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Alfa Romeo hopes to grow US sales by delivering new EVs that will compete with BMW

Alfa Romeo US

Italian legacy automaker Alfa Romeo recently outlined details of its upcoming all-electric segment in which its CEO said it intends to bolster sales in North America, expressing the need to “transfer the concept of performance” to its EVs. To do so, however, Alfa Romeo believes it needs something bigger and all-electric to attract US consumers, stating that it’s working on an SUV to compete with the BMW X5.

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Alpine CEO sees US as crucial market, will bring two ‘Porsche-like’ EV models stateside

Alpine EV

Renault’s revived sports car brand Alpine could make a huge resurgence this decade through ambitious production and sales goals under the marque’s CEO Laurent Rossi. Rossi sees the US as a crucial market in reaching its sales targets and intends to bring two bespoke Alpine EVs to the US market that will be positioned similarly to Porsche’s two SUV models. It may take a few years though.

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EU and US discussing an exemption that would include EVs from European members in US tax credits

European EV tax credits

The European Union has asked the United States to include EVs, batteries, and other sustainable products sold on US soil in federal tax credits, similar to benefits it currently offers its North American neighbors. According to a recent report, the US and EU are in discussions about what’s possible.

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Panicking about the UN’s scary Emissions Gap Report is a waste of time – here’s what to do instead

Emissions Gap Report

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) just released its Emissions Gap Report 2022 – and let’s just say, the news isn’t good. So brace yourselves: You’re likely to see a slew of frightening, doom-mongering headlines about it today, unleashing a fresh wave of terror over those of us who care about the planet. But rather than panicking, here’s what to do instead.

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Biden White House to award $2.8B to bolster EV battery and mineral production in the US

US EV battery

Later today, the Biden administration is expected to announce $2.8 billion that will be awarded in grants around the US in support of EV battery manufacturing and mineral production domestically. The White House is also launching what is being called the “American Battery Material Initiative” to bolster mineral supply chains for automakers operating in the US.

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NIO CEO talks US sales, calls out Tesla products, and says he’s a better dancer than Elon Musk


In a recent interview with German media, NIO CEO William Li covered a plethora of topics pertaining to the relatively young Chinese automaker, including its expansion in Europe and its plans for the US, which may now be on hold. Speaking of the US market, Li had some bold (and funny) words to say about Tesla and Elon Musk.

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GM begins US Ultium battery production for Hummer EV in Ohio amidst union pushback

GM battery US ultium cells lordstown warren render

GM has officially begun Ultium EV battery production in the US as part of its $2.3 billion joint venture with LG Energy Solution. The JV’s 2.8-million square foot facility in Ohio is now assembling battery packs for the GMC Hummer EV, but remains hush on what other EVs in the GM family will receive them. Meanwhile, the American automaker continues to work through disputes as its battery factory employees look to unionize.

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The number of EVs with 300+ miles of range tripled in the US in 2022 – but do we even need it?

EV Range

According to the “fact of the week” from the United States Department of Energy, the number of EVs offering at least 300 miles of range has grown tremendously since 2016 and has tripled in 2022 compared to a year prior. Higher range remains a huge selling point for US consumers, but still begs the question – is it really necessary for the average driver?

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Mercedes-Benz rolls first EQS SUVs roll off US assembly line – will it still qualify for tax credits?


Mercedes-Benz announced the official launch of EQS SUV production today, the first of its EQ line to be built entirely in the US. With a start of production and Mercedes’ Tuscaloosa assembly plant in Alabama, we expect to hear EQS SUV pricing soon as deliveries remain on track for later this year. With the recent signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, we wonder if the US-built electric SUV will qualify for federal tax credits under the new terms of the bill.

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Current EV registrations in the US: How does your state stack up and who grew the most YOY?

US EV registrations

As many legacy automakers join a slew of new and established EV manufacturers in committing to an all-electric future for passenger vehicles, the transition for consumers continues to rise. While we are still quite a ways away from a world of roads dominated by BEVs, the graph of this transition continues to trend upward. Below is where the US currently stands in total EV registrations, broken down state by state. We’ve also compared last year’s results to see how far your state has grown.

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Foxconn to manufacture electric tractors for Monarch at newly acquired Lordstown facility

Electric tractor

Foxconn has signed its first contract manufacturing agreement since acquiring a Ohio facility from Lordstown Motors. In addition to building EVs for Lordstown and Fisker Inc., Foxconn will now also be manufacturing advanced, driver optional electric tractors and battery packs for Monarch Tractors.

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Personnel shake-ups continue as Volkswagen America CEO leaves to head up Scout EV brand

Volkswagen Scout

The game of musical CEO chairs continues on at Volkswagen Group as yet another executive is leaving their current post to lead a different marque. Current president and CEO for Volkswagen Group of America Scott Keogh announced he is stepping down after nearly five years to become CEO of Volkswagen’s new all-electric truck brand, Scout.

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US Postal Service more than doubles EV order yet again – but it’s still ordering mostly gas vehicles

Postal service EV

The US Postal Service has clearly been reading Electrek and our disdain for its previous decisions not to implement more EVs across its upcoming fleet of mail delivery vehicles. In a recent pivot towards sustainability, the USPS has more than doubled its number of electric vehicles for a second time. However, even after its intention to buy “as many BEVs as are commercially available,” the new EVs will still only make up 40% of the initial order. Better yes, but still not good enough.

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VinFast simultaneously opens six stores in California today with dozens more on the way

VinFast stores

In true VinFast fashion, it doesn’t do anything small. Rather than opening its first showroom in the US today, the Vietnamese EV automaker is opening six VinFast stores at once – all in California. With over thirty locations planned for the Sunshine State alone and intentions to expand deeper into the US, VinFast is once again truly moving – fast.

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Volkswagen Group taps JB Straubel’s Redwood Materials for battery recycling in US

Volkswagen battery recycling

This morning, Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA) announced a collaboration with Redwood Materials, Inc. to implement a battery-recycling supply chain in the United States for Volkswagen- and Audi-branded EVs. The collab represents VW’s commitment to sustainability in the United States and beyond while simultaneously expanding Redwood’s closed-loop battery supply chain.

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VinFast’s new ‘Charged-Up Program’ offers US customers unlimited charging or a free home charger

VinFast free charging

Fresh off news of a similar reward subscription for new VF 8 and VF 9 customers in Europe, Vinfast has introduced a new program for US consumers that not only offers subscriptions within newly purchased EVs, but additional charging perks as well. Customers who buy a VinFast EV can now choose between three years of free unlimited charging or a complimentary Level 2 home charger.

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Genesis customer receives new GV60 marking the automaker’s first BEV delivery in the US

Genesis GV60 US

It is the dawn of a new era for Genesis, at least on US soil. The Korean luxury marque has delivered its first GV60 BEV in California, which also happens to be the very first all-electric Genesis vehicle delivered in the entire country. With an entire blueprint for an all-electric future, more EV deliveries from Genesis are destined to follow.

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NIO reportedly recruiting positions to build a US manufacturing plant

NIO US manufacturing

According to a report out of China, EV automaker NIO is hiring a number of positions related to manufacturing vehicles in the US. The recruitment descriptions suggest the Chinese automaker intends to begin planning and erecting EV production facilities on US soil that may begin with either complete knock down (CKD) or semi-knock down (SKD) assembly methods.

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Stellantis and Samsung SDI announce joint venture to build 33 GWh battery plant in US

Stellantis Samsung US

Kokomo, Indiana, may not be the location the Beach Boys were singing about, but its definitely the current tune of both Stellantis and Samsung SDI, as the two announced a joint venture to build a US EV battery plant there. Together, the global automaker and battery manufacturer will invest over $2.5 billion to bring a slew of new EV jobs to Kokomo and its surrounding areas.

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