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March 16, 2018

Thanks to our sponsor Wunder Capital for sponsoring The Electrek Podcast this month. 

The best way to invest in solar is generally having your own rooftop solar array. Of course that may not work for everyone for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are renting rather than a homeowner, have an inadequate roof location/configuration, or your grid electricity is cheap enough that it doesn’t make sense financially. But you might also want to invest in even more than just your own electricity savings.

Colorado-based Wunder Capital enables you to do so by directly investing in other solar projects across the U.S. while providing great returns for investors. The company’s portfolio of solar projects in the U.S. has grown rapidly in recent months and it shared some updated data below. Here’s how it works:

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September 12, 2017

When discussing an investment in solar energy most people immediately think of a solar installation for their home, which can often be a good investment by reducing your electricity bill, but what about when that’s not a feasible or smart investment?

Small and mid sized businesses need capital and assistance with solar, and one service is enabling anyone to get involved as easily as supporting a crowdfunding campaign – but with much better, rock solid returns all while simultaneously helping the U.S. catch up in solar and fight climate change.

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