Toyota Stories February 12

Toyota, which has a long history of being against all-electric vehicles, has produced another shameful anti-electric vehicle ad to sell its new Corolla hybrid. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 28

Toyota recently admitted that the Tesla Model 3 is affecting Prius sales, but we are now learning by just how much: Toyota says that it has a 9% owner defection rate in North America and it attributes about half of it to Tesla. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 22

Toyota and Panasonic have confirmed that they are starting a wide-ranging new battery joint-venture to manufacture and sell battery cells for electric vehicles. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 21

Panasonic, Tesla’s battery cell partner, is reportedly teaming up with Toyota to create an important electric vehicle battery cell venture in China and Japan. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 17

Tesla’s Model 3 is stealing away sales from a surprising range of vehicles and Toyota is admitting to seeing an impact on Prius sales.

As a premium car, you would think that it would more likely affect Lexus sales, but Toyota says “Tesla is creating an entirely new segment of vehicles.” expand full story

Toyota Stories January 7

Despite its early effort in electrification with the Prius and a partnership with Tesla, Toyota has famously been looking down on battery-electric vehicles in favor of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

Yet, the Japanese automaker says that all its models will be ‘electrified’ by 2025, but it’s being vague about what it means and it still doesn’t sound like it’s going to be all-electric. expand full story

Toyota Stories October 8, 2018

It’s no secret that Toyota is not a big fan of battery-electric vehicles as the Japanese automaker is heavily invested in hydrogen fuel cell technology and hybrid cars.

But now the company, though its Lexus brand, goes as far as trash talking all-electric vehicles in shameful hybrid vehicle advertising. expand full story

Toyota Stories July 18, 2018

As part of Toyota, Lexus has been following the lead of its parent company and hasn’t pushed hard for the electrification of its lineup.

Lexus has yet to release an all-electric vehicle despite virtually all premium brands, like its top German competitors Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, going electric with new vehicles.

The head of the brand, Yoshihiro Sawa, now says that he believes that it is still too soon for EVs and therefore, they are not falling behind but having a better approach to alternative powertrains. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 16, 2018

As a brand, Lexus has been suffering on the electric vehicle front due to being part of Toyota, which has until recently been too focused on hydrogen fuel cell to make electric vehicles.

But Toyota has now greenlit Lexus EVs and it unveiled a new crossover concept supporting an all-electric powertrain at the Detroit Auto Show this week. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 8, 2018

At CES in Las Vegas today, Toyota unveiled a new battery-electric multi-purpose autonomous platform concept that they aim to sell to new partners, including Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber, for a multitude of different applications in their respective industries. expand full story

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