Formula E Stories October 25

Nissan becomes the latest automaker to announce that it will be joining the Formula E electric car racing championship with its own team.

They will join in the 2018-19 season when things will start to get more interesting with the new electric race car platform and as individual teams get more freedom. expand full story

Formula E Stories September 21

The Panasonic Jaguar Racing team unveiled the latest version of their all-electric Formula E race car for the upcoming season of the racing championship today and confirmed that Mitch Evans and former Formula E champion Nelson Piquet Jr. will drive the vehicles. expand full story

Formula E Stories August 14

The season 3 of the Formula E all-electric championship just concluded and it marks further progress in the electric motorsport’s attempt to become mainstream and attract more fans.

What better way to try to attract more fans than with crashes, which Formula E compiled in a new video. expand full story

Formula E Stories July 25

The first few seasons of the all-electric Formula E championship have been more successful than most motorsport fans would have ever predicted.

Over the past few months, it managed to convince Audi and BMW to take spots for future seasons and this week, Mercedes-Benz has now announced that it will have its own team.

While all those premium automakers are joining the Formula E, Tesla has been surprisingly staying away from the all-electric championship despite being a leader in the development and commercialization of EVs. expand full story

Formula E Stories July 7

Audi has been showing a lot of interest in electric motorsports over the last year – going as far as quitting Le Mans to focus on all-electric Formula E.

They have been increasing their involvement with the ABT Sportsline team and today, they announced that they are officially taking over the team’s slot. expand full story

Formula E Stories March 21

The Formula E, an all-electric racing championship, has been gaining a lot of credibility over the last few year with several serious automotive companies, like Renault, Citroen, Mahindra, Jaguar, and Audi already involved in the championship, as well as a few newcomers like NextEV and Faraday Future.

BMW Motorsport has also been involved through its backing of the MS Amlin Andretti team, but now the German automaker is announcing its intention to enter the season 5 of the racing series with its own team now that it has been approved as a manufacturer. expand full story

Formula E Stories February 18

Roborace, an electric driverless car racing series which is currently still in development, had their first “real” “race” today, driving two DevBots on the same street circuit at the Formula E Buenos Aires ePrix.

The two cars made their way around the track at a cautious yet respectable pace, with the “winner” reaching a top speed of 115 mph. Unfortunately, the losing car didn’t fare so well, getting itself into an accident and taking itself out of the race.

expand full story

Formula E Stories February 15

The all-electric Formula E championship is off to a surprisingly good start since its launch in 2014 considering the level of difficulty associated with establishing a new racing championship.

It is still facing some technological problems, but most of them should be solved in the next generation of the race cars. We are now seeing the first pictures of the new concept. expand full story

Formula E Stories November 11, 2016

While Formula E’s electric race car platform is still arguably in the experimental phase and not enough subsystems can be modified, the championship certainly appears to be moving in the right direction. We recently learned that McLaren will soon supply them with a new battery pack technology with the help of Lucid Motors and it should double the energy capacity of the vehicles, as well as help the overall performance.

Several serious automotive companies, like Renault, Citroen, Mahindra, Jaguar, Audi are already involved in the championship, as well as a few newcomers like NextEV and Faraday Future. The latter released today the specifications of their own Formula E electric race car. expand full story

Formula E Stories October 26, 2016

Considered part of the “Triple Crown of Motorsport” alongside the Indianapolis 500 and Monaco Grand Prix, the Le Mans 24 Hours race, started in 1923, is one of the oldest and most prestigious races in the world.  Teams are allowed three drivers and must race to complete the most laps over a 24 hour period, which means that winning cars must show exceptional performance, reliability and efficiency.

As a result of this, the race has been used as a proving ground for many technological advancements, most recently the appearance of hybrid electric vehicles which first raced in 2009 and have won the race every year since 2012.

Audi has absolutely dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans ever since they returned to the race 18 years ago.  With 13 wins in those 18 years, they have been the manufacturer to beat at the race. In particular, they are credited with heralding the “diesel era” of the race, leading to diesel-engined winners from ’06-’11, and diesel-electric hybrids from ’12-’14.

So today’s announcement that they would quit the World Endurance Championship and the Le Mans race comes as a bit of a shock. Or does it? expand full story

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