Bosch Stories September 16

Bosch, the world’s largest auto parts supplier, revealed a series of new solutions to support the auto industry’s transition to electric. The German manufacturing giant seems to be lightening up to the idea of EVs as the future of mobility.

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Bosch Stories August 18

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) have been standard on cars for decades, and motorcycles have also long enjoyed the added safety of the technology, but bicycles have been the last major ABS holdout. Now Bosch wants to change that with its electric bike ABS that it showed off at Eurobike 2022.

We had a front row seat to not only witness the new technology in person, but also get some saddle time to test it out on various riding surfaces. 

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Bosch Stories July 17

Anti-lock brakes might sound like old tech in cars (and motorcycles to a certain extent), but another two-wheeler has had to deal with brake lockup since its invention – the bicycle. But two different companies have just shown off competing anti-lock braking (ABS) systems designed for e-bikes to improve safety and performance.

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Bosch Stories March 20

During a live demonstration at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch offered a glimpse into the future in which our EVs will valet themselves. Using the Intelligent Park Pilot feature in the Mercedes EQS, the companies were able to demonstrate a driver pulling up, exiting the vehicle, and activating the automated valet using an app.

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Bosch Stories September 8, 2021

Engineering and technology company Bosch has unveiled a new charging cable for electric vehicles equipped without the traditional “charging brick.” The manufacturer shared new details of the EV cord ahead of its world premiere at IAA Mobility in Munich this week.

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Bosch Stories August 31, 2021

Bosch has just announced one of the biggest updates in years to its electric bicycle drive unit lines, including some smart new tech and a new larger battery.

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Bosch Stories January 4, 2021

Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier, has decided to take a bold, and arguably dumb, stance against electric cars based on new comments from its chairman.

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Bosch Stories July 7, 2020

Today Bosch unveiled a new concept for a futuristic full-suspension on and off-road electric bike that incorporates and showcases a number of different Bosch technologies.

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Bosch Stories June 25, 2020

Bosch has just announced a software update for its new line of e-bike motors that will result in a measurable boost of power and torque.

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Bosch Stories August 28, 2018

German auto parts giant Bosch has several different electrification programs.

The latest involves electrifying semitrailers to add regenerative braking on their axles. The company estimates that trucks will be able to save up to $10,000 per year through the system. expand full story

Bosch Stories August 22, 2018

Bosch’s PowerTube batteries aren’t the first e-bike in-tube batteries by a long shot, but because Bosch maintains such a big share of the premium e-bike market, the new in-tube variant of their 500Wh batteries allow premium brand bikes to hide their power source better. And that means better looking and performing bikes.

We reviewed the Trek Supercommuter 8 last year which had Bosch’s old battery system, still integrated into the frame, and thought the $5000 price tag was tough to swallow, even for the premium components and experience. But we’re going to step it up a notch today with the dual Bosch PowerTube batteries (1kWh total) Riese & Müller Supercharger which we got on loan from Propel bikes in Brooklyn/Long Beach that retails for around $7000 kitted out.

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Bosch Stories April 16, 2018

Bosch today announced that its PowerTube 500 batteries would be coming to US bikes. As the name implies, these are 500Wh batteries that will be integrated into the down tubes of bikes by manufacturers. As Bosch is the leading supplier of high-end ebike powertrains, the news will likely signal a shift to a more integrated look for “bike shop” quality ebikes.

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Bosch Stories February 28, 2018

Bosch, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, has been exploring a plan to get into battery cell production in a big way to support the electrification of the industry.

The company announced today that it decided against the plan, but says that it still plans to “lead electromobility mass market from 2020” and it will focus on other electrical components. expand full story

Bosch Stories December 15, 2017

Bosch is the world’s largest automotive supplier and it is heavily investing in electric vehicle components to support the industry’s transition to electric vehicles.

But there’s one important electric car component that Bosch is not making: battery cells.

The company now says that it is considering a significant investment to start producing batteries. expand full story

Bosch Stories September 28, 2017

Bosch eBike Systems acquired COBI, a connected biking startup that enables cyclists to use their smartphones as an eBike control and display unit. The exact amount and terms have not yet been disclosed publicly.

COBI already offers many more services than the Bosch’s current eBike system which focuses mostly on drivetrain functionality. With COBI you can use services such as GPS navigation, music, phone, and fitness but also services such as Strava, Spotify, Apple Health and third-party Bluetooth fitness sensors, whereas with Bosch your display is really only a control panel for your bike. Cobi integrates both worlds and connects the rider….

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Bosch Stories April 4, 2017

Mercedes’ parent company, Daimler, announced today an important partnership with German auto supplier Bosch to develop self-driving technology aimed at the taxi and ridesharing industries.

The agreement includes the goal to reach level 4 and 5 autonomous driving systems “by the start of the next decade” – 2020-2021 – which is in line with each company’s previous timelines for autonomous driving.  expand full story

Bosch Stories January 11, 2017


As a major automotive supplier, Bosch is very aware of the transition to electric transport and it aims to take part in it with important investments in new lines of products. We reported over a year ago that Bosch bought the solid-state battery start-up Seeo Inc. and has since been sparsely revealing details about its plan to bring new battery technologies to market by 2020 with a 50 kWh battery pack weighing only 190 kg.

Now the company is unveiling new electric drive units at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) to complete its electric powertrain offering to OEMs. expand full story

Bosch Stories October 5, 2016


As we previously reported, Bosch, an important supplier for Tesla’s Autopilot program, also likes to use Tesla vehicles for its own autonomous driving programs. The latest example is a new self-driving Model S prototype financed in part by the Victorian Government and deployed in Australia today.

It is believed to be “Australia’s first locally-developed self-driving car”. expand full story

Bosch Stories September 22, 2016


BMW has a couple of initiatives to give a second life to used battery packs from its electric vehicles. Earlier this year, the German automaker announced a wall mounted battery storage system, not unlike the Tesla Powerwall, using BMW i3 22 kWh or 33kWh battery packs.

Today it announced that it completed and started testing, in partnership with Bosch, a new utility-scale energy storage facility again using used electric vehicle battery packs –  but the scale is much more impressive. expand full story

Bosch Stories August 3, 2016


Taiwan-based Gogoro popularized the concept of electric scooters using removable battery packs. Now German electronic giant Bosch is partnering with the startup to add a sharing service aspect to the platform. The new project is called ‘Coup’ and the company launched the initiative in Berlin today. expand full story

Bosch Stories March 11, 2016

Mission E battery pack

Last month, Porsche said that it wouldn’t be quite as profitable in the short-term due to a significant investment of €1 billion and the hiring of 1000 workers to start making all-electric cars, more especially, to make its upcoming Mission E.

The German luxury automaker, which is part of the Volkswagon Group, has yet to announce any details of its battery pack other than what we can see on the picture above, but today we learn that the battery supply contract now comes down to a competition between Panasonic and Bosch. expand full story

Bosch Stories January 20, 2016

FFZERO video still

Since its inception less than 2 years ago, Faraday Future managed some impressive high-profile hires for a startup still in stealth mode until very recently. From Tesla executives to successful designers and veterans auto industry engineers, we have been scratching our heads figuring out how the company is able to attract so much talent so quickly ($?), and it’s not over.

FF’s latest hire might be its most high-profile to date. Electrek learned that Faraday recently tipped Bosch engineering director and leading automated driving expert Jan Becker to lead the startup’s own effort in vehicle automation. expand full story

Bosch Stories October 12, 2015

1-BBM-21559This year electronics and auto parts giant Bosch has been heavily investing the auto industry’s transition to electric powertrain. Earlier this summer, Bosch bought the solid-state battery start-up Seeo Inc. and has since been sparsely revealing details about its plan to bring new battery technologies to market by 2020.

During the company’s recent inauguration of its Renningen research campus, head of battery technology R&D Dr. Thorsten Ochs revealed more information about the company’s goals for Seeo’s solid-state battery. The Germany-based part maker is aiming for a 50 kWh pack to weight only 190 kg. expand full story

Bosch Stories September 16, 2015

Following the acquisition of Seeo, Bosch expects to bring solid-state battery cells to market in 5 years

Last month Bosch reported the acquisition of battery maker start-up Seeo , today the auto part and electronic giant released more details about its plan for battery production going forward. Bosch expects to bring to market Seeo’s solid-state battery cells within 5 years.

Bosch Stories September 8, 2015

The German electronic and auto parts giant Bosch will introduce a new thermal management system at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs from the 17th to 27th of September, that could increase electric vehicle (EV) range by up to 25%.

The system would be especially advantageous for electric vehicles operating in a cold climate.  expand full story

Bosch Stories August 31, 2015

bosch-photovoltaics-ctrThe electronics and auto parts giant Bosch announced the acquisition of Seeo Inc, a California-based startup with exclusive licensing rights to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s portfolio of patents for lithium polymer battery cells.

Bosch has a long-standing interest in electric vehicles from a strategic supply partnership with Tesla Motors to their own series of charging stations, but this acquisition could represent a major step for the company’s effort in the field. expand full story

Bosch Stories May 20, 2015

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