Formula E Stories April 18

Similar to how Formula One acted as a test bed and helped advance technologies for the automotive industry, Nissan now wants to leverage EV tech development in the Formula E racing championship for its electric cars. expand full story

Formula E Stories April 10

Several major automakers are set to enter the Formula E electric racing championship for the next season and now Porsche has officially been included as a manufacturer by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) today. expand full story

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Formula E Stories February 26

Bernie Ecclestone is no stranger to controversial statements.  The 87-year-old former Formula One executive who ran the series for decades can’t go more than a few weeks without voicing an idea about the trajectory of the series which leaves people scratching their heads.  Once, he floated an idea to install sprinklers on tracks to simulate rain-affected races.  More recently, he’s had several complaints about engine noise – he thinks they need to be louder.

But Ecclestone’s most recent statement is the first we’ve found worthy of coverage on Electrek: he now thinks that F1 should go electric, by 2021.

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Formula E Stories January 30

Formula E, now known as ABB Formula E, says that “today marks the start of a new era of electric racing.”

The racing championship unveiled its next-generation electric race car that will power the next season. expand full story

Formula E Stories December 1, 2017

After a few months on break and a few updates to the rules and teams, Formula E starts their fourth season this weekend with two races in Hong Kong – one on Saturday, one on Sunday.  Last year’s champion Lucas Di Grassi will see if he can defend his win from Sebastian Buemi, who was dominant all season but ended up in second place after missing two crucial races in New York City.  Buemi’s team, Renault e.dams, is back to defend their three-straight team titles – the only team to win a championship since the series began.

There are a few changes this year, but the technological changes are only slight, with max power output increasing from 170kW to 180kW.  The big shakeup will happen next year, as more manufacturers join the competition and the cars get a new chassis, new battery and 250kW of power.  Nevertheless, the racing should continue to be close and exciting as it has been since the sport’s inception in 2014.

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Formula E Stories October 25, 2017

Nissan becomes the latest automaker to announce that it will be joining the Formula E electric car racing championship with its own team.

They will join in the 2018-19 season when things will start to get more interesting with the new electric race car platform and as individual teams get more freedom. expand full story

Formula E Stories September 21, 2017

The Panasonic Jaguar Racing team unveiled the latest version of their all-electric Formula E race car for the upcoming season of the racing championship today and confirmed that Mitch Evans and former Formula E champion Nelson Piquet Jr. will drive the vehicles. expand full story

Formula E Stories August 14, 2017

The season 3 of the Formula E all-electric championship just concluded and it marks further progress in the electric motorsport’s attempt to become mainstream and attract more fans.

What better way to try to attract more fans than with crashes, which Formula E compiled in a new video. expand full story

Formula E Stories July 25, 2017

The first few seasons of the all-electric Formula E championship have been more successful than most motorsport fans would have ever predicted.

Over the past few months, it managed to convince Audi and BMW to take spots for future seasons and this week, Mercedes-Benz has now announced that it will have its own team.

While all those premium automakers are joining the Formula E, Tesla has been surprisingly staying away from the all-electric championship despite being a leader in the development and commercialization of EVs. expand full story

Formula E Stories July 7, 2017

Audi has been showing a lot of interest in electric motorsports over the last year – going as far as quitting Le Mans to focus on all-electric Formula E.

They have been increasing their involvement with the ABT Sportsline team and today, they announced that they are officially taking over the team’s slot. expand full story

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