Lucid Air Stories April 2

Lucid released a video of an impressive 400-mile, real-world range test in a Lucid Air beta prototype electric car. expand full story

Lucid Air Stories March 30

Lucid Motors confirmed that it is delaying the launch of the production version of its Lucid Air electric car as the timeline to production is at risk. expand full story

Lucid Air Stories March 5

Lucid just announced its Lucid Air retail strategy, nine specific retail network locations, and plans for future growth. expand full story

Lucid Air Stories February 25

Lucid just announced the Dream Edition of the Lucid Air to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show (NYIAS) in April will be powered by the LG Chem cells. Cylindrical cells from the global battery supplier were selected due to their energy density and high availability.

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Lucid Air Stories February 19

If we haven’t heard from Lucid Motors over the past two years it was to get the company up and running perfectly. Since the beginning of the year, Lucid has announced a series of good news. The factory is on target to start production by the end of 2020. We also have a new picture of the final Dream Edition Air. expand full story

Lucid Air Stories February 6

Lucid has released the first images of the production version of the Lucid Air, its electric luxury sedan, which is going to be fully unveiled in April. expand full story

Lucid Air Stories February 5

Lucid Air is finally going to come to market this year after a delay of a few years – likely becoming the first of the new wave of California EV startups to bring an electric car to production after Tesla.

During the delay, Lucid didn’t sit on their hands waiting for capital to go to production. They improved their first electric car and now we’ve learned about some of those improvements and Lucid’s strategy in a new interview with CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson.

He says that “Tesla hasn’t cracked it” and Lucid can bring electric cars to “a whole new level of range and efficiency.”

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Lucid Air Stories December 19, 2019

Lucid Motors, an EV startup headed by former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson, has reduced the reservation price of its upcoming Lucid Air to $1,000. Lucid had previously started taking $2,500 deposits for the Air in 2017. Lucid also reiterated that production of the Air is on track for “late 2020.”

Pre-orders are currently available in the US and Canada, and the reservation fee is fully refundable. Customers from elsewhere in the world can join Lucid’s “international interest” list.

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Lucid Air Stories September 6, 2018

Laguna Seca is becoming a popular track for manufacturers to run their vehicles around.  Just a few weeks after Jaguar announced that their I-Pace set a “production EV lap record” at the track, Lucid has announced today that their upcoming Air sedan positively smashed that time, setting a 1:41.67 time in comparison to Jaguar’s 1:48.18.

The caveat here is that the Lucid is not yet a production car, and though Lucid claims the car’s powertrain was configured with “showroom intent,” it featured modified high-temperature brakes and a stripped-down interior with rollcage, racing seats and fire suppression system.

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Lucid Air Stories November 27, 2017

Last time we heard about Lucid Motors, a US-based startup developing electric vehicles, they were having difficulties raising a round of financing to start building their factory in Arizona.

Today, the startup announced that it outgrew its headquarters in Menlo Park and it is expanding to new headquarters in Newark, California. expand full story

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