Take control of your own power usage with BLUETTI’s new EP800 Energy Storage System

BLUETTI storage system

Energy storage systems provider BLUETTI continues to showcase why it is one of the best in the business, unveiling yet another innovative product that puts power management into the hands of the consumer. The company’s new EP800 energy storage system is modular to the point of offering nearly 20,000 watt-hours of backup power. Combined with BLUETTI’s B500 battery packs, the EP800 debuts on sale for thousands of dollars off… but only for a very limited time!

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Stay prepared during any and all weather this season with backup power solution deals from BLUETTI


In late August, Hurricane Idalia touched down on the Gulf side of Florida, resulting in significant damage and power outages throughout the Southeast United States. Unfortunately, natural disasters like this have become all too common as a symptom of climate change, so it’s important to stay prepared. Energy storage solutions provider BLUETTI recognizes the dangers of hurricane season and other inclement weather and is offering sales on a number of backup power solutions to ensure the lights stay on and you and your loved ones stay safe. Head below for a closer look at these limited time deals.

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Tesloid’s Frunk Cooler for Model Y and Model 3 is a must-have for Tesla drivers [Save 10%]

Tesloid, one of the premier accessory makers for Tesla drivers, offers a versatile Frunk Cooler and Food Bag designed perfectly for both Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Designed to take full advantage of your Tesla’s frunk, Tesloid’s Frunk Cooler and Food Bag can keep your food cold and fresh for any occasion.

Exclusive for Electrek readers, use promo code COOLER10 to save 10% on the Model 3 and Model Y Frunk Cooler and Food Bag today.

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Tesloid’s Model Y Camping Tent brings luxury and comfort to the camping experience [Save 10%]

As we head toward fall camping season, are you pondering your next adventure in your Tesla?

Tesloid, a leading maker of popular Tesla accessories, has the perfect product for you. The Model Y Camping Tent is meticulously crafted for the Model Y and sports a compact yet functional design, custom-made to align perfectly with the specifications of the Model Y.

Keep reading for more on Tesloid’s Model Y Camping Tent and lock in a 10% discount with the promo code SUMMER10. It’s made for Model Y, and it’s made for adventure.

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Wheel covers that will completely transform your Tesla Model Y and 3 within seconds [Save 10%]

If you drive a Tesla Model Y or a Model 3, Tesloid has just the wheel covers for you – they look fantastic, plus they protect your rims. For the Model 3, Tesloid offers two stunning options: Induction and Sport. And for the Model Y, you can choose from Blade, Viking, or Induction options.

Exclusively for Electrek readers, Tesloid is offering a 10% discount across all of its wheel covers.

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The Emerald Fold eBike: A True Standout in Folding eBike [Video]

The Emerald Fold eBike is a user friendly, thoughtfully composed bike, with premium components at a stellar price. With an easily accessible battery, a solid foundation on the wheels, and an easy to use platform, it’s easy to see why they’re axious to get the word out. We got hands on at Electrek for a sponsored look at the Emerald Fold.

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Pedego Avenue: Lightweight Powerhouse that Upgrades to the Moon [Video]


The Pedego Avenue is a remarkable electric bike that combines the best of customization and performance. Crafted with precision by experts in the American eBike industry, this bike offers a unique riding experience that can be tailored to suit individual preferences. With a minimalist design, powerful motor, and an array of custom-made accessories, the 10 years of development really paid off. For a limited time, Electrek readers can get up to $500 off Pedego bikes including The Avenue.

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Save up to $1,500 off EcoFlow portable power stations during Amazon Prime Day 2023

EcoFlow Prime

“Prime power, prime choice” – that’s the mantra EcoFlow is spreading as we approach this year’s annual Amazon Prime Day sale. Whether you’re already a solar generator owner or are considering your first portable power station, there’s a myriad of reasons to abandon gas generators, especially if it’s a product from EcoFlow. Check out the company’s Prime Day deals below.

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BLUETTI AC180: Fast Charging Goldilocks-Sized 1152Wh Power Supply

In a world that demands constant connectivity and the need for power on the go, BLUETTI presents the AC180, a perfectly packed power station that brings together fast charging, exceptional battery capacity, and an array of innovative features. With its ability to charge within one hour and provide uninterrupted power throughout the day, the AC180 is set to stay powered at home, in the great outdoors, or during a power outage.

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BLUETTI Introduces Veterans and Military Discounts for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here, an occasion of profound remembrance and profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by our brave service members. To demonstrate our unwavering support and gratitude, BLUETTI is thrilled to introduce the Veterans and Military Purchase Program—an extraordinary initiative dedicated to honoring our active duty and retired military heroes.

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Bluetti Mother’s Day Sale: The Power to Pamper

Bluetti, makers of portable power systems both large and small, is hosting a Mother’s Day sale that finally answers the question: “Why doesn’t everyone get their mom a portable power supply for Mother’s Day?” At Electrek, we discover ways to get more readers excited to go electric, and this latest sale might be all the excuse we need to snag some great products from Bluetti.

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Growatt INFINITY 1300 $999 Versatile Power Supply/Home Backup [Video]

Solar and portable energy storage experts Growatt impress again with the release of the new and updated INFINITY 1300. This versatile and powerful energy storage system can provide uninterrupted power for 14 outlets, completely recharge in less than 2 hours, and accept a variety of solar input. Electrek gets hands on with this efficient portable power station. Check out the INFINITY 1300 Presale here, which lasts from April 17 to 30.

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Up to $1,099 off in Bluetti’s power supply Easter sale

Hot off the heels of exciting new announcements and products, power supply experts Bluetti spring into an Easter sale. With a wide variety of solar panels, large and small scale batteries and inverters show discounts on their most popular models of power and solar systems. With savings up to $1,099 now is a great time to upgrade your adventure, and secure your home energy needs.

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BLUETTI launches dust tight and water resistant portable power with AC60 and B80 units

Power supply experts BLUETTI has broken new ground with the water and dust resistant AC60 and B80. With up to 2,015wh of expanded power, it bring energy to never before seen terrain of beaches, snowy mountains, or crowded tents with messy kids. While many power supplies are plug-and-play, not many of them are as care-free and trusted as the new AC60 and B80 from BLUETTI.

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Save over $1,000 on BLUETTI AC300 + B300 Combos for home backup power, this month only!


As BLUETTI wraps up its massive spring sale event, it is immediately following up with more savings on its top-tier energy solutions. From now through the end of March, BLUETTI is offering tremendous deals on its AC300 Combos, complete with modular B300 batteries that offer all-in-one home backup power systems designed to fit your energy needs, no matter the size. Learn more below.

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Deal: Fanttik’s new X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump helps you play like the professionals

The Fanttik X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump, a palm-sized powerhouse that debuts in February, inflates sports balls quickly and precisely so you can focus on playing – and winning – your game. The new product adds to Fanttik’s best-known and best-selling lineup of flagship products like the X8 Apex portable tire inflator and X8 tire pump for motorcycles. For a limited time you can get 30% off the X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump bringing it to $49.47 (Reg $69.97) with code PRX8NANO and the $10 coupon currently on Amazon.

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Meet Growatt’s new VITA 550 portable power station [Video]

Power storage and solar experts Growatt have just debuted the VITA 550 Portable Power Station after the success of its INFINITY 1500 and optional solar panel arrays. The compact model is being sold at a special introductory price until January 31. Get $130 off for a limited time with coupon code “GroVita550”.

Read on to learn more about this small device that offers big possibilities for charging a wide array of appliances.

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