Volvo Stories April 7

Donald Trump last week gutted fuel economy standards, a direct attack on electric vehicles. The move further separates federal emissions standards from California’s strong zero-emission rules. Thank goodness, BMW, Ford, Honda, and Volkswagen sided with California by striking individual deals with the state for higher efficiency. Now Volvo joins those four automakers by directly negotiating with California about emissions.

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Volvo Stories March 9

Volvo last week formally inaugurated a brand-new EV battery assembly line at its Belgian manufacturing plant in Ghent. That’s where it will start building the XC40 Recharge, its first pure electric car, later this year.

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Volvo Stories October 16, 2019

After weeks of teasing, Volvo has now unveiled the all-electric version of its XC40 SUV, the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

The electric SUV is equipped with a dual-motor powertrain, a range of ‘over 250 miles (400 km)’, and more. expand full story

Ahead of the launch of the electric version of the XC40 later today, Volvo announced the launch of its new “Recharge” brand for its electric vehicles and a plan to reduce emissions across the board. expand full story

Volvo Stories October 9, 2019

Volvo has been gradually unveiling details about its new electric XC40 ahead of the unveiling next week, and today, the automaker unveils its infotainment system, which is powered by Google’s Android. expand full story

Volvo Stories October 4, 2019

Volvo has confirmed the Polestar 2 price in Europe for their upcoming Tesla Model 3 competitor.  The markets announced were Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, Netherlands and Belgium.

Pricing in each market hovered around €59k Euro or equivalent.  Norway gets a better deal with a price of 469k NOK, which converts to €46k, as does the UK, at £49.9k which converts to €56k.

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Volvo Stories October 2, 2019

Volvo is launching an all-electric version of the XC40 later this month, and it started teasing the vehicle last week, starting with safety. Now the automaker is showing some design images of the XC40 electric, and confirms some features like a frunk and more. expand full story

Volvo Stories September 25, 2019

The Volvo XC40 SUV has become the Swedish automaker’s second best-selling vehicle and now they are bringing an all-electric version of the XC40 next month.

Volvo started teasing ahead of a launch next month. expand full story

Volvo Stories July 18, 2019

Volvo Group and Samsung SDI have entered a new strategic alliance that focuses on the development and supply of batteries for Volvo’s electric trucks.

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Volvo Stories May 15, 2019

Volvo, both through Polestar and its own brand, plans to bring several new all-electric vehicles to market and in order to do that, it needs significant battery supply.

The automaker now says that it has secured ‘multi-billion dollar battery supply deals’ with CATL and LG Chem. expand full story

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