The original “Tesla Energy Group” back in 2007

A few weeks ago, Tesla Motors launched “Tesla Energy” by unveiling a new product series of home battery packs and energy storage products for commercial and utility scale use. JB Straubel, Tesla’s CTO, said Tesla has been working on the project for a long time. We now learn that the project might have been longer in the making than we originally thought. We uncover a blog post by former Tesla CEO, Martin Eberhard, dating May 22nd, 2007 that was removed from Tesla’s website. The post is titled “Introducing Tesla Energy Group”.

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Tesla’s original team, where are they now?

Out of the 5 founding members of Tesla motors, only two remain with the company; of course the now famous Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, Chairman and Product Architect, and JB Straubel, Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer. But the three expatriates; Marc Tarpenning, Martin Eberhard and Ian Wright, were instrumental to the founding of Tesla and although they left the car company, some in better terms than others, it is interesting to learn about what they are doing now. Unsurprisingly, most of them are still in the EV business.

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An electric vehicle company long in the making, well-funded and full of Tesla Motors expats, is about to come out of “stealth mode”

Bernard Tse, a former Tesla Motors Vice President and board member, founded Atieva in 2007 after leaving Tesla.  The company was first setup to make software to manage battery packs and package their tech for a cell agnostic battery pack technology, but they evolve while operating in “stealth mode” for the past few years, now we learn they have been working on not only the batteries, but a complete electric vehicle.

The company describes the vehicle as a “breakthrough electric car”. They don’t want to elaborate and It’s hardly a confirmation, but looking at the animation on their website, their vehicle might be a 2-door sport car.

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Google’s cute prototype self-driving cars heading out onto real roads for the first time


Google’s fleet of self-driving Lexus cars have notched up a total of 140,000 miles on public roads, and the company is now ready to begin road-testing its first purpose-built autonomous cars.

We first saw the cute-looking cars almost a year ago, when the company explained that they were not intended to ever make it to public sale. Their purpose is to see how people respond to a next-generation driverless car before later seeking partners to actually bring the technology to market.

We learned earlier this week that Google’s existing Lexus fleet has been involved in three low-speed accidents, none of them the fault of the car, but the company still isn’t taking any chances in this latest phase …  Read more

Tesla hires head Apple recruiter after losing own lead recruiter to Apple Car team

Screenshot 2015-05-13 12.45.55

Tesla has taken its recruiting of Apple employees to the next level: the electric car and energy company has hired away Apple’s Senior Director of Corporate Recruiting, Cindy Nicola, to become its new Vice President of Global Recruiting. Nicola has already noted her now role and start month of May on her LinkedIn profile.

Notably, Apple actually hired away Tesla’s Lead Recruiter in 2014 for its own electric car project, as we noted in our extensive profile of Apple’s automotive related hires. Interestingly, that former Tesla recruiter Lauren Ciminera has already left Apple to work on a new “confidential” project, according to her own LinkedIn page and confirmation from a source…

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Tesla Model S P85D gets off the line faster than a Porsche 918 Spyder…then gets smoked

Screenshot 2015-05-13 08.58.26

Miliseconds later, it was toast, but the Tesla P85D did at least get off the line quicker than the insanely fast Porsche 918 Spyder which boasts a 2.3 second 0-60 time and sub-10 second quarter mile. Sure, that’s fast but can it seat 7 and have room for groceries too? No, it cannot.

Electric has that instant torque at 0RPMs which doesn’t seem to have a peer in the internal combustion world. The Spyder with its smaller body has a 600hp ICE and a 300HP electric engine driving its wheels.

The screenshot is above and the video follows of AUTO BILD TV’s race on Porsche’s home field. Feels like we’re seeing the last stand of internal combustion in supercars.

Elon Musk doesn’t have a place in the Valley, often sleeps at Larry Page’s house


Elon Musk, although CEO of a company based on Silicon Valley, often finds himself without a place to sleep when he’s away from his $17 million home located in Los Angeles. According to statements from Google CEO Larry Page given to Ashlee Vance for his upcoming book on the Tesla CEO, Musk is “kind of homeless,” and sometimes sleeps over at Page’s house when he’s in town. Read more