Tesla Supercharger Stories September 19

Tesla doesn’t want cars sitting at Superchargers for too long once they are fully charged. It’s why the automaker introduced “idle fees” two years ago.

Now Tesla is increasing those fees to discourage the practice even more. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories September 16

For the last 5 years, Tesla has been building up the Supercharger network, which most EV owners would agree is the best and most extensive fast-charging network in the world, and it has been making it available for free for the vast majority of its drivers.

After several false alarms over the past 2 years, Tesla is now finally ending the free unlimited Supercharging era today. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories August 17

Bollinger Motors, a New York-based EV startup developing an all-electric utility truck, reached out to Tesla CEO Elon Musk to inquire about the possibility of them having access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories August 13

Tesla has recently announced several milestones achieved by its Supercharger network, which has the goal to enable long-distance travel.

But the automaker also has a newer version called ‘Urban Supercharger’ to address the issue of urban EV ownership.

The company has now expanded its charging infrastructure in New York with the new ‘Urban Supercharger stations’. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories August 10

The electric vehicle charging problem is becoming less and less of an issue every day and Tesla is arguably leading the way with the Supercharger network.

The automaker now says that “99% of the US population is within 150 miles of a Supercharger.” expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 25

Tesla’s Supercharger network is arguably one of the automaker’s biggest assets and it is growing quite fast along with its fleet.

The network has now delivered over 400 GWh of energy and it is rapidly accelerating as new stations come online and Model 3 deliveries are expanding. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories June 9

Tesla has now officially deployed over 10,000 Superchargers around the world.

The automaker is about 5 months late with the milestone, but it is now adding stations at a high pace and it plans to expand even faster once the next-gen Supercharger is ready. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories June 6

Tesla has been working on a new generation of its Supercharger fast-charging station for over a year now. Last month, CEO Elon Musk said that they plan to finally release the Supercharger V3 “late this summer.”

Now he says that they are instead planning to release the new Supercharger stations at “the end of the year” and it will be ‘zombie apocalypse-proof’. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories June 4

Tesla’s Supercharger network is gradually starting to replace gas stations for Tesla owners, but it has so far been missing an important tool that drivers find at gas stations: a squeegee.

Now it looks like Tesla is finally starting to add the requested feature to some Supercharger stations. expand full story

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 26

As promised by CEO Elon Musk last week, Tesla has updated its map of planned Supercharger locations to show the upcoming stations in its 2018-2019 expansion.

It shows many more stations coming mainly to North America, Europe, and China. expand full story

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