Siemens Stories June 4, 2018

Electric flight just had a major setback after a tragic fatal accident last week in Hungary.

One of the few all-electric airplane prototypes in operation today, Siemens and Magnus’ eFusion, crashed near Budapest during a test flight last week – killing both the pilot and a passenger. expand full story

Siemens Stories January 11, 2018

AES and Siemens are combining their efforts to launch new energy storage startup called Fluence Energy and compete with Tesla Energy in the fast-growing, new energy storage industry.

The new company is off to a strong start as the supplier of the soon-to-be new world’s largest lithium-ion battery-based storage project. expand full story

Siemens Stories August 11, 2017

We just talked about the inevitable advent of electric trucking, but they are still hurdles to overcome when it comes to charging those machines. A controversial solution is to have overhead contact line on highways and it is now moving from a simple idea to reality on the Autobahn in Germany. expand full story

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