Texas Stories November 16, 2020

As Electrek reported in December 2019, “Nearly half of US states impose fees on EV owners or will consider adding fees in 2020. The ill-conceived idea is to make up for gaps in roadway infrastructure investments usually derived from gasoline taxes.” Next up? Texas.

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Texas Stories February 5, 2020

Tesla has been on a tear lately, and it looks like CEO Elon Musk is trying to think of new ways to spend some money. Tonight he dropped a hint that, in addition to current gigafactory projects in China and Germany, Tesla is considering one in Texas.

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Texas Stories April 8, 2019

A new look at a burgeoning solar boom in Texas reveals an unlikely source behind much of the demand — oil and gas companies.

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Texas Stories January 30, 2019

[We’re back!] Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

Today in the return of EGEB, a new report shows corporations bought a record amount of clean energy in 2018. In Texas, corporations and cities alike are looking to add more wind turbines before a federal tax credit is phased out. Meanwhile, officials and residents in Vermont are looking to take action following a 2018 report that showed emissions actually increased in spite of the state’s efforts. expand full story

Texas Stories May 31, 2017

Tesla has been leading direct sales battles this year on several fronts in Utah, Connecticut, Indiana, and several other states.

They lost the battle in the Lone Star State this week after bills to allow direct sales by automakers died in Texas state House and Senate. expand full story

Texas Stories May 23, 2016


During a convention held in Dallas last week, Texas state GOP delegates endorsed new Tesla-backed language in the party platform to allow direct sales of vehicles in the state. About 90 percent of the more than 8,000 delegates supported the new proposal.

This new support is likely to be a big help for Tesla’s next effort to push new legislation in order to sell its cars through company-owned stores in Texas – something the company has been trying to do since 2013.

Tesla had a booth at the convention and discussed its situation in the state with thousands of delegates.

Under the current state’s laws governing car sales, as an automaker, Tesla cannot sell its vehicles to consumers and is required to go through third-party dealerships – something the company refused to do as per its business model. expand full story

Texas Stories January 28, 2016

map hyperloop design weekend

This weekend, Texas A&M University will be hosting SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition’s “Design Weekend”. Over 1,000 students and engineers forming 124 teams are competing for a chance to build their own Hyperloop pod prototypes and race them at SpaceX’s upcoming test track. expand full story

Texas Stories October 5, 2015

Nissan expands “No Charge to Charge” program to 3 more US cities: Austin, Monterey and Raleigh

Nissan expands its “free” charging program for the LEAF  called “No Charge to Charge” to 3 more US cities: Austin, Texas; Monterey, Calif. and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. New LEAF buyers will have access to some chargers in EZ-Charge’s network for 2 years. The first 30 minutes of each DC charging session and 60 minutes of each level 2 charging session will be free.

IF LEAF owners want to hug the charging stalls for longer periods they will have to pay EZ-Charge, but considering the LEAF’s battery pack size, it isn’t likely to be necessary.

Texas Stories September 12, 2015

When Google originally showcased the newer low-speed “cute-mobile” self-driving car, it mentioned a goal of having about 100 of them on the road for testing within a couple years. Now, as the company is bringing its low-speed electric prototypes to Austin a year later, Sarah Hunter, head of policy for Google [X], has revealed that the company is expanding production of the cars (via The Guardian). Hunter says that Google is now producing at least a “few hundred” and hints at a potential future of mass-production… expand full story

Texas Stories September 7, 2015

San Antonio denied Tesla’s plan for a showroom over water contamination concerns

Last month Tesla’s plan for a showroom and service center in San Antonio was denied approval by the city zoning commission over concerns that Tesla’s battery packs could potentially contaminate the local water supply. The commission denied the proposal despite the recommendation of San Antonio Water System (SAWS) which approved Tesla’s project.

The project was up for another vote last week, but Tesla pulled the proposal to work on some the details ahead of more concerns leading up to the vote…

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