Electrify America Stories October 2

Electrify America, VW’s company mainly known for building an electric car fast-charging network in the US, is expanding to home charging with the launch of a new $500 electric car home charger. expand full story

Electrify America Stories August 12

North Carolina is now the 30th state to allow public EV charging companies to offer pricing by the kilowatt-hour (kWh), instead of charging per minute. The change was thanks to bipartisan legislation — House Bill 329, Renewable Energy Amendments — passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Roy Cooper.

The vast majority of Americans now live and drive in places where private companies are free to set up EV charging stations and offer pricing for actual kWh delivered to the vehicle. Tesla calls billing by the kWh “the most fair and simple method.” Any EV driver would agree, as all sorts of factors including the weather affect the speed an EV will charge at, making per-minute pricing something of a crapshoot as opposed to how many kWh (like ‘gallons of gas’) was actually delivered.

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Electrify America Stories August 1

Electrify America announced that it is deploying what will likely be the first autonomous fast-charging station for electric vehicles and it has robot arms. expand full story

Electrify America Stories July 11

Harley Davidson and Electrify America have announced a partnership to offer a fast-charging plan to the owners of HD’s upcoming LiveWire electric motorcycle. expand full story

Electrify America Stories June 11

ChargePoint and Electrify America announced a roaming partnership today that will make it easier for EV owners to charge on both networks, using just one account.

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Electrify America Stories June 6

Electrify America now has 120 charging stations at Walmart stores, plans to expand further

Electrify America and Walmart announced there are now more than 120 ultra-fast EV charging stations at US Walmart stores, with more planned to follow.

Electrify America Stories May 6

Electrify America has announced a new mobile app to manage EV charging sessions, in addition to two new membership plans, and a change to its pricing structure, based on three charging power levels.

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Electrify America Stories April 25

Electrify America bringing 30-plus DC ultra-fast charging stations to new retail locations

Electrify America is collaborating with a number of companies to bring more than 30 new DC ultra-fast charging stations to various retail and office locations in seven states.

Electrify America Stories February 14

Electrify America, the electric vehicle charging network born out of the VW Dieselgate settlement, announced it has topped 100 charging sites with 465 chargers.

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Electrify America Stories February 4

Tesla and Electrify America, VW’s electric vehicle charging network, announced that they reached a deal for the former to deploy Powerpacks at over 100 charging stations operated by the latter. expand full story

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