Tesla Supercharger Stories August 21

Today’s solar eclipse is expected to have an important impact on productivity and a noticeable one on solar energy generation, but all the travel to optimize the viewing experience also has another less obvious impact.

It is putting Tesla’s Superchargers to the test and it is showing some weaknesses in the network. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories August 10

Despite the rapid expansion of electric vehicle charging networks, electric car ownership can still be difficult for apartment dwellers and people who don’t have access to home charging.

Tesla has been working on the issue for a while and CEO Elon Musk now says that the company will focus on a “major increase” of their urban charger network over the “next several months.” expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 16

After our exclusive look at the first of Tesla’s new type of Supercharger station with 40 stalls between Los Angeles and San Francisco and a rumor that a similar station is coming just outside Oslo, we now learn of a third location for the new type of Supercharger station.

This time, it will cover the very popular route between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 15

Tesla’s Supercharger network is having quite the eventful year. 2017 was supposed to be its first year under the new pay-per-use model, but Tesla delayed the change and then introduced a way to get around it for new buyers through the referral program, which is now the only way to get free access to the Supercharger network.

We explained all the changes here: Understanding Tesla’s new Supercharger access for Model S and Model X

The loophole should expire by the end of the year and Tesla now introduces a new Supercharger cost estimator to better understand cost under the new pay-per-use model. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 13

Earlier this year, Tesla updated its goal for Supercharger deployment to reach 10,000 Superchargers by the end of the year – virtually doubling the number of Supercharger stalls in 2017.

After opening a few more stations over the last week, Tesla has now 6,000 Superchargers around the world, which means that the company will have to add 4,000 more Superchargers within the next 6 months.

Is it even possible? expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 12

We reported yesterday that Tesla started working on the deployment of its new Supercharger stations with high numbers of stall per station – with the first one being planned between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Now we learn that Tesla is also reportedly planning another 40-stall Supercharger station in Norway. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 11

When Tesla announced new expansion plans for its Supercharger network earlier this year, it managed to ease some of the concerns that its current owners had over the network becoming overcrowded with the launch of the Model 3.

We started to see Tesla adding chargers to its current Supercharger stations and build new ones with up to 20 chargers.

But the expansion also included a new type of station with much higher numbers of stalls. We now get our first good look at those stations through new site plans for one of the very first stations. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 10

Tesla’s Supercharger stations still have an average of only just over 6 stalls because of the early deployment of the network only having 4 to 6 per station. Now that Tesla’s fleet has grown to over 200,000 vehicles and with the impending increase due to the Model 3 launch, they need to accelerate the deployment of Superchargers.

In order to do that, Tesla is adding stalls to existing stations and they are now building stations with significantly higher numbers of stalls per station.  expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories June 19

Tesla officials have been talking about the possibility of opening up their Supercharger network to other automakers for years, but it never resulted in anything. In the meantime, it remains the undeniable leading electric vehicle fast-charging network in the world – both for coverage and for charge rates – and one of Tesla’s main competitive advantages.

But now Tesla CTO JB Straubel says that they are “actively talking to other car makers” about using the network. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories June 16

Over the last few months, Tesla has made several changes to the terms of access to its Supercharger network. Most of the changes have to do with the phase out of free unlimited Supercharging. The only exception was the opportunity for current owners to buy new cars with free Supercharger access in the future.

The terms made it sound like that would be indefinite, which of course wasn’t likely. Tesla has now clarified a deadline for the purchase of new vehicles to fall under the free unlimited Supercharger access. expand full story

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