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EVgo announces ‘ReNew’ maintenance program to upgrade and replace hundreds of chargers

EVgo chargers

EV charging network EVgo announced a new maintenance program today that will roll out upgrades, replacements, and even the retiring of hundreds of chargers across the US. The new “EVgo ReNew” program looks to improve the fast charging experience for its customers by “doubling down” on charger reliability.

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Revel to open five additional public EV fast charging stations in NYC

Revel charging

Electric charging infrastructure and rideshare specialist Revel is making good on its word to deliver more EV fast charger hubs to the United States. Today, the company announced plans for five additional “Superhubs” across multiple NYC boroughs. By adding well over 100 new fast charger stalls, Revel looks to significantly bolster its network in The Big Apple and triple the amount of publicly available fast chargers in the metropolitan area.

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Blink drops five new EV chargers including an LTE-connected, 55-inch display solution called Vision

Blink charging

This morning at CES in Las Vegas, Global EV charging network Blink announced five new charging products for businesses and consumers. Blink’s latest charging tech includes everything from a residential charging cable to DC fast chargers designed to offer EV charging across global markets. Have a look.

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Electrify America’s first megawatt-level battery storage-backed charging station reduces stress on the grid

Electrify America station

EV fast charging network Electrify America has unveiled the first application of a megawatt-level battery storage system to support one of its charging stations. With over 150 battery energy storage solutions already in place at stations around the US, Electrify America looks to demonstrate reduced stress on the electrical grid by use of these larger storage solutions and new solar canopies.

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Taco Bell innovates the fast food experience with fast chargers for EV drivers with the munchies


Your favorite late-night snack place, Taco Bell, is always looking for new ways to serve its customers, introducing irresistible favorites like nacho fries. TB’s latest idea: to serve the growing population of EV drivers with ultrafast charging stations so you can “get an EV charge and a chalupa all in one easy stop.”

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AMPLY Power partners with Lightning eMotors to deliver OMEGA charging software to fleets

AMPLY Lightning eMotors

AMPLY Power announced the deployment of its new “Powered by AMPLY” Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, beginning with a new partnership with commercial EV manufacturer Lightning eMotors. Lightning eMotors’ future EVs will feature AMPLY’s OMEGA charge management software.

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West Coast EV charging network EVCS raises $68.8M to expand fast charger footprint

EVCS charging

EVCS – a West Coast-based EV charging network – has raised $68.8 million in funding to help expand its presence to over thirty-five new cities in California, Oregon, and Washington. In addition to increasing fast charger density in its current footprint, EVCS looks to double its network size by 2023.

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