electric vehicle charging Stories June 20

Maryland sets public charge station rates at 18¢/kWh, 34¢ for DC fast charge

Yesterday the Maryland Public Service Commission approved a proposal from three Excelon-owned utilities in Maryland to deploy 850 charging stations on public-use land. The percentage of those that will be DC Fast Charge stations has not yet been determined.

electric vehicle charging Stories June 13

Exciting news for California EV drivers tired of subscriptions and apps.

In the next couple of years, you should be able to use any public charger in the state with nothing more than a burner flip-phone and pre-paid Visa.

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One of the first questions from a prospective electric car buyer is: “sure I’m not buying gas anymore, but how much will my electric bill go up?”  The answer, just about everywhere, is that an electric car is cheaper to drive, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out by how much.

It’s a complex question to answer because of different electric rates around the country, time-of-use rates, and fluctuating gas prices as well.  But last night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested that Tesla could build software into their vehicles to answer just that question – and to help owners save money as well. The idea came, as many have, in a late-night answer to a tweet.

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electric vehicle charging Stories June 11

Range and recharge times are perhaps the two biggest issues currently facing electric vehicles. But StoreDot is ready to solve at least one of those. The company just showed off its fast charging batteries by topping up an empty electric scooter battery in just 5 minutes.

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electric vehicle charging Stories June 10

Two weeks before Christmas 2017, US Charging network Chargepoint filed a patent infringement suit against its competitor SemaConnect. In its request for a restraining order against SemaConnect, Chargepoint claimed that its patents gave it the exclusive right to sell and operate networked EV charging stations in the US. Obviously this has large implications for the Electric vehicle market… expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories September 6, 2018

Nissan and EVgo are today launching their new east coast fast-charging route along the I-95 enabling EV drivers to travel between Washington D.C. and Boston. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories September 3, 2018

One of the biggest complaints with GM’s Chevy Bolt EV is its limited fast-charging capacity.

Now GM is working to remedy the situation for future EVs through a partnership with Delta Americas to develop a 400 kW charging system for 180 miles of range in less than 10 minutes. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories August 13, 2018

The electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry is evolving at a high pace as it is trying to keep up with the growing deployment of electric vehicles.

Now a manufacturer is trying to push the boundaries of charge rates by unveiling a new station with a record capacity of ‘up to 475 kW’. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories June 28, 2018

The oil industry is seeing the writing on the wall when it comes to electric vehicles and several oil industry giants have recently made significant investments in electric vehicles.

BP has been one of those oil giants and now it makes another move in the same direction by buying the UK’s biggest electric vehicle charging company. expand full story

electric vehicle charging Stories May 24, 2018

The advent of electric vehicles is expected to increase the demand for electricity, but EVs also offer some advantages by controlling the power load.

A new study values those advantages in the billions of dollars and it would enable the grid to take better advantage of renewable energy. expand full story

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