ABB Stories April 28

Global technology company ABB announced a global framework agreement with Shell to provide its technology to help the latter grow its EV charging network. This agreement builds upon a collaboration of the two entities that began in 2019 and will include ABB’s Terra 360 fast charger.

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ABB Stories April 24, 2018

ABB, a major Swedish-Swiss multinational technology company, is involved in several major electric vehicle charging networks. The company is now unveiling its own full 350 kW electric vehicle charging technology, which it claims can add 200 km of range in 8 minutes. expand full story

ABB Stories October 3, 2017

While electric vehicles that can take over 50 kW of charging power are currently rare, aside from Teslas and electric buses, the charging infrastructure to prepare for them is already starting to be deployed.

Now ABB is unveiling its own entry in the sector by launching its high power 150-350 kW electric car chargers. expand full story

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