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Lucid Air Sapphire crushes Tesla Model S Plaid, Bugatti Chiron, and Ducati in 9.1 sec quarter mile

Elon Musk may think Lucid Motors could be on the verge of death as a company, but its latest tri-motor version of its Air sedan sure says otherwise from a speed standpoint. In a recent video you can view below, the team at Hagerty put the Lucid Air Sapphire up against the Tesla Model S Plaid and Bugatti Chiron in a drag race. As if that wasn’t enough, Sapphire took on a Ducati motorcycle head to head as well.

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Panasonic Energy to supply batteries to Lucid Air, Gravity and build in US

Lucid batteries

Lucid Group and Panasonic Energy announced they have entered into multi-year agreements that entail the latter supplying lithium-ion batteries to both the Lucid Air and Gravity SUV. Part of the agreement supports Panasonic Energy’s plans to expand outside of Japan and begin production at a new facility in the US.

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Lucid Motors begins Air Touring deliveries; Pure to follow this year


Less than two weeks after promising to unveil its full electric sedan lineup with the public, Lucid Motors has officially launched the Air Touring with the Air Pure to follow this year. Even as the lowest-tier version of Lucid’s flagship sedan, the Air Pure is promising 410 miles of range and 0-60 mph acceleration in under four seconds. Delicious.

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Lucid Motors Q3 2022 results: $195.5M in revenue, 1,400 Air deliveries, and Gravity SUV reservations

Lucid Q3

Lucid Motors ($LCID) has posted its financial results for Q3 of 2022 ahead of its earnings call with investors later this afternoon. EV production and Air deliveries continue to grow while cash on hand continues to shrink. Still, Lucid Motors appears to be in good shape headed into 2023 as it looks to soon launch its second model, Project Gravity.

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Lucid Motors (LCID) will unveil its full EV lineup this month including Air Pure, here’s what to expect

Lucid EV

On November 15, Lucid Motors announced it will stream a global launch event called “In the Air and Beyond,” in which the American automaker will debut the final two trims of its flagship sedan – the Air Pure and Air Touring. Lucid is also promising progress updates regarding its business strategy and future EV models like its electric SUV. Here’s what to expect.

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Lucid Motors (LCID) tripled EV production in Q3 as it stays on track for 2022 output goal

Lucid Q3

Ahead of its full financial report next month, Lucid Motors has shared more optimistic production numbers for Q3, indicating a substantial ramp-up compared to previous quarters. Although the automaker has had to slash its annual output goals twice, Lucid says it remains on par with its latest goal of producing 6,000-7,000 EVs this year.

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Lucid Motors’ (LCID) Air Sapphire could smoke Tesla’s Plaid and hold its own with the Rimac Nevera

Lucid Tri Motor

0-60 mph in under two seconds, quarter mile in under nine, and a top speed over 200 mph. Lucid Motors continues to bolster its flagship Air EV by unveiling the new tri-motor Sapphire model at Monterey Car Week today.

Available next year, this new version is touting performance specs to solidify it as one of the fastest production EVs on the planet.

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Lucid Motors gets dark with sinister new ‘Stealth’ exterior upgrade for the Air

Lucid Air Stealth

Following a less than stellar Q2 financial report last week, Lucid Motors is diverting the public’s eyes to a shiny new exterior design add-on for the Air sedan called “Stealth Look.” This darker, sportier design replaces thirty-five exterior components on the Air and will come as a choosable option to compliment any of the five color options currently available.

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I drove a Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance from LA to San Francisco, here’s how it went

Lucid Air Grand Touring

For over a year now, I have been planning a trip up the coast with my parents to San Francisco. What a perfect opportunity to test out the new Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance! Lucid Motors lent me its latest EV, and we were off in search of coastal views, some Chicago Cubs wins, and a genuine test of how the Grand Touring Performance would handle a 450-mile road trip north. Here’s how it went.

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Stock version of the Lucid Air Grand Touring wins fastest production car at Goodwood 2022

Lucid Air Goodwood

During this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lucid Motors not only publicly debuted its Air Grand Touring Performance for the first time, but raced up the famed hill … quickly. Manned by professional driver Ben Collins, the Lucid Air Grand Touring recorded a time in the Goodwood Hillclimb Timed Shootout fast enough to claim the crown as fastest production car.

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Lucid Motors announces agreement with Gov’t of Saudi Arabia to purchase up to 100k EVs over the next decade

Lucid Air Saudi Arabia

Lucid Group has announced a new agreement with long-time supporter Saudi Arabia and its Ministry of Finance. Under the terms of the agreement, the Government of Saudi Arabia has committed to purchasing 50,000 EVs from Lucid Motors over the next ten years, with the option to purchase an additional 50k over that same timeframe.

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Lucid announces Performance version of Air Grand Touring with 446-mile range and 1,050 horsepower

Lucid Air Grand Touring

Following the start of deliveries of its Air Grand Touring trim, Lucid Motors announced a new Performance version that will arrive this summer. The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance will deliver over 200 more horsepower than the standard Grand Touring and travel 0 to 60 mph 0.4 seconds faster, although it does come at the cost of some range – oh, and quite a bit more money.

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Lucid Motors launches ‘Tech Talks’ YouTube series where experts explain the automaker’s EV technologies

Lucid Motors YouTube

American EV automaker, Lucid Motors, is offering the public a glimpse behind its premium leather curtain with a new YouTube series explaining its innovative, and in some cases, industry-leading technologies. The 10-episode series, titled Tech Talks launched today with Lucid Motors’ CEO and CTO, Peter Rawlinson discussing battery packs. Additional episodes are expected to follow regularly.

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Lucid Motors’ Q4 earnings: 125 Air deliveries in 2021, 2022 production estimates slashed as much as 40% due to ‘supply chain constraints’

Lucid Motors earnings

Lucid Motors shared 4Q and 2021 financial earnings with investors today, alongside a 2022 outlook. While the automaker only delivered 125 of its flagship Air sedan in 2021, it has already surpassed that number in 2022. However, overall output is expected to be quite a bit lower than originally anticipated. Lucid now expects to produce 12,000–14,000 EVs this year, down quite a bit from previous estimates of 20,000.

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My powertrain and AMP-1 tours revealed a refreshing team culture at Lucid Motors behind the Air [Update]

Lucid tour

I recently had an exclusive opportunity to visit Lucid Motors’ powertrain manufacturing and AMP-1 facilities and test drive a Lucid Air Dream Edition (Performance). Inside and out of my detailed tours full of manic note scribbling, I had tons of time to mingle with members of the Lucid team, from manufacturing employees at AMP-1, to Lucid’s CEO himself. What I discovered was a company-wide focus on teamwork, efficiency, and the utmost quality – an ethos that is apparent when you view the Lucid Air sedan up close.

Update January 28th: Lucid Motors clearly feels strongly about the culture it has created and the talented individuals it employs, as the automaker has shared a new, five-part series showcasing five different employees. The new series, titled “Driving Ambition,” is now available to view on Lucid’s website and YouTube. You can also check out episode one below.

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Lucid details DreamDrive ADAS platform, with ‘conditional automated driving in coming years’

Lucid DreamDrive

Following the start of production of its Air sedan, Lucid Motors has now shared new details of DreamDrive, its Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) with over 30 features. Additionally, the American automaker shared details of a DreamDrive Pro option, which includes LiDAR, and even hinted at a future Highway Pilot upgrade that may deliver conditional hands-free driving capability.

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First look and test-drive with the Lucid Air Dream Edition: An addictively speedy work of art

Lucid test drive

As part of my journey through Arizona for Lucid Motor’s “Production Preview Week,” I was able to catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the automaker’s facilities where the Air sedan is being produced. Even better, Lucid gave me the opportunity to be one of the first non-employees to test-drive the Air Dream Edition – I went for the 1,111 horsepower on the Performance version. Here’s how it went.

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