autonomous driving Stories May 21

During its inaugural Einride Mesh technology conference, autonomous EV freight company Einride introduced new software and hardware products. This included updates to its Saga operating system as well as the debut of the new Einride Trailer – a design concept that brings end-to-end payload intelligence along with added overall range from its integrated battery.

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autonomous driving Stories April 25

Autonomous driving developer announced it has received a license to operate its self-driving taxis in China, the first company to achieve the permit. will soon have 100 robotaxis in operation throughout Nansha, Guangzhou, charging riders fares alongside traditional taxis.

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autonomous driving Stories March 21

German automaker Volkswagen, has announced a long-anticipated generation 3.0 software update for its entire lineup of ID. electric vehicles. The 3.0 update includes a slew of new and optional upgrades to features like automated driving, charging performance, and the AR Heads-up Display.

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autonomous driving Stories March 20

During an Innovation and Technology Day held in Los Angeles, Electrek got the opportunity to learn about some of the current and upcoming technologies Mercedes-Benz is developing around its EQ series of EVs. This includes a close-up look at the VISION EQXX concept, a ride along in the upcoming EQE sedan, and experiencing Level-2 and Level-3 autonomous driving.

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During a live demonstration at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch offered a glimpse into the future in which our EVs will valet themselves. Using the Intelligent Park Pilot feature in the Mercedes EQS, the companies were able to demonstrate a driver pulling up, exiting the vehicle, and activating the automated valet using an app.

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autonomous driving Stories March 4

Imagine a not so distance future where you’re sitting in your electric vehicle (something truly luxurious since you’re so successful in the future), and you’re looking back on this list below and comparing predictions to your current world. You sip your ketone-infused coffee and take a bite of your zero-carb croissant while you answer emails using your glasses. In this future your vehicle is doing all the driving for you, so you can focus on your breakfast and the latest Electrek news. Look at you … crushing it. This autonomous-vehicle future may not be so far away (and will likely arrive before a zero carb croissant, to be honest), but which countries are making the most moves to support autonomous vehicles? A study by offers a comprehensive list below.

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autonomous driving Stories February 15

Compact EV manufacturer ElectraMeccanica has announced a new partnership with autonomous technology startup Faction Technology, Inc. Through the partnership, ElectraMeccanica will provide its SOLO EVs to a pilot program that will test Faction’s self-driving platform as it relates to autonomous food deliveries and vehicles on demand.

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autonomous driving Stories February 2

Autonomous driving technology company TuSimple announced that North American railroad Union Pacific has signed on as its first customer for autonomous freight trucking services. UP will become the first to utilize TuSimple’s technology, which will travel between an Arizona rail yard to first and last deliveries without a driver present in the vehicle and without remote human intervention.

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autonomous driving Stories December 29, 2021

Autonomous driving technology company TuSimple announced that it has completed what it is calling the world’s first fully-autonomous semi-truck ride on open public roads without a human present in the vehicle and without human intervention.

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autonomous driving Stories December 14, 2021

Mobility software developer Apex.AI has announced a hefty sum of Series B funding to the tune of $56.5 million, bringing its total funding to $74 million raised to date. The Series B round was led by international investment firm Orillion, among several new ventures added to Apex.AI’s investor list.

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autonomous driving Stories November 3, 2021

Swedish commercial freight tech company Einride has officially launched its operations in the United States, complete with a new operating system and US versions of its Pod truck. In addition to launching new transport solutions stateside, Einride has announced US customers onboard, including its tire partner Bridgestone.

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autonomous driving Stories November 2, 2021

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors is implementing a ‘Smart Driving Points’ safety scoring system to ensure future owners don’t abuse its self-driving technology. The safety monitoring system has launched in beta form ahead of a 2022 rollout.

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autonomous driving Stories March 30, 2021

The “long-term” partnership announced today is between Volvo Autonomous Solutions and self-driving startup Aurora. The two plan to jointly develop globally-leading autonomous transport solutions at scale, beginning with North America.

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autonomous driving Stories March 23, 2021

As the first days of spring are officially upon us, we focus our spotlight on GreenPower Motor Company. This EV manufacturer designs, builds, and distributes purpose-built zero-emission shuttles, cargo, and transit buses. From purpose-built mini-buses to wireless charging and Level 5 autonomous technologies, GreenPower has a lot of clean innovation going on.

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autonomous driving Stories May 4, 2020

Despite all the hype about high levels of vehicle autonomy, drivers always need to keep their hands on the wheel. Audi had planned to be the first automaker to introduce so-called Level 3 autonomy, where you could take your eyes off the road and let the car drive. But the combination of legislative uncertainty and a patchwork approach to the technology led the German automaker to give up self-driving plans for the next A8 due next year.

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autonomous driving Stories February 26, 2019

Volkswagen will invest around $1.7 billion in Ford’s self-driving subsidiary Argo, according to a new report.

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autonomous driving Stories July 15, 2017

We have recently seen several projections about the adoption of electric vehicles from different companies and research groups, like Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and even OPEC. Most of them predict that about half of new vehicle production will be electric at some point between 2035 and 2040.

Now Tesla CEO Elon Musk jumps in with his own prediction, which is unsurprisingly much more aggressive. expand full story

autonomous driving Stories May 3, 2016

2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, a plug-in
2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, a plug-in


Following a report this morning from Bloomberg suggesting that Google and Chrysler were about to announce a deal that would see Google’s self-driving technology being implemented in Chrysler’s upcoming new Pacifica minivan, the CEOs of both companies have now confirmed an agreement albeit not exactly what was being discussed earlier today.

While this morning’s report suggested a plan to work on a few “dozens of self-driving prototypes” in order to later bring the technology to the production version of the Pacifica, instead the deal would now see Google buying about 100 Pacifica minivans from Chrysler to use as prototypes,  but no exactly like it does with its current Lexus SUVs, and the Mountain View company will provide a “technological crash course” in self-driving technology to Chrysler though the new partnership. expand full story

autonomous driving Stories April 8, 2016

Autonomous driving

Volvo announced this week that it will deploy up to 100 self-driving cars on China’s public roads. The automaker claims that the project will be “China’s most advanced autonomous driving experiment in which local drivers will test autonomous driving cars on public roads in everyday driving conditions.” expand full story

autonomous driving Stories January 10, 2016

Tesla Summon garaga

After the well-documented release notes of the 7.1 update for the Model S and X Saturday, Tesla published a short blog update on Sunday and held a press conference to reveal its ambitions for the future of the ‘Summon’ feature, while Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to describes what he calls the “first baby step” of the ‘Summon’ capability and its potential for the future. expand full story

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