China Stories April 18

I know that Electrek readers are tired of concept electric vehicles that have little chances of ever getting to production, but I thought this one was too stunning not to share.

Buick unveiled a beautiful new all-electric SUV concept with “up to 370 miles” of range. Sure, why not 1 million miles as long as we’re talking about concepts… expand full story

China Stories February 14

China’s generous electric vehicle incentives enabled the world’s biggest auto market to quickly also become the world’s largest EV market.

There have been rumors that they could slash those incentives, but the government instead decided to update them in order to favor longer range cars. expand full story

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China Stories January 9

With the relative success of its Chevy Bolt EV and the hunger for EVs in China, GM is one of the few big automakers actually trying to build a business around electric vehicles. CEO Mary Barra has committed separately to 5 crossovers, 2 minivans, 7 SUVs and 10 new electric vehicles by the end of the decade in China.  But with the Bolt EV reportedly losing up to $9000 per vehicle initially, how does the company get to real profitability with these vehicles?

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China Stories October 30, 2017

China likes its trains and it has deployed some of the most advanced and the most out-of-the-box train technologies in the world.

Now its latest train is so out-of-the-box that it could just as easily not be considered an actual train. expand full story

China Stories October 24, 2017

China is often giving us glimpses of the future of the auto industry in the rest of the world – thanks to its aggressive zero-emission vehicle mandate which attracts EV production investments.

The latest example is BMW’s launch of a new battery factory in the country – pictured above. expand full story

China Stories October 19, 2017

China is leading the world in solar power installations by a long run. ASECEA is predicting that 50GW of solar power is well within reach of being installed this year. In June and July of 2017, China installed 25GW of solar power – and they’ll push the globe past 100GW total for the year.

At China’s ‘State of the Union address’ equivalent, just yesterday, president Xi Jinping said, “Any harm we inflict on nature will eventually return to haunt us… this is a reality we have to face.”

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China Stories September 28, 2017

As we previously reported, virtually all automakers (except for Tesla) have asked China to slow down their electric car mandate.

Today, the Chinese government announced that they are delaying the implementation of the mandate by a year, but it’s not to say that the auto industry lobbying had its way entirely. expand full story

China Stories September 19, 2017

GM has been quiet about its plans for electric vehicles after the Bolt EV, which came out almost a year ago. They hinted at new EVs built of the Bolt’s platform and they claim to be serious about the electrification of their vehicle lineup, but not much has come of it so far.

It’s another matter in China where GM is now committing to 10 new electric vehicles by the end of the decade. expand full story

China Stories July 13, 2017

The auto industry is once again attempting to slow down the rollout of electric vehicles.

Virtually all automakers, except for Tesla of course, have sent a letter to the Chinese government in an attempt to have them drastically weaken their zero-emission vehicle mandate. expand full story

China Stories December 21, 2016

Electrek morning green energy brief: America believes in cleaning up after itself, 2017 solar installs projections, and more

[Editor’s note: We’re trying a new morning green energy briefing which should deliver every day at 9am ET. Please comment below] Americans strongly believe in their responsibilities toward climate change and pollution – Two-thirds of registered voters (66%) say the U.S. should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, regardless of what other countries do. Nearly eight out […]

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