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Electrify America breaks ground on massive, 75MW ‘Solar Glow 1’ energy project

Electrify America Solar

Less than a year after announcing plans for a renewable solar energy project in California, EV charging network Electrify America has officially broken ground on the site of “Solar Glow 1.” At peak solar capacity, the project is expected to generate 75 Megawatts (MW) and provide even more renewable energy to EVs on an annual basis.

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Electrify America taps new CEO as current chief becomes EA chairman and VW Group exec

Electrify America CEO

EV fast charging network Electrify America has kicked off the week with a personnel shakeup, announcing current president and CEO Giovani Palazzo will shift into a position as chairman of the board to make room for long-time Electrify America leader, Rob Barrosa. With his new role as chairman, Palazzo will also join Volkswagen Group as its senior vice president of charging and energy.

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Here’s how the US can make EV road trips seamless

electrify america fast charger

The US needs to more than double the number of EV charging stations that currently meet minimum federal funding requirements in order to make long-distance EV road trips seamless, according to a new road map and analysis from low-carbon energy startup Carbon Solutions and energy nonprofit Great Plains Institute (GPI).

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Electrify America’s first megawatt-level battery storage-backed charging station reduces stress on the grid

Electrify America station

EV fast charging network Electrify America has unveiled the first application of a megawatt-level battery storage system to support one of its charging stations. With over 150 battery energy storage solutions already in place at stations around the US, Electrify America looks to demonstrate reduced stress on the electrical grid by use of these larger storage solutions and new solar canopies.

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Electrify America rebrands 350kW and 150kW chargers – will ‘hyper-fast’ and ‘ultra-fast’ become the new naming standard?

Electrify America chargers

North American EV fast-charging network Electrify America has introduced a new labeling system to more easily differentiate its charging levels for consumers. Additionally, the latest generation of Electrify America DC fast chargers will include a new “Balanced” technology in which power is evenly distributed to multiple EVs at once in order to maximize speeds and deliver at least 150 kW of “ultra-fast” charging. Could this set a new standard for all EV charging networks in North America?

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Electrify America announces new solar energy farm that can generate up to 75 MegaWatts

Electrify America Solar

EV charging network Electrify America has announced the start of a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with renewable energy developer Terra-Gen to build a sustainable solar farm in Southern California. The project, named “Electrify America Solar Glow 1,” is estimated to produce enough solar power annually to more than offset any energy delivered on the current EV charging network.

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Electrify America reports a fivefold increase of charging sessions in 2021 compared to 2020

Electrify America charging

According to a recent report from Electrify America, it delivered 1.45 million charging sessions to customers in 2021 – that’s over five times more than the 268,000 sessions recorded a year prior. The sessions represent estimations of millions of gallons of gasoline spared on US roads, as well as evidence of the benefits a transition to electric vehicles can provide.

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Get free EV charging and home charger deals from Electrify America to celebrate Earth Day

free charging earth day

In honor of Earth Day 2022, charging network Electrify America is offering free EV charging sessions at 740 locations across the United States. Additionally, EA is offering $50 off its HomeStation Level-2 home charger through the rest of April using the promo code below.

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VinFast and Electrify America announce charging agreement to provide just two complimentary sessions

Vinfast Electrify America

Infant EV automaker VinFast and US charging network Electrify America (EA) announced a new charging agreement during this year’s New York International Auto Show. As part of the collaboration, US Vinfast owners will have access to all of EA’s 3,500+ EV chargers through the VinFast mobile app. However, their complimentary charging sessions will be limited to two – a much smaller bonus compared to previous agreements with other automakers.

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US customers who buy a 2022 BMW EV will get two years of free 30-minute charging from Electrify America

BMW free charging

Charging network Electrify America has just announced a collaboration with BMW North America to offer free 30-minute charging sessions to new BMW drivers for two years from the date of their purchase. The complimentary charging will begin in March to kick off US sales of two new EV models from BMW – the iX and i4.

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I spent one week driving the VW ID.4 – here’s how it went [sponsored]

Volkswagen partnered with Electrek to test the ID.4 electric crossover for a week. During the development, release, and launch, we’ve covered the ID.4 with great anticipation.

For this sponsored partner post, I test out the ID.4 as a daily driver and road-trip vehicle, taking notice of the comfort, utility, and light off-road capabilities.

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