Electric car charging Stories November 26, 2019

Curse Electrify America (EA) if you want. Giovanni Palazzo, the CEO of the nationwide charging network, invites criticism if you have a terrible experience at an EA location. We spent a full hour last week with Palazzo, and COO Brendan Jones, discussing the challenges of creating an open nationwide network of ultra-fast EV chargers. Electrify America has made a lot of progress, but its leaders admit it has a long way to go to serve the next generation of EV drivers.

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Electric car charging Stories July 9, 2019

The Department of Energy (DOE) reports that the US now has over 20,000 electric car charging stations with more than 68,800 connectors. expand full story

Electric car charging Stories February 1, 2018

Arizona’s utility regulator, Andy Tobin, proposed a new energy modernization plan which will update Arizona’s policies on clean energy, storage, biomass, efficiency, vehicles and more.

The sweeping plant, seems to be an intelligent look at the most modern techniques, combined with pragmatic decision-making – to clean a power grid.

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Electric car charging Stories December 5, 2017

BMW and Porsche are already working together and with other major automakers, like Mercedes and Ford, on the major Ionity ultra-fast (350 kW) electric car charging network in Europe.

But now they want to lay a path to improve that charge rate to 450 kW in order to enable quicker electric car charging. expand full story

Electric car charging Stories November 23, 2017

Electric car charging infrastructure is a constantly changing industry attached to the rapid growth of electric vehicle adoption and new products are coming up all the time.

The latest to come to our attention as they increase deployment is the ‘Solar EV ARC’ by Envision Solar. They just won a contract with the city of Pittsburgh and now they want to be ‘the future of fuel’ by combining solar, batteries, and electric car charging. expand full story

Electric car charging Stories November 8, 2017

Iceland is perfect for massive adoption of electric vehicles. The island’s electricity generation is already almost 100% renewable, which makes EVs super clean, and being a remote island, petrol is expensive.

With a strong EV charging infrastructure and a few more options for electric car models, Iceland could significantly accelerate EV deployment.

Now they are adding a new network of fast-charging stations.  expand full story

Electric car charging Stories October 30, 2017

The electric car revolution always had a perceived chicken and egg problem with charging infrastructure. This perception is starting to dissipate as both industries are growing rapidly side by side.

A new report on the status of the U.S. EV charging industry is giving us a new look at the market and confirms that over 50,000 charge points (public and private) are now in operation in the country. expand full story

Electric car charging Stories October 13, 2017

Shell has been making a push to expand its services to electric vehicles over the last year. They announced that they would start deploying electric car charging stations in Britain and the Netherlands and we even saw their first Shell-branded charging station last month.

But the oil giant is really accelerating its electric vehicle effort this week with the acquisition of a major charging network. expand full story

Electric car charging Stories October 5, 2017

Industry analysts have tried to compare the petrol and diesel infrastructure with electric car charging infrastructure in the past, but it’s a hard comparison to make due to the important part that home charging plays in EV ownership.

Now the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released a new study to try to better understand the needed charging infrastructure to support a larger fleet of electric cars. expand full story

Electric car charging Stories October 3, 2017

While electric vehicles that can take over 50 kW of charging power are currently rare, aside from Teslas and electric buses, the charging infrastructure to prepare for them is already starting to be deployed.

Now ABB is unveiling its own entry in the sector by launching its high power 150-350 kW electric car chargers. expand full story

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