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Revel is going to build more EV fast charging Superhubs in the US

Revel, which specializes in building universal fast charging stations in cities and also offers Tesla rideshare and electric moped rentals, today announced that it’s going to expand its network of high-volume, public EV fast charging Superhubs. The Brooklyn-based company will site the new Level 3 charging stations in dense US urban areas.

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The makers of this Level 1 mobile EV cable want everyone to have smart charging

level 1 mobile EV cable

Palo-Alto, California-based EV charging software provider and internet of things (IoT) solutions provider Smartenit, based in Irvine, Calirfornia, today launched a smart, grid-optimized Level 1 mobile EV cable for drivers who don’t have access to home charging stations.

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Listen up, electric bike companies. You need to give your e-bike batteries USB-C charging, stat!

usb-c electric bike charger

If you’ve owned an electric bike, e-scooter, or other personal mobility device (and especially if you’ve owned more than one), you know they all have a charger that pretty much fits nothing else you own. I have several electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other e-rideables, and almost none of them can share chargers. But don’t fret! There’s already a convenient solution here, and it’s called USB-C. Electric bike battery USB-C charging needs to become a thing. And while, we’re at it, USB-C PD discharging, effectively turning the battery into a backup power supply for your electronics, could easily be added.

So listen up, electric bike companies. This one’s for you.

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An EV charging rebate program expands in Massachusetts – here’s why it matters

app for ev charging tax rebate massachusetts 2022

National Grid, a utility that serves more than 20 million people in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, is expanding its Off-Peak Charging Rebate Program in Massachusetts that it runs with, a certified B corporation and global provider of managed EV charging software.

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Here’s why EV charging infrastructure is an opportunity for utilities – and how sticking with fossil fuels could make them obsolete

Electrek‘s Michelle Lewis spoke with head of Enel North America Enrico Viale about why clean energy is better and cheaper than fossil fuels, and why modernizing the grid and battery storage are vital for EV charging and renewables implementation.

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53 US utilities will build a nationwide fast-charging EV network by end of 2023

cheapest electric vehicles

The National Electric Highway Coalition, a newly formed body made up of 51 investor-owned electric companies, one electric cooperative, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, announced yesterday that it will provide electric vehicle fast-charging ports along major US travel corridors by the end of 2023.

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Geotab’s Smartcharge interfaces Tesla API directly, making EV charging free for many


I’ve been using the Geotab (formerly Fleetcarma) SmartCharge rewards program for almost five years as a way to save money on EV charging during my electric utility’s (New York’s ConEdison) off-peak time periods. I save at least 10 cents per kilowatt hour of charge, which makes my EV charging nearly free. And since I get most of my electricity from a big solar panel on my roof, I’m probably even making a few bucks for driving an EV.

This month, Geotab announced a much easier way to connect to Teslas, making the onboarding process a breeze and the program even more of a no brainer.

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Some of the world’s highest drivable roads just got 18 EV charging stations

The Ladakh region in northern India is part of the larger disputed Kashmir region. It’s also a tourist destination, with its stunning scenery, Buddhist sites, and ecotourism. And now, electric vehicle drivers can tour on its dramatic, high-altitude roads surrounded by mountains, because a network of EV charging stations has been installed along the Manali-Leh route, which includes five of some of the highest drivable passes in the world.

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NYC DOT looks to build one of the largest EV charging networks in the US [Update]

NYC EV Charging

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) recently shared extensive plans to support the influx of EVs in the area by deploying four DC fast chargers as part of its city-operated fast-charging network. With nearly 50,000 chargers planned by 2030 as part of an ambitious plan, NYC’s government looks to build one of the largest municipal charging networks in the country.

September 9 update: Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) has signed new legislation to support the state’s efforts outlined below. The legislation sets a new goal for all new passenger cars and trucks sold in New York State to be zero emissions by 2035.

If adopted, the regulation would accelerate zero-emission truck sales, resulting in improved air quality throughout New York, especially areas more significantly affected by transportation-related pollution.

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