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While Nissan has upgraded the LEAF’s battery pack in its latest version with now a 30 kWh option, the low energy capacity of the vehicle is still a major factor dragging it down. Potential buyers would like to see better options with more range.

Nissan engineers actually built a LEAF with a bigger battery pack, but unfortunately, it is not intended for production and was built during their spare time. expand full story

Fully Charged’s latest video features a beautiful boat ride down the River Thames in southern England. Robert Llewellyn’s never winding down excitement for electric propulsion is taken to a new level on the waterways in an all-electric boat, the Alfastreet Energy 23C. expand full story


We were impressed when Morgan unveiled the production version of its all-electric 3-wheeler, the EV 3, at the 2016 Geneva Motor show earlier this year. The vehicle hit the mark in term of design and proved one of the most satisfying car developed by the company, which is known for its rich history of iconic car designs.

Now the company is releasing the first few vehicles in a limited edition, which is updated with minor changes from the production version unveiled earlier this year. expand full story

In the past few weeks, three accidents involving Tesla vehicles on Autopilot made the headlines. Tesla was quick to place the blame with the drivers for two of the accidents, one in Pennsylvania and one in Montana, both involving brand new Model X SUVs.

In both cases, the automaker says that the vehicle logs show that drivers ignored several alerts to take control of the vehicles before the accidents. In both cases, the drivers were also cited by the police for careless driving – giving some weight to Tesla’s claims, but now the driver of the Model X in the Montana crash is coming back with a public letter to Tesla and Elon Musk claiming a “cover-up” of the problems with the Autopilot. expand full story

Overall, the Tesla Model 3’s design was very well-received with the prototypes unveiled back in March, but it was far from universally loved. Aside from the trunk, the most controversial design feature is arguably the front fascia.

While I don’t mind the Model 3’s front end, I get where the criticism comes from. Jim Cantrell, Elon Musk’s former space strategist, called it a “faceless fish”:

It’s certainly not conventional and while I don’t want Tesla to bring back a grille, or “nosecone”, maybe it could benefit from the Model S’ refreshed front fascia? expand full story


July 21

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The Obama Administration announced today a new set of executive actions to directly accelerate electric vehicle adoption in the US through the expansion of charging infrastructure. The main announcement is the unlocking of up to $4.5 billion in loan guarantees for charging stations, but also an important collaboration between the Federal government and private companies, including some major electric utilities, automakers, charging station manufacturers and operators. expand full story

When Jason Hughes, best known as the ‘Tesla Hacker’ who first spotted the upcoming 100 kWh battery pack in the Model S’ OS, retrofitted a classic Tesla Model S P85 with an entire Autopilot hardware suite, something Tesla itself refuses to do because of the cost and complexity, we thought we just witnessed the apogee of his ‘Tesla hardware hacking’ experiments, but we were so very wrong.

We learned a little more about Hughes’ latest project this week and it could prove even more impressive technically speaking than his Autopilot retrofit, and certainly more spectacular. expand full story


Tesla’s Mountain View Supercharger has always been a little different from the rest.  Not only is it located at the world-famous Computer History Museum – where Tesla sometimes holds events, but until recently, it was also running an experiment utilizing propylene-glycol-cooled supercharging cables… expand full story

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