Nio Stories November 15

No one in the electric vehicle space has managed to make battery swapping work yet, but Nio is trying big time with 18 new battery swap stations covering a 2,000+ km expressway in China. expand full story

Nio Stories November 1

Nio is ramping up its electric vehicle infrastructure effort in China and it is building battery swap stations.

The startup even built one right next to a Tesla Supercharger – creating a little glimpse into the future. expand full story

Nio Stories October 10

Nio was nice enough to invite us to London on the tail end of our 2018 Paris Motor show journey to witness the unveiling of its 2019 Formula E racing series car. As a background, the Chinese company has competed in the FIA Formula E championship since its inception in 2014, sponsoring the inaugural Drivers’ Championship winning team with Nelson Piquet Jr.

The company has some compelling consumer vehicles as well and we’ll take a look at them below but since they are in a quiet period after their recent US $1B IPO, we couldn’t talk much about them beyond what is already known.

Nio also got a huge vote of confidence this week from Tesla’s largest private stakeholder Balllie Gifford which reportedly bought over 11% of the automaker.

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Nio Stories September 12

NIO, one of the biggest electric vehicle startups, officially entered the US stock market with a $1 billion IPO to ramp production of its electric vehicles.

It becomes the first Chinese-backed electric vehicle startup to go public in the US. expand full story

Nio Stories August 29

There are some major electric vehicle-only automakers in China, but Tesla is arguably the only major global electric vehicle-only automaker as establish automakers are still attempting to protect their gas-powered car business.

Now there are some new EV startups who have similar ambitions as Tesla and NIO is coming up at the top of the list as it attempts to raise $1.3 billion to finance those ambitions. expand full story

Nio Stories August 14

While Tesla wants to get away from the public market, it seems that several EV startups are willing to take its place. We just reported on Electra Meccanica going public on the NASDAQ and now NIO is filing to follow them.

The startup is seeking to raise $1.8 billion in a US IPO to finance its ambitious electric vehicle plans. expand full story

Nio Stories July 26

As we previously reported, electric vehicle startup NIO is emerging as a serious competitor in the EV space in China and is now courting Tesla owners with mobile charging stations through vans, which were designed for its vehicles – but available to Tesla owners. expand full story

Nio Stories July 16

The Goodwood hill climb this weekend was dominated by all-electric vehicles. Nio’s EP9 all-electric hypercar and VW’s Pikes Peak I.D. R all-electric race car took over Goodwood with new records. expand full story

Nio Stories April 3

Electric vehicle startup NIO is emerging as a serious competitor in the EV space and illustrating that, the company opened its first service center right next to Tesla’s in Beijing as it’s about to deliver its first cars. expand full story

Nio Stories December 16, 2017

China’s demand for SUVs and electric vehicles keep increasing, which made Tesla’s Model X a very popular vehicle in the country despite its higher price due to import duties slapped on all of Tesla’s vehicles.

Now NIO, one of the most well-funded new Chinese EV startups, launched their first production vehicle this week, the NIO ES8, a cheaper all-electric SUV to try to capture the market. expand full story

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