Toyota Stories March 7

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It’s the Geneva Motor Show and new car concepts are being unveiled left and right. Electric vehicles account for a significant number of those new concepts to the point that Toyota, which is known for betting on hydrogen fuel cells and its hacked up Prius Prime over EVs is also debuting a new electric concept.

The Japanese automaker says that it commissioned the new vehicle called ‘i-Tril’ from its French design studio in collaboration with the company’s ED² design studio in Nice based on research on the company’s younger demographic. expand full story

Toyota Stories March 3

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At the Prius Challenge event in Sonoma California today, Toyota unveiled today its second generation autonomous vehicles platform developed by the Toyota Research Institute (TRI).

While Toyota demoed an interesting system, it certainly has to be one of the most ridiculous-looking self-driving platforms we have seen so far. If you look closely, you can actually see the Lexus LS 600hL underneath all those lidar sensors. expand full story

Toyota Stories February 28

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Shortly after Toyota unveiled a new solar roof option for the 2017 Prius Prime, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Model 3 will “probably” also have a solar roof option.

Now we learn that Panasonic, a current solar cell and battery cell supplier for Tesla, is releasing a  new solar product designed for automotive applications, which will first be used in Toyota’s solar roof option for the Prius. expand full story


Toyota Stories February 23

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Automakers will be going to Geneva in the next two weeks for the 87th Geneva International Motor Show. A few of them have announced that they will bring new electric vehicle concepts to the trade show. expand full story

Toyota Stories November 30, 2016

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Today, Toyota announced changes in executives’ areas of responsibility, as well as personnel changes at the sub-executive managerial level. The most important change by far is the appointment of Akio Toyoda, the company’s CEO and grandson of founder Kiichiro Toyoda, as President of a new ‘EV Business Planning’ department. expand full story

Toyota Stories November 24, 2016

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Toyota announced today what it referred to as a “breakthrough” in battery research and development that will “lead to longer battery life and longer driving range for vehicles using lithium-ion batteries”,  according to a press release sent out by the Japanese automaker

The company claims it will enable “up to 15 percent greater range” for battery-powered electric vehicles. expand full story


Toyota Stories November 18, 2016

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We were excited a few weeks ago when reports came out that Toyota was going to put together a team to develop long-range electric cars and bring them to market by 2020. Today, the Japanese automaker officially confirmed this effort, but not without throwing some cold water on it. expand full story

Toyota Stories November 7, 2016

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As we reported earlier this year, the few automakers still entrenched in hydrogen fuel cell technology were starting to show signs of succumbing to physics and turning to battery-powered electric cars in order to comply with stricter zero-emission regulations.

Now one of the most prominent proponents of hydrogen fuel cell cars, Toyota, is reportedly planning to mass produce battery-powered long-range electric cars by 2020. expand full story

Toyota Stories October 8, 2016

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In this week’s top stories: News that Tesla is doubling Powerpack energy capacity with the Gigafactory’s new battery cells, Toyota reveals a $27,100 price tag for its Prius Prime plug-in hybrid, details on SolarCity/Tesla’s upcoming ‘Solar Roof’, and much more.

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Toyota Stories October 3, 2016

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While the Toyota Prius has had its fair amount of success, the dazzling Prius Prime will aim to be the customer’s top choice for a plug-in hybrid with its attractive $27,100 price tag (before incentives) and very impressive 124 MPGe.

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