Xpeng Motors Stories April 16

Tesla has settled a lawsuit against a former engineer who the company claims stole its Autopilot source code before going to Xpeng, a Chinese competitor.

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Xpeng Motors Stories February 16

Tesla continues to grow in market value and most recently, in crypto currency. Being No. 1 puts an “x” on the American automaker’s back, but it also helps fuel a healthy pool of Tesla competitors, especially in China. Below are several of the big names making extensive gains in the Asian auto market. These companies are already challenging Tesla in China, and some may bring the competition to American soil next.

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Xpeng Motors Stories December 22, 2020

Xpeng, a Chinese EV startup that made waves for copying Tesla to some degree, has now started delivering its electric cars in Europe, becoming one of the first new Chinese EV startups to expand west.

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Xpeng Motors Stories April 27, 2020

Tesla is doubling down on its claim that Xpeng, a Chinese electric vehicle startup, has stolen and is using its Autopilot source code. expand full story

Xpeng Motors Stories March 17, 2020

Xpeng has secured a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) permit to test-drive its new P7 EV. Does this mean the company is getting closer to the US market? expand full story

Xpeng Motors Stories February 20, 2020

Xpeng Motors P7 winter test. Photo: courtesy Xpeng Motors

You could see a furiously driven Xpeng Motors P7 on the Red River Valley Automotive Test Center in Heihe, China in February 2020 a few weeks ago. The next Xpeng EV has successfully finalized its icy weather performance testing.

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