China Stories March 30

The all-electric GAC Aion LX at the 2019 Shanghai auto show

Retail auto sales in China dropped 45% in the first three weeks of March. It might take into the fall for the Chinese auto market to recover. So, to jumpstart the resumed sales of EVs, automakers are using creative but gimmicky methods. Will they bring car buyers back to dealerships and put them behind the wheel of an EV?

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China Stories March 26

The new Wuling/GM electric car

Wuling Motors, a joint venture with General Motors and SAIC Motor, revealed photos this week of its first all-electric vehicle. The company said that it’s inspired by Japanese Kei cars, among the world’s smallest highway-capable vehicles. It could give us a glimpse of the type of cars that GM will help fulfill the country’s promise of selling a million EVs a year by the middle of the 2020s.

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China Stories March 24

Sales of electric vehicles in China were already in a slump after the government cut subsidies last year. The coronavirus is now resulting in a free fall for the overall vehicle market, including EVs. The drop in electric car sales is prompting Beijing to consider bringing back incentives, starting with local sources.

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China Stories March 20

NIO’s last quarter and 2019 financial results show the EV startup is focused on increasing efficiency and reducing costs. expand full story

China Stories March 10

More than 3,000 people have died from the coronavirus so far. And we still don’t know how far the virus will reach. At the same time, the virus is having an unanticipated impact on emerging technologies with global supply chains. That includes electric cars.

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China Stories March 6

Xpeng Motors P7 winter test. Photo: courtesy Xpeng Motors

Xpeng is boasting that its P7 EV boasts the highest range of EVs made or assembled in China. This was verified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China. expand full story

China Stories February 27

It will take months to figure the extent of the catastrophic Coronavirus outbreak. To help fight off the Covid-19 epidemic, eHang is lending its eVTOL for medical relief. expand full story

China Stories February 11

Xpeng fends off the coronavirus. Photo: Courtesy Xpeng Motors

The coronavirus has killed more than 1,000 people with a devastating international economic impact. After closing factories, Xpeng Motors, NIO, and eHang have resumed work on Monday. We asked Xpeng Motors to tell us what they are doing to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers. expand full story

China Stories January 23

Phase One of the new US-China trade deal was signed last week, and its unconventional approach is likely to lead to a nice jolt for Tesla Model X and S sales from California to China.

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China Stories December 6, 2019

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Tuesday released its 15-year EV plan. The “draft development” plan sets a target for EVs to account for 25% of annual new light-vehicle sales by 2025 ­— with no targets specified beyond that year. That’s up from the 20% goal it set two years ago. But Beijing plans to continue phasing out consumer incentives. Instead, it will create EV quotas for carmakers to meet.

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