Tesla Supercharger Stories March 13

When Elon Musk said that he plans to open an “old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in Los Angeles”, it was yet another “is he joking?” kind of Elon Musk idea, but he apparently wasn’t.

Tesla has now applied for permits to build a restaurant and Supercharger station in Santa Monica. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories March 11

Tesla officially introduced its paid Supercharger network access plan over a year ago, but it’s only now starting to have a greater impact since virtually only Model 3 owners are on it and the vehicle is just now starting to hit the roads in greater numbers.

And with that, the automaker is now increasing the cost of the paid Supercharger access, but a spokesperson still insists that it ‘will never be a profit center’ for the company. expand full story

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Tesla Supercharger Stories March 1

Over the last year, Tesla has changed its Supercharger network strategy to significantly increase the number of charge points per station.

Now they are bringing those high numbers of charge points to the mothership by expanding the Fremont factory Supercharger station – making it one of the largest stations in America. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories February 2

Since launching its new ‘Urban Supercharger stations’ last year, Tesla has been slowly rolling out the latest addition to its Supercharger network.

Now, a new station with 20 stalls has come online in a Chicago suburb. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories January 26

The Supercharger network, Tesla’s network of fast-charging stations, has seen a record year for growth in 2017 despite not reaching the company’s target.

It’s starting the new year in a big way with already 20 new stations and one of them is a new 50-Supercharger station – equal to the largest in the world. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories December 26, 2017

Tesla aimed to double the size of its Supercharger network from ~5,000 to 10,000 Supercharger stalls this year.

With the end of the year near, it is becoming clear that Tesla is not going to achieve this ambitious goal, but the automaker nonetheless reached a new record deployment of charging stations in 2017. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories December 15, 2017

Tesla is introducing a new ‘fair use’ policy for its Supercharger network today. This is to deter the commercial use of its charging stations, which has become a problem in some markets, and to focus on the original intended use of the Supercharger network: enabling long-distance travel in electric vehicles.

The automaker says that any new or used Tesla vehicles purchased after today and is used for commercial purposes cannot use any Tesla Supercharger worldwide.  expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories November 16, 2017

Tesla appears to be rushing toward its seemingly impossible goal to have 10,000 Superchargers online by the end of the year. In recent days and weeks, the company has been opening mega Supercharger stations with record numbers of stalls.

The latest is a new 50-stall Supercharger station in China, which makes it the biggest in the world equal to another station in China. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories November 15, 2017

As we reported last week, Tesla has been making a lot of progress on its new kind of Supercharger station with solar arrays and owners lounge.

Now Tesla is about to bring them online as we take a closer look at what are going to be the biggest Supercharger stations in the US.

Update: the stations are now active.  expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories November 8, 2017

Tesla is building a new type of Supercharger station with larger numbers of charge points, solar arrays, and even owner lounges.

Now it looks like the first of those stations is just about to be completed and we get a first glimpse at it. expand full story

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