Toyota Stories June 18

Toyota has been dragging their feet on new vehicle technology for some time now, seemingly happy to continue selling their antiquated gas-powered fleet, with no battery electric vehicles and only one plug-in hybrid and one fuel cell vehicle (powered by 95% fossil-sourced hydrogen) across their entire lineup.

But if you watch their recent ads, the deceptiveness of which we’ve covered before, you wouldn’t know this.  Because they continue to misleadingly advertise their “self-charging” “hybrid electric Corolla” as if it’s anything other than a 100% fossil-powered gas guzzler.  And in case it wasn’t apparent already: “self-charging” is not a real thing, as the entire concept violates the basic laws of physics.

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Toyota Stories June 7

Toyota announced that it is accelerating its electric vehicle plans by 5 years and partnering with new battery makers to secure supply as it unveiled images of upcoming all-electric cars.

However, the automaker’s electrification plan is still heavily focused on hybrids instead of all-electric vehicles. expand full story

Toyota Stories June 6

Toyota and Subaru, which is partly owned by the latter, have announced that they are partnering to develop a new electric platform in order to launch a couple of all-electric SUVs under each brand. expand full story

Toyota Stories April 18

Toyota is probably the least interested in battery-electric vehicles out of all the major automakers and in new comments this week, the company claimed that “nobody is selling electric vehicles at a profitable margin”. expand full story

Toyota Stories April 16

Toyota has unveiled new battery electric versions of its C-HR/IZOA at the Shanghai Auto Show. The models are set to hit the Chinese market in 2020.

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Toyota Stories April 15

Toyota is selling its electric vehicle tech to Chinese startup Singulato, according to a new report. Singulato plans to design a small EV based on Toyota’s short-lived eQ.

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Toyota Stories April 3

In an attempt to encourage the rest of the industry to make hybrid vehicles, Toyota announced that it is providing “nearly 24,000 licenses royalty-free” for its patents regarding electric components and systems to companies producing hybrid vehicles.

The move to keep hybrid vehicles relevant comes as the industry is massively shifting to all-electric vehicles and Toyota is falling behind in that transition. expand full story

Toyota Stories February 12

Toyota, which has a long history of being against all-electric vehicles, has produced another shameful anti-electric vehicle ad to sell its new Corolla hybrid. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 28

Toyota recently admitted that the Tesla Model 3 is affecting Prius sales, but we are now learning by just how much: Toyota says that it has a 9% owner defection rate in North America and it attributes about half of it to Tesla. expand full story

Toyota Stories January 22

Toyota and Panasonic have confirmed that they are starting a wide-ranging new battery joint-venture to manufacture and sell battery cells for electric vehicles. expand full story

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