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Kia Niro EV

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Kia Niro EV features and specs

Electrical System
Dynamic Performance
Exterior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
Curb Weights
Towing Capacity
Energy Efficiency
EX EX Premium
Electric Motor
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Voltage 356V 356V
Horsepower 201hp/3,800-8,000 rpm (150kW/3,800-8,000 rpm) 201hp/3,800-8,000 rpm (150kW/3,800-8,000 rpm)
Torque 291 lb.-ft./0-3,600 rpm (395 N*m/0-3,600 rpm) 291 lb.-ft./0-3,600 rpm (395 N*m/0-3,600 rpm)
High-Voltage Battery Pack
Battery Type Lithium Ion Polymer Battery (LIPO) Lithium Ion Polymer Battery (LIPO)
Battery Voltage (V) 356V 356V
Battery Capacity (Ah) 180Ah 180Ah
Battery Energy (kWh) 64kWh 64kWh
Battery Power (kW) 170kW 170kW
Battery Weight (lbs.) 1,008 lbs 1,008 lbs
Transmission Type Gear Reduction Unit Gear Reduction Unit
Final Gear Ratio (Constant) 8.206:1 8.206:1
Max. Speed (mph) 103.8 mph 103.8 mph
Acceleration Performance (sec)
0 – 62.1 mph 7.8 7.8
49.7 – 74.6 mph 5.0 5.0
Brake Performance (ft.)
62.1 – 0 mph 137 ft. 137 ft.
On-board charger (OBC) 7.2 kW 7.2 kW
Port locations Behind front grille Behind front grille
Charging time
Level 1, AC charge with in Cable Control Box (ICCB) 59 hours (120V) 59 hours (120V)
Level 2, AC charge with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) 9 Hours 35 Min (7.2 kW) 9 Hours 35 Min (7.2 kW)
DC fast charge with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to 80% charge 1 Hour 15 Min (50 kW) 1 Hour 15 Min (50 kW)
DC fast charge with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to 80% charge 1 Hour (100 kW) 1 Hour (100 kW)
Wheelbase (in.) 106.3 in. 106.3 in.
Length (in.) 172.2 in. 172.2 in.
Width (in.) 71.1 in. 71.1 in.
Height, without roof rails (in.) 61.4 in. 61.4 in.
Height, with roof rails (in.) 61.8 in. 61.8 in.
Track, front/rear (in.) 62.0 in./62.4 in. 62.0 in./62.4 in.
Overhang, front/rear (in.) 34.8 in./31.1 in. 34.8 in./31.1 in.
Min. ground clearance (in.) 6.1 in. 6.1 in.
Approach Angle (degree) 16.6 16.6
Departure Angle (degree) 29.0 29.0
Head room
Front (in.) 40.1 in. 40.1 in.
Rear (in.) 37.7 in. 37.7 in.
Leg room
Front (in.) 41.7 in. 41.7 in.
Rear (in.) 36.0 in. 36.0 in.
Shoulder room
Front (in.) 56.0 in. 56.0 in.
Rear (in.) 55.1 in. 55.1 in.
Hip room
Front (in.) 53.7 in. 53.7 in.
Rear (in.) 48.3 in. 48.3 in.
Luggage capacity, rear seats upright, with luggage under tray (SAE, cu. ft.) 18.5 cu. ft. 18.5 cu. ft.
Luggage capacity, rear seats folded, with luggage under tray (SAE, cu. ft.) 53.0 cu. ft. 53.0 cu. ft.
Luggage capacity, passenger volume (SAE, cu. ft.) 96.6 cu. ft. 96.6 cu. ft.
Front suspension MacPherson type suspension MacPherson type suspension
Rear suspension Multi-link Multi-link
Type / Power source Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS)
Steering ratio 13.3:1 13.3:1
Turns, lock-to-lock 2.57 2.57
Turning circle, curb-to-curb (ft.) 34.8 ft. 34.8 ft.
Type front/rear Ventilated Disc/Solid Disc Ventilated Disc/Solid Disc
Size (in.) front/rear 12.0 in./11.8 in. 12.0 in./11.8 in.
Booster Type Electric Booster (Regenerative Brake) Electric Booster (Regenerative Brake)
Regenerative braking Motor polarity reversal Motor polarity reversal
Parking brake type Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
Wheel size (in.) 7.0J x 17 Alloy 7.0J x 17 Alloy
Tire size P215/55R17 P215/55R17
Spare Tire Tire Mobility Kit (TMK) Tire Mobility Kit (TMK)
Curb Weight, min (lbs.) 3,854 lbs. 3,854 lbs.
Gross Weight (lbs.) 4,916 lbs. 4,916 lbs.
Towing Capacity Not recommended Not recommended
All Electric Range (miles) 239 miles 239 miles
City 123 123
Highway 102 102
Combined 112 112


Specs Niro EV Bolt EV Kona EV Leaf e-Plus
Range (miles) 239 238 258 226
Battery (kWh) 64 60 64 62
Motor Torque (ft-lbs) 291 266 291 250
Length 172.2 164 164.6 176.4
Width 71.1 69.5 70.9 70.5
Height 61.8 62.8 61.8 61.6
Wheelbase 106.3 102.4 102.4 106.3
Passenger Volume (Cu. ft.) 96.6 94.4 94.1 92.4

Kia Niro EV review

Electrek‘s Seth Weintraub reviewed the Kia Niro EV in 2019.

If I had to choose between the Bolt, Kona, Niro, and Leaf with the same features and range, I would stick with my decision to buy the Chevy Bolt EV. Besides being available for purchase, the Bolt is straight up fun to drive. Driving the Niro is amusing at best, utility at worst. Also I love the smaller footprint of the Bolt versus the longer Niro, particularly in my tight garage.

That said, the Niro is fantastic for the utilitarian customer it is aimed at. It is pleasant inside, drives nicely, has very long range and very decent power. The stereo and infotainment are great, as is the ride height. Charging options are as good as they are going to get for a non-Tesla EV.

The problem however is that both Hyundai and to a lesser extent Kia never make enough of their EVs, nor do they market them, or sell them outside of ZEV states. That means dealers will try to price gouge, and we’ve already heard of markups of this car that approach the $7,500 federal tax credit, which is a real shame. A lot of people would love to drive this car.

Kia Niro EV price

Kia lists the starting price for the Kia Niro EV at $38,500. We’ve done the hard work of calling around to various dealerships to find what they are offering. Find the lowest purchase and lease price here on Electrek.

Kia Niro EV range

Seth noted in his review about the range and charging with Kia Niro EV:

The car I got came with an orange Level 1 110V charger and frankly, for most people, this is all you will “need” on a day-to-day basis. Because of the Niro’s solid efficiency, this equates to 5 miles/hour of charge out of a normal outlet. A 12-hour overnight charge will give you at least 60 miles of range, more than enough for the average commuter.

The Niro, as most EVs do now, can accept up to 7.2kW of power (or over 11 in 3 phase Europe) on 240V outlets, which will take the car from empty to full in under 10 hours. That means if you have a 240 at the house, you wake up with a full “tank” every morning.

Fully charged, the Kia Niro EV gets 238 miles on a single charge.



Kia showcases 2023 Niro EV at NY Auto Show with a complete redesign, V2L capabilities and added range

2023 Kia Niro EV

During this week’s NY Auto Show, Kia America officially debuted its upcoming 2023 Niro EV alongside new design features and performance specs. Kia has previously shared the design overhaul coming to the second-generation Niro and its variants, but we now know much more about what consumers can expect when the EV goes on sale this fall.

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Kia’s turn: Hyundai’s counterpart expects 14 BEV models by 2027 including two pickup trucks and plans to be #1 purpose-built vehicle provider by 2030 

Kia models

Kia Corporation has followed parent company, Hyundai Motor Group, by delivering its own Investor Day virtual event, outlining its roadmap to further sustainability by 2030. The strategy includes 14 BEV models in the Kia lineup by 2027, as well as an expectation of 1.2 million BEV sales annually by 2030. Additionally, Kia will deliver its own dedicated purpose-built vehicles starting in 2025.

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In search of: Black Friday EV deals in the US

Black Friday deals on EVs have been few and far between this season. The ones we managed to discover earlier last week were scooped up shortly after including on our Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide. Coincidence? Perhaps. Good news is we took one last look yesterday and found a couple of great LEAF and Niro EV discounts. No doubt these will go quick, so for those left in the dust that absolutely need to buy or lease a car ASAP, we’re highlighting several offers worth considering in this supply-constrained market.

As always, check our Electric Vehicle Best Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide for the best deals on EVs in the US.

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End of quarter best EV deals on Niro, e-tron, Bolt, I-Pace, more

Kia e-niro

Tesla isn’t the only company that makes an end of the quarter sales push. There are still a couple of days left to score a great end-of-quarter deal on several popular EVs all over the US. Even better, often you can get a local dealer to match or at least come down close to these best-in-nation deals. Here are some of the best offers currently on our Electric Vehicle Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Lease Guide

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The Electrek Review: Kia Niro EV – The new normal…electric family car

Kia Niro EV

Ever since it was announced, Kia’s Niro EV has been an interesting proposition. Fred did a fantastic one day first look at the Niro earlier this year, but I wanted to spend some more quality time with it and throw in my family for “extreme” testing.

Our Tesla Model X lease is ending soon and my wife is looking for a replacement that rides high, has good range, and is all-electric. Obviously the Model Y makes a lot of sense for us, but it won’t be ready until late next year and figuring “Elon Time”, ramp up, and first dibs to Californians, it will probably be well into 2021 before these are rolling out en masse.

A recent trip to the Bay Area to visit relatives provided a good week-plus opportunity to test the Kia Niro EV with the whole family and without a 240V home charger…