Electric airplanes Stories December 10, 2019

Battery-electric powertrains are taking over the whole transportation industry and we are starting seeing them making their way into air transport. We’ve now got a new example of that with the world’s first electric seaplane destined for commercial travel taking flight. expand full story

Electric airplanes Stories July 1, 2019

Tesla CEO Elon Musk started discussing the potential for electric airplanes, which he thinks could be viable in about 5 years.

Could a Tesla airplane be in Musk’s plans? expand full story

Electric airplanes Stories June 21, 2019

H55, a spinoff of solar-powered flight project Solar Impulse, announced it has successfully completed a flight with an all-electric two-seater airplane which it sees as a “stepping stone” for electric VTOLs and flying taxi development.

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Electric airplanes Stories June 18, 2019

All-electric aircraft manufacturer Eviation Aircraft has announced its first commercial customer — Cape Air, a Massachusetts-based regional airline that operates in the US and the Caribbean.

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Electric airplanes Stories May 22, 2019

BlackBird, an on-demand flight service that’s been called “Uber for planes,” is partnering with Bye Aerospace to add more than 100 electric airplanes to its platform. The companies say that the partnership will make flying cheaper more affordable than driving for trips up to 300 miles.

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Electric airplanes Stories May 16, 2019

Lilium has unveiled a new all-electric air taxi prototype, a jet-powered five-seater that’s the first of its kind. The Lilium Jet prototype completed its first successful test flight earlier this month.

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Electric airplanes Stories April 11, 2019

Norway aviation firm orders 60 all-electric airplanes, drops operation costs 80%

Norway’s OSM Aviation, a firm that specializes in recruitment and training for the aviation industry, has ordered 60 all-electric planes from Colorado-based electric aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace.

Electric airplanes Stories March 26, 2019

Seaplane operator Harbour Air and electric aviation company MagniX have announced plans to make Harbour Air’s entire commercial seaplane fleet all-electric.

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Electric airplanes Stories November 5, 2018

As electric airplanes seem riper than ever for takeoff, Air Race E is seeking to accelerate the adoption and acceptance of electric aviation with a (hopefully) highly-entertaining, high-speed, all-electric airplane race. expand full story

Electric airplanes Stories June 20, 2018

Despite once appearing to be a far off dream, electric transportation is largely commonplace today. Sales of Tesla cars are already surpassing that of their gas powered competitors, electric boats are sailing the seas and even electric buses are displacing traditional gas powered mass transit.

While the land and seas have already seen a influx of electric alternatives, the skies are still largely the domain of fossil fuel-based aircraft. Sure, there are a few promising electric aircraft out there performing maiden flights, though they are still a mere drop in the bucket. But with the work that NASA is performing on their electric X-57 plane, that may not be the case for much longer. Electric flight for the masses could be right around the corner. expand full story

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