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Electric motorcycle maker Energica’s drivetrains to soon power light electric airplanes

energica pure flight airplane

If you’re familiar with Energica, then you probably know all about the company’s high-performance electric motorcycles. They’re some of the fastest, most powerful, and longest-range electric motorcycles in the world. But after developing such an impressive electric powertrain, Energica isn’t stopping with two-wheelers. The company’s tech could soon be taking to the sky inside light electric aircraft.

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Rolls Royce proclaims ‘Spirit of Innovation’ e-plane fastest electric vehicle in the world at 387 mph

fastest electric vehicle

Rolls-Royce Holdings has publicly claimed it believes its Spirit of Innovation all-electric plane is the fastest electric vehicle in the world, following three new speed records. The flight data has been submitted to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) with the hopes the organization will soon certify and officially confirm these world records.

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Rolls-Royce taps Jaguar’s I-Pace to support its electric airplane during world-record-attempt flight

Rolls Royce airplane

The Spirit of Innovation, a Rolls-Royce all-electric airplane, is scheduled to take flight for the first time soon, and will be towed around the tarmac by a Jaguar I-Pace as a support vehicle. Rolls-Royce plans to attempt a world record flight with the Spirit of Innovation by reaching a target flight speed of over 300 mph.

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EGEB: A Montana cryptocurrency miner wants to buy a huge solar farm

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • A Montana cryptocurrency miner wants to use solar to power its energy-draining business.
  • Can emission-free electric (and hydrogen) airplanes replace fossil-fuel-powered planes?
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BlackBird adding 100+ Bye electric airplanes to on-demand service by 2020, 3x faster and 4x cheaper than driving

BlackBird is purchasing more than 100 electric airplanes from Bye Aerospace

BlackBird, an on-demand flight service that’s been called “Uber for planes,” is partnering with Bye Aerospace to add more than 100 electric airplanes to its platform. The companies say that the partnership will make flying cheaper more affordable than driving for trips up to 300 miles.


NASA’s electric X-plane soars closer to its first flight

Despite once appearing to be a far off dream, electric transportation is largely commonplace today. Sales of Tesla cars are already surpassing that of their gas powered competitors, electric boats are sailing the seas and even electric buses are displacing traditional gas powered mass transit.

While the land and seas have already seen a influx of electric alternatives, the skies are still largely the domain of fossil fuel-based aircraft. Sure, there are a few promising electric aircraft out there performing maiden flights, though they are still a mere drop in the bucket. But with the work that NASA is performing on their electric X-57 plane, that may not be the case for much longer. Electric flight for the masses could be right around the corner. Expand

First all-electric trainer plane gets airworthiness certification from the FAA in the US

Earlier this year, we reported on Slovenia-based light aircraft maker Pipistrel bringing its Alpha Electro all-electric plane to serial production after gaining in popularity with flight schools.

Now it received airworthiness certification from the FAA – the first all-electric trainer plane to hit the US. Expand