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Here’s how the US can make EV road trips seamless

electrify america fast charger

The US needs to more than double the number of EV charging stations that currently meet minimum federal funding requirements in order to make long-distance EV road trips seamless, according to a new road map and analysis from low-carbon energy startup Carbon Solutions and energy nonprofit Great Plains Institute (GPI).

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Revel is going to build more EV fast charging Superhubs in the US

Revel, which specializes in building universal fast charging stations in cities and also offers Tesla rideshare and electric moped rentals, today announced that it’s going to expand its network of high-volume, public EV fast charging Superhubs. The Brooklyn-based company will site the new Level 3 charging stations in dense US urban areas.

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We toured Wallbox’s new Texas facility and demoed its 400 kW DCFC that can deliver 100 miles in 5 minutes


EV charging equipment specialist Wallbox opened its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Arlington, Texas, today where we were fortunate enough to be one of the first to take a tour. This new 130,000-square-foot factory is Wallbox’s first manufacturing footprint in North America, and will produce all of its US EV chargers. Wallbox also demonstrated one of the chargers that will be built in Texas – the new Hypernova 400 kW DC fast charger, which can add up to 100 miles of range in just five minutes.

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The makers of this Level 1 mobile EV cable want everyone to have smart charging

level 1 mobile EV cable

Palo-Alto, California-based EV charging software provider and internet of things (IoT) solutions provider Smartenit, based in Irvine, Calirfornia, today launched a smart, grid-optimized Level 1 mobile EV cable for drivers who don’t have access to home charging stations.

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Siemens’ new home EV charger adapter ends need for electrical panel upgrades

Siemens EV charger adapter

Siemens and Philadelphia-based ConnectDER have partnered to roll out a groundbreaking simple home EV charger connector. Previously, homeowners who wanted to install EV chargers might have had to spend thousands of dollars to modify their home’s electrical panel. This new proprietary plug-in adapter will eliminate that cost and allow installation and connection in minutes.

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