Tesla Supercharger Stories June 19

Tesla officials have been talking about the possibility of opening up their Supercharger network to other automakers for years, but it never resulted in anything. In the meantime, it remains the undeniable leading electric vehicle fast-charging network in the world – both for coverage and for charge rates – and one of Tesla’s main competitive advantages.

But now Tesla CTO JB Straubel says that they are “actively talking to other car makers” about using the network. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories June 16

Over the last few months, Tesla has made several changes to the terms of access to its Supercharger network. Most of the changes have to do with the phase out of free unlimited Supercharging. The only exception was the opportunity for current owners to buy new cars with free Supercharger access in the future.

The terms made it sound like that would be indefinite, which of course wasn’t likely. Tesla has now clarified a deadline for the purchase of new vehicles to fall under the free unlimited Supercharger access. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories June 9

Tesla has been talking about adding solar arrays and batteries to its Supercharger stations ever since announcing the fast-charging network in 2012.

But only half a dozen stations or so out of the over 800 stations ended up getting a solar array.

CEO Elon Musk said that they plan to deploy more battery and solar systems with the upcoming ‘Version 3’ of the Supercharger, but now he went a step further and claimed that “almost all Superchargers will disconnect from the electricity grid.” expand full story


Tesla Supercharger Stories June 1

Tesla wasn’t kidding when it announced a major expansion of its Supercharger network in April.

Electrek has learned that the automaker started construction or acquired permits for over 40 more stations since having made the announcement less than 2 months ago. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 22

There’s been some speculation around the Tesla Model 3’s charging technology – especially since it will be first of Tesla’s vehicles to be equipped with the company’s new 2170 battery cells.

After the first picture of the charge port in-use emerged today, it looks like the vehicle features the same charge connector as the Model S and Model X, but a significantly bigger port.  expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 20

After the changes to both the Supercharger access structure and the referral program today, it can be difficult to understand the current situation around the access to Tesla’s fast-charging network. There were a lot of questions in the comment section of our last article about it.

We reached out to Tesla to get the best understanding that we can in order to break it down to you as simply as possible in this post. expand full story


In a surprising move, Tesla is now extending free Supercharging to all current vehicles.

Tesla had previously announced the change of the program to a paid model after 400 kWh per year, which was supposed to take place starting January 1st. It later extended the deadline for two weeks before making the change and it is now retroactively extending the deadline to today. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 7

The Tesla community had another small technical/communication controversy this week that was not unlike the controversy around Tesla’s undisclosed performance restrictions with max power output in March.

We learned this week that the automaker is also limiting the charging rate when Supercharging on vehicles that have accumulated too many DC fast-charge events. Electrek reached out to Tesla to get the official reason behind the change. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 3

One of the main details that we still don’t know about the upcoming Tesla Model 3 is its charging capacity.

At least, now we know for a fact that it can Supercharge – though not at what rate – since a release candidate was spotted supercharging in California this week. expand full story


Tesla Supercharger Stories April 24

When Tesla first introduced the Supercharger network in 2012, it was to enable long-distance travel for Tesla owners through truly high-speed DC fast-charging. They managed a 120 kW charge rate while most other electric vehicles were capped at ~50 kW.

Tesla’s update to its Supercharger expansion announced today represents a shift in this strategy that could result in the most extensive charging infrastructure to date if executed correctly. expand full story

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