capacity of ‘up to 475 kW’. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories June 28

The oil industry is seeing the writing on the wall when it comes to electric vehicles and several oil industry giants have recently made significant investments in electric vehicles.

BP has been one of those oil giants and now it makes another move in the same direction by buying the UK’s biggest electric vehicle charging company. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories May 24

The advent of electric vehicles is expected to increase the demand for electricity, but EVs also offer some advantages by controlling the power load.

A new study values those advantages in the billions of dollars and it would enable the grid to take better advantage of renewable energy. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories April 24

ABB, a major Swedish-Swiss multinational technology company, is involved in several major electric vehicle charging networks. The company is now unveiling its own full 350 kW electric vehicle charging technology, which it claims can add 200 km of range in 8 minutes. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories March 5

Telekom, a large European telecommunications company headquartered in Germany, confirmed that they are putting in place a massive plan to more than double the current electric car charging infrastructure by converting their distribution boxes. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories January 30

BP, the British oil company, announced today an investment in a US-based electric vehicle charging station manufacturer in order to trial charging technology at its own retail sites by the end of the year. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories January 17

California is already leading the U.S. in terms of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and are likely going to keep that lead at the pace they are installing stations.

Now, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), a major electric utility in the state, is launching a new program to significantly increase the number of stations. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories November 13, 2017

A few days after announcing its massive electric vehicle charging infrastructure expansion, European electric utility E.ON elaborated on its actual plan to rollout charging stations across Europe – including an ‘electric highway’ of ‘ultra-fast charging stations’ that will connect Norway to Italy. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories April 11, 2017

The batteries in EV’s are heavy, expensive and in many cases slow to charge, this results in many affordable EV’s having a limited range. Obviously, this reduces the usefulness of EV’s for many potential buyers. For EV’s to really take off, we need an extensive network of public fast charging stations (DCFC’s). However, the current fee structure of utility companies, especially the additional peak demand charges during hot summer months, can make up a substantial part of the electricity costs of a charging location, forming a significant roadblock for the future of EV’s.

In a recent study for EVgo, analyzing data from every charging session in 2016 from all 230 of EVgo’s DC fast charging stations in the state of California where half of all the nation’s EV’s are being used, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) found that with today’s EV market penetration and current public DCFC utilization rates, demand charges can be responsible for over 90% of electricity costs, which are as high as $1.96/kWh at some locations during summer months.

expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories September 8, 2015

In an effort to stimulate the electric vehicle market in Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree requiring the owners of gas stations to install charging equipment for electric cars at their gas stations by Nov. 1, 2016 according to the Moscow Times. The requirement could very well be the most drastic government action to encourage electric vehicle infrastructure in any country. expand full story

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