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Lucid Motors Stories Yesterday

Faraday Future’s troubles intensified over the past few months and as we reported earlier this week, it resulted in dozens of employees jumping ship.

Nonetheless, the company is apparently still investing in its factory under construction in Nevada, where its investment has now reached $174 million, though at a slower pace.They are now reportedly trying to raise a $1 billion round to complete the construction. expand full story

Lucid Motors Stories April 28

Lucid Motors has a lot of things going for it. First impressions of its all-electric sedan, the Air, have been eulogistic and the price range has surprised quite a few people. Now they just need to bring it to market. For that, they need to close the current $700 million round of funding that they are reportedly currently working on – no big deal.

In the meantime, Lucid is showcasing one of the most appreciated feature of the Air, its interior design. expand full story

Lucid Motors Stories April 13

After having us pretty excited for the Lucid Air with a lower than anticipated base price of $60,000, Lucid Motors is now further teasing the all-electric sedan’s performance with an Alpha prototype and new high-speed tests.

They managed to achieve a software-limited top speed of 217 mph (350km/h) as part of their ongoing development program. expand full story


Lucid Motors Stories April 5

After we spent some time with the Lucid Air earlier this year, we determined that Lucid Motors could very well be a force for good in the EV industry and not simply a pale Tesla clone, but the biggest question mark remained its ability to produce the vehicle.

We now learn that Lucid is currently raising a Series D financing round in order to start construction at its $700 million electric vehicle factory in Arizona. expand full story

Lucid Motors Stories February 16

After seeing the Lucid Air in person this last weekend in LA, we’ve posted a little extra information about the car’s interior, autonomous drive system and interface.  But the biggest question remains: Is this car the real deal?  Or just another of the endless list of EV prototypes, from major and new manufacturers alike, which never see the light of day?

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Lucid Motors Stories February 15

We’ve been looking at some details of the Lucid Air this week, after seeing the car up-close-and-personal at a private event in LA this last weekend.  Now to delve into some details of the car’s interface with a little wild speculation.  Hop below the jump for some pictures and analysis.

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Lucid Motors Stories February 14

We learned a few more details of Lucid’s autonomous system at their event this weekend in LA, one of which is its apparent name: “Copilot.”  This may well just be a placeholder name for development purposes and could change before production, but the instrument cluster demo showed the name clearly as you can see in the picture above.  Given Tesla’s similar “autopilot” name – which has gotten them in some trouble with the authorities in Germany and California – “copilot” is definitely an interesting choice, and perhaps one less likely to result in legal questions.

As for some other details of the system, it was already confirmed that Lucid would use MobilEye for their front-facing camera and image processing system. But the car will also incorporate many other sensors, which you can see below the break.

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Lucid Motors Stories February 13

This weekend Lucid Motors held some private events in the Los Angeles area to show off their car to VIP guests and media, and Electrek was on hand to get a first-hand look at the vehicle.

The show car definitely provided some clues as to where Lucid thought of their model name – the “Air.”  The interior has a very airy feel, with windows running across nearly the entire top of the car…

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Lucid Motors Stories February 10

Unlike gas-powered cars with their large engines, battery-powered vehicles can more easily incorporate dual motors, one on each axle. Combined with the fact that an electric motor can deliver max torque at 0 rpm, it can enable great traction if managed properly.

It’s why EVs can offer great winter driving performance and Lucid Motors is showcasing its all-electric sedan, Lucid Air, in winter conditions for the firs time. expand full story


Lucid Motors Stories February 2

After unveiling its first vehicle last year, Lucid Motors is now taking a prototype of its all-electric ‘Air’ luxury sedan on the road for promotion.

The vehicle has been spotted around San Francisco and in other locations in California recently. expand full story

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