Tesla Supercharger Stories March 6

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You may have read a series of headlines recently about Tesla allegedly needing to raise $8 billion in order to expand its Supercharger network for it to match gas station coverage.

Those reports are rooted in a misunderstanding of the charging habits of electric vehicle owners. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories February 22

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The charging etiquette is something electric vehicle owners must get used to – though most of it is common sense and fairly straightforward. Tesla has recently implemented changes to its Supercharger network, like idle fees, in order to incentivize owners to follow good charging etiquette.

There’s one thing though that EV owners have little power over and that’s gas-powered cars parking at charging stations. It’s certainly a recurring problem at Tesla Superchargers and it degenerated quite badly at a station in France this week. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories February 8

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It’s a feature that Tesla owners have been asking to get for years: the ability to see how many Supercharger stalls are occupied/available at specific stations in real-time. Today, Tesla finally made the information available to Tesla owners through the map app on the center screen. expand full story


Tesla Supercharger Stories January 18

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Tesla introduced its new pricing structure for the Supercharger Network with a simple list of costs per kWh and minute depending on the regions just last week, but a Model S owner has already created a better way to visualize the cost of traveling on the new structure. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories January 12

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The end of the unlimited free access to Tesla’s Supercharger network was announced back in November and the details were supposed to be released by the end of last year, but the company gave potential customers a 2-week extension to close their orders and therefore, Tesla is only now releasing the details.

The main detail being, of course, the price per kWh, which is fixed within each state or province in North America and within each country overseas. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories January 11

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Tesla has been focusing on the problem of overcrowded Supercharger stations lately in anticipation of a rapid expansion of its fleet after the upcoming launch of the Model 3 during the second half of the year. The new idle fee and the change to the ‘Supercharger Credit’ program are good examples of that, but the best solution is, of course, to expand the network itself.

We have been focusing on the number of new stations, but now Tesla is focusing on adding new stalls to existing Supercharger stations as a ‘top priority’, says CEO Elon Musk. expand full story


Tesla Supercharger Stories January 9

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There’s a story going around for the past few weeks about Tesla CEO Elon Musk implementing a solution to the problem of Tesla owners leaving their cars at Superchargers after charging is completed within 6 days of receiving a complaint about it on Twitter.

That’s accurate. Musk did respond to a complaint from a customer about the issue and 6 days later Tesla introduced a new idle fee to incentivize owners to move their cars after charging is completed. The problem is that some people are now asserting that Tesla and Musk went from “idea to execution” within 6 days, which is simply false. expand full story

While the deadline to order a new Tesla and get access to unlimited free Supercharging is this week, Tesla confirmed that you will still be able to get the perk with its Certified Pre-Owned (CPOs) vehicles if they were originally purchased with Supercharging access.

It wasn’t exactly clear since Tesla had removed any mention of Supercharging from all the listings on its CPO website after the announcement of the new ‘Supercharging Credit’ program, but Tesla’s President of Sales, Jon McNeill, confirmed the information on Twitter today. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories January 1

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Back in November, Tesla announced that it is changing its policy of unlimited free Supercharging for all vehicles in 2017. The automaker said that for Teslas ordered after January 1, 2017, the unlimited free Supercharging would be replaced by 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits (roughly 1,000 miles) included annually.

Today, Tesla announced a 2-week extension during which potential buyers can still order a Model S or X and take advantage of the unlimited free Supercharging. The rule change will now apply to vehicles ordered after January 15. expand full story


Tesla Supercharger Stories December 27, 2016

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There’ve been a lot of talks lately about the upcoming Supercharger V3 having a significantly higher charge rate, and while it could be a future solution to wait times at charging stations it will not affect the current fleet, which is already having difficulties during high demand periods.

The recent Christmas break was no exception. Record wait times were reported at several Supercharger stations and an exceptionally long line at the Barstow Supercharger even made the headlines. expand full story

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