Deal: Fanttik’s new X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump helps you play like the professionals

The Fanttik X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump, a palm-sized powerhouse that debuts in February, inflates sports balls quickly and precisely so you can focus on playing – and winning – your game. The new product adds to Fanttik’s best-known and best-selling lineup of flagship products like the X8 Apex portable tire inflator and X8 tire pump for motorcycles. For a limited time you can get 30% off the X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump bringing it to $49.47 (Reg $69.97) with code PRX8NANO and the $10 coupon currently on Amazon.

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Meet Growatt’s new VITA 550 portable power station [Video]

Power storage and solar experts Growatt have just debuted the VITA 550 Portable Power Station after the success of its INFINITY 1500 and optional solar panel arrays. The compact model is being sold at a special introductory price until January 31. Get $130 off for a limited time with coupon code “GroVita550”.

Read on to learn more about this small device that offers big possibilities for charging a wide array of appliances.

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Top gifts to buy for a Tesla owner this Christmas… at a hefty discount

If you want to surprise the Tesla owner in your life this holiday season with a gift they’ll love – or heck, treat yourself! – check out these beautiful accessories made by US and Canadian company Tesloid. The company’s founders are Tesla owners who design accessories and provide customer service they themselves want. Or, as they put it, “Teslas are premium cars and we deserve a premium experience to match that of the cars. So we took the matter into our own hands.”

Tesloid is offering Electrek readers a generous 25% discount off its irresistible accessories. Use the coupon code Electrek25 at checkout to get Tesloid’s biggest discount all year, and check out Tesloid’s top 5 gift ideas below.

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Semi-Solid State Batteries Debut on Zendure SuperBase V [Video]

Zendure shocks the world of clean energy with their affordable and super powerful SUPERBASE V. This modular energy storage product is brining a wealth of industry firsts, for a comparatively budget price. The SuberBase V removes the guess work and work-arounds that are common in the backup storage world, and replaces them with cutting edge tech and plug-and-play features.

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Save over $300 on an INFINITY 1500 power station during Growatt’s Black Friday sale

Growatt INFINITY 1500

Energy solutions specialist Growatt is back with another amazing deal you’re not going to want to miss out on. Just months after launching its latest top-of-the-line portable power station – the INFINITY 1500 – Growatt is offering Black Friday sale pricing up to $350 off. Not sold yet? Check out what the INFINITY 1500 has to offer for all your portable energy needs, but act quick!

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Your EV’s future trade-in value may depend on this one battery metric

Odometers have deeper roots in the auto industry than many drivers appreciate. In addition to tracking how far a vehicle has traveled, they have also been the guide post for current value and future life expectancy. 

For electric cars, the battery is more important than its odometer. With up to a third of the cost all in that one component, your car is, in some ways, worth as much as its battery, and odometer is no longer a leading indicator of battery health. 

A new EV battery metric and valuation tool from Recurrent is changing the way used cars are bought and sold. 

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Take advantage of early bird pricing during the launch of the BLUETTI EP600 Solar Generator


Global portable and solar energy solutions provider BLUETTI POWER Inc. is mere days away from launching its next amazing product – the EP600 Solar Generator. The EP600 is an energy storage system (ESS) that when combined with BLUETTI B500 battery packs, can provide an all-encompassing energy solution to alleviate any and all power shortages throughout your entire house. See below for details regarding exclusive early bird pricing for the BLUETTI EP600 + 2xB500 combo to celebrate the solar generator’s official launch.

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Bluetti’s frightfully good solar + storage sale slices hundreds of dollars off for Halloween

No need to get caught in the dark, trick-or-treaters: Portable power station leader BLUETTI is offering great deals on power generators, batteries, and solar panels. This Halloween sale is running until November 5 at 7:00 p.m. PDT. Don’t miss it, as these deals are a treat. You can find the full sale if you click on this link and check out some of the highlights below.

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Check out cordless car vacuums from Fanttik, designed specifically to help keep your vehicle spotless (22% off)

Fanttik car vacuum

Fairly young brand Fanttik continues to show why it’s an emerging name in quality vehicle accessories. It has showcased two of its latest cordless car vacuums – the Fanttik V8 Mate and V9 Mate – each unique in its own way to tackle dirt, crumbs, and pet hair bound to end up in your vehicle, whether its a compact like a Tesla Model 3, or an SUV like a Rivian R1S.

For a limited time you can get up to 22% off the V8 Mate and V9 Mate using the on-page coupon on Amazon + our exclusive code ELECTREK8 (for V8) or ELECTREK9 (for V9).

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BLUETTI raises nearly $9.5M on Indiegogo to deliver its AC500 and B300S Backup Power Station

BLUETTI POWER Inc. is a global leader in portable and solar energy solutions and is showing no signs of slowing down its innovation. After launching a funding campaign for the AC500 power station and B300S expansion battery pack combo system this past September, BLUETTI has already garnered close to $9.5 million across nearly 4,000 backers – and the funding round isn’t even over yet. As BLUETTI completes milestone after milestone, there’s no better time to purchase an AC500 power station of your own and receive a complimentary gift pack for backers only.

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EcoFlow Delta 2: Crazy recharge times and huge power in a portable power station [Video]

Portable power stations are becoming more than just a battery – they are appliances that can augment a home. Beyond camping trips, they can help keep the lights on in emergencies, keep computer essentials on when the power goes out, and power backyard activities. The EcoFlow DELTA 2 combines crazy-fast recharge times with huge power output and long life thanks to LFP batteries. And at $999 is priced right in line with the competition. Be sure to hit the video below to check it out. 

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Check out BLUETTI’s newest solar energy storage technology, including the new EP600 portable power station

BLUETTI Power Station

Fresh out of the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, BLUETTI Power Inc continues to demonstrate why it’s the name to beat in portable and solar energy solutions. Although there is a whole arsenal of products for you to choose from, its BLUETTI’s latest three that have truly set a new standard for the energy storage solutions industry. This includes the BLUETTI AC500 + B300 combo, the ultra-portable EB3A power station, and the brand new EP600 station, which can power most home appliances.

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LIPOWER combines reliable off-grid power with solar energy and is currently offering up to $400 off


Portable energy provider LIPOWER continues to expand its range of ultra-efficient, low-noise power stations and solar generators and is celebrating by offering huge discounts up to $400 off. Its latest portable power station, the MARS-2000 is LIPOWER’s best product to date and rounds out an entire lineup of energy storage solutions to fit any need and budget. Have a look.

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BLUETTI AC500 portable power station sets a new bar in modular energy storage by offering up to 18,432Wh


The experts in portable and solar energy solutions continue to demonstrate why BLUETTI is the name to beat. After wowing us last summer with one of the most powerful modular power stations ever made, BLUETTI is pushing the limits of mobile energy once again with the new AC500 portable power station. Combined with several B300S expansion batteries, this modular system can deliver over 18,000Wh of energy. You’d have to make a serious effort to use up all that capacity.

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Hands-on: Growatt’s new Infinity 1500 portable power station launches w/ special presale pricing [Video]

Growatt Infinity 1500

Mobile energy solutions expert Growatt is about to launch the Infinity 1500 portable power station, offering a capacity of 1,512Wh and a maximum output of 2,000 watts. We’ve reviewed it ourselves below and have a lot to share about this powerful device, which has begun an exclusive early bird sale today. Hurry, though, because special presale pricing is limited. Check it out.

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Take advantage of Deal of the Day pricing for the Fanttik X8 Apex tire inflator on Amazon

The best tire inflators are those that just don’t fill tires, but what about one that can fit in your pocket and doubles as a flashlight? The Fanttik X8 Apex tire inflator for example is light, portable, and can serve a multitude of applications quickly and efficiently, all in unit smaller than a bottle of Coca-Cola. Take advantage of $30 off today as it holds a short reign as Amazon’s Deal of the Day.

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