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Tesla Supercharger Stories May 29

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla’s slower deployment of Supercharger V3 was due to production, but it is now ramping up. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 14

Elon Musk released an impressive chart of the impact of the pandemic on Tesla Supercharger use over the last few months. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories February 26

Tesla has signed a deal with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to massively expand its Tesla Supercharger presence at Turnpike Service Areas, as well as build utility infrastructure for non-Tesla charging stations.

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Tesla Supercharger Stories January 13

Tesla has updated its Supercharger billing policy to add the cost of electricity use for things other than charging, like HVAC, battery thermal management, etc, while charging at a Supercharger station. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories January 1

Tesla has updated its Supercharger map for 2020 with a bunch of new locations and routes to be covered by the fast-charging network. expand full story

Tesla will open eight superchargers in the northernmost regions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

This area of the Arctic Circle was previously a bit short of superchargers, so this expansion will be a welcome addition for Tesla drivers in the northern regions of the Nordic countries. The new superchargers are located at crossroads.

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Tesla Supercharger Stories December 24, 2019

On December 16, 2019, California’s Office of Administrative Law approved amendments to its Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems Specifications. These rules ban operators of electric vehicle charging stations from billing by the minute at new 240Vac stations in 2021 onwards, and new DCFC stations 2023 onwards.

This is a huge blow to Electrify America and EVgo. Both firms bill by the minute for EV charging, leaving drivers with sticker shock and feeling ripped off by the end of the session. Chargepoint will also be negatively affected, as many of their site-host partners choose to bill per minute. And while Tesla already bills by the kilowatt-hour, California will also be requiring charging stations to physically display “on their face” important information about electricity cost and delivery, a move that will put the most burden on Tesla’s Supercharger stations.

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Tesla Supercharger Stories December 20, 2019

Tesla has been working on a Trans-Canada Supercharger route for more than a year now, and today it finally went live, all at the same time.

Even better, most of the locations have Tesla’s new 250 kW V3 Supercharger. These allow a Model 3 to add about 100 miles in seven minutes.

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Tesla Supercharger Stories December 19, 2019

Tesla’s Supercharger network has reached 15,000 chargers — a new milestone for what is still one of the automaker’s best assets. expand full story

Tesla officially completed its 300th Supercharger Station in China and confirmed the first V3 Station in China is under construction. Last month we reported that Tesla is planning a massive charging infrastructure expansion in China ahead of the expected increase in vehicle sales due to volume production at Gigafactory 3… expand full story

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