BYD Stories October 5

Mere months after announcing its expansion into several European markets, Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) is making quick moves to get more of its EVs on streets overseas. German car rental company SIXT has just signed on to purchase around 100,000 EVs from BYD that will be available to rent in Europe beginning this year.

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BYD Stories October 3

Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) continues to stake its case for worldwide attention as it reports tremendous year-over-year EV sales growth for yet another consecutive month. When looking at the company’s growth since 2020 and its recent expansion into new markets outside of China, BYD should be on your radar as a contender to become a globally recognized EV brand.

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BYD Stories September 28

Following an announcement this past summer of its intentions to bring its EVs to Europe, Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) has shared presale pricing for its first three vehicles to arrive overseas. The official premiere included additional specifications ahead of full details next month. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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BYD Stories September 20

During a presentation at IAA Transportation in Germany this week, Chinese EV manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) has shared a myriad of new commercial EV technologies that will initially debut in Europe. The most prominent of the bunch is BYD’s new eBus platform, which is powered by BYD’s durable Blade Batteries, currently being used in its passenger EVs.

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BYD Stories August 26

The Chinese automaking giant BYD (Build Your Dreams) is considering releasing a premium EV line as soon as this year, with prices starting at around $145,000.

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BYD Stories August 22

One of China’s leading EV makers, BYD, or Build Your Dreams, is partnering with Castrol to recommend its fluids for EVs. The deal expands on its original partnership as BYD continues its push for global EV market share.

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BYD Stories August 11

After months of rumors that Tesla is going to use BYD’s blade batteries at Gigafactory Shanghai, there’s a surprising turn of events that suggest Tesla is actually going to use the new battery cells at Gigafactory Berlin, and it reportedly already took delivery of the first cells.

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BYD Stories August 1

Just 10 days after announcing entry into the Japanese market, Build Your Dreams (BYD) has followed up with plans to sell passenger EVs in Germany and Sweden as well. As part of a new partnership with European dealer group Hedin Mobility, BYD expects to begin delivering EVs in the new EU countries before year’s end.

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BYD Stories June 14

According to a comprehensive report published this morning by research firm Bloomberg Intelligence, Tesla will hold its global crown for EV sales for the next 18 months but will then be usurped by Volkswagen electric vehicles. The full BEV outlook report predicts that many legacy automakers will lag in sales through 2025, but Volkswagen is on track to overtake Tesla’s production volume by 2024.

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BYD Stories June 8

A BYD executive revealed that the Chinese company is about to start supplying Tesla with battery cells.

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BYD Stories May 23

Chinese automaker BYD Auto has officially begun taking pre-orders for its long-teased Seal sedan. The new EV model, anticipated by many to become a competitor to the Tesla Model 3, arrives in four different trim models and will be the first from BYD to include its new cell-to-body (CTB) technology.

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BYD Stories March 24

Chinese EV automaker BYD announced it has found an unlikely partner in Shell to expand and promote a good deal of energy and charging technologies together throughout Europe and China. This includes EV charging network services, integrated home energy solutions, electric vehicle service centers, and more.

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BYD Stories March 22

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority (ATVA) board of directors and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently celebrated a journey to electrification that began a decade ago. Now, the ATVA has become the first all-electric, zero emissions transit agency in North America.

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Some of the sensors represented on the Air sedan / Source: Lucid Motors

NVIDIA announced two new automotive clients for their DRIVE self-driving platform, EV startup Lucid Motors and Chinese EV giant BYD. BYD will use the system in their next-generation vehicles, and Lucid revealed that they are already powering their DreamDrive ADAS system with NVIDIA’s DRIVE Hyperion platform.

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BYD Stories February 22

BYD has announced that Swedish freight technology company, Einride, has purchased 200 of its 8TT battery-electric trucks – the company’s largest heavy-duty BEV sale outside of Asia. The BYD electric trucks will be built in the US and delivered to Einride over the next 12 months to support its fleet customers stateside.

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BYD Stories January 28

Chinese mobility manufacturer BYD has introduced its new “Type A” electric school bus to transport up to thirty US students at a time. Furthermore, the new zero-emission bus is ADA capable up to 800 lbs and can travel 140 miles on a single charge. What may be most appealing to school districts, however, is the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities BYD’s Type A school bus will provide.

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BYD Stories January 13

American robotics company Nuro has just introduced the third version of its autonomous, zero-occupant last-mile delivery vehicle as it enters pre-production. Together with the help of BYD North American, Nuro hopes to manufacture the first zero occupant autonomous vehicle to be produced at scale this year. This third-generation EV comes with some cool features too. Do I smell pizza?

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BYD Stories January 10

As we eagerly slam the book shut on 2021 and look toward a promising year of further EV adoption in 2022, it’s important to look back and assess how far the global market has come during this most recent trip around the Sun. From there, we can compare 2021’s numbers to the year prior and gain an idea of the trajectories many of the major EV automakers may travel on into 2022. We will begin with EV deliveries in China, a rich mecca of EV production and innovation with many companies now expanding to other markets around the globe.

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BYD Stories December 2, 2021

Toyota has reportedly partnered with China’s BYD to build a new affordable electric car to launch next year.

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BYD Stories October 26, 2021

A recent report out of China cites documentation that major battery supplier BYD intends to raise the prices of its lithium battery cells by at least 20% beginning November 1. BYD notes market changes surrounding the limits of raw materials for lithium batteries as the reason for the price hike. With global supply chains stifled, BYD will need to up the price of its battery cells to compensate for its own comprehensive price increases.

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BYD Stories October 6, 2021

EV manufacturer BYD has announced a strategic collaboration with Levo – a joint venture between Fleet as a Service (FaaS) provider Nuvve, and capital investors Stonepeak, and Evolve. As part of the collaboration, BYD will implement Levo’s technology and capital to offer fully financed medium and heavy-duty BYD commercial EVs.

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BYD Stories September 20, 2021

Following a Zero-Emission Bus Summit in the UK, London mayor Sadiq Khan announced that all new buses ordered by Transport for London (TfL) will be electric moving forward. The new policy falls in line with the UK capital’s previously set goal of making its entire bus fleet electric by 2037. Alongside the announcement, Khan announced an advanced timeline to see a fully-electric bus fleet by 2034, or perhaps even sooner.

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BYD Stories August 5, 2021

Tesla is said to have entered into an agreement to buy BYD’s new “blade batteries” in a partnership that not many people would have predicted.

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BYD Stories June 2, 2021

BYD (Build Your Dreams) has introduced a fully electric Type D school bus, complete with smart technologies like bi-directional charging and advanced safety features. According to the Chinese automaker, its sleek design “will have students wanting to step onboard.” You know, because kids clamor to get to school each morning when they’re on a cool bus.

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BYD Stories July 1, 2020

Chinese automaker BYD has been eyeing launching its electric passenger vehicles outside of China for a long time and it is finally starting with the launch of the Tang electric SUV in Norway. expand full story

BYD Stories May 12, 2020

Huawei’s 5G-based HiCar technology is not just another auto infotainment system. It’s more like an interface to the car’s core operating system and a vehicle-to-X channel to the road. HiCar will first appear on the BYD Han EV in June, before arriving in models from about 30 different auto brands.

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BYD Stories April 2, 2020

Toyota and BYD are launching today a new electric car company with the goal of “developing BEVs that appeal to customers.” expand full story

BYD Stories November 7, 2019

Toyota has yet to launch an all-electric vehicle, but they have been making a lot of deals to develop batteries for them and now they have one with BYD. expand full story

BYD Stories July 19, 2019

Just days after announcing a Chinese battery deal, Toyota has announced that it will partner with another company, BYD, to develop all-electric cars in China.

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BYD Stories February 25, 2019

BYD wants to support its ambitious electric vehicle plans in China with a new battery gigafactory that will be able to produce 20 GWh of battery cells for its electric vehicles. expand full story

BYD Stories June 29, 2018

BYD, China’s largest EV manufacturer, is seeing demand for its electric vehicles increase and wants to secure more battery supply to respond to the demand.

The automaker is now opening a new battery factory and it claims the plant will be the “largest in the world.” expand full story

BYD Stories May 2, 2018

We are getting a lot of electric truck news today. After Nikola Motors suing Tesla Semi and Peterbilt starting its electric truck program, now BYD starts delivering a fleet of all-electric trucks to San Francisco Goodwill at the annual Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, CA. expand full story

BYD Stories March 26, 2018

Today, Daimler introduced a new all-electric vehicle under its Denza brand in partnership with BYD in China, where foreign automakers have been accelerating their electrification effort. expand full story

BYD Stories December 14, 2017

After Tesla started taking reservations for its new electric truck, a surprising number of those pre-orders were coming from Canada.

Now we learn that fleet operators and truck drivers in Ontario, Canada’s biggest province, are going to have access to an important incentive. expand full story

BYD Stories November 15, 2017

BYD, a China-based electric vehicle company backed by billionaire Warren Buffett, announced an expansion of its electric truck effort in North America with its first plant in Canada. expand full story

BYD Stories July 27, 2017

Los Angeles Metro and BYD just confirmed that the transportation system, one of the biggest in the US, just confirmed having placed one of the largest electric bus order ever: 60 new 40-ft BYD all-electric buses. expand full story

BYD Stories May 8, 2017

BYD  became the world’s biggest electric vehicle maker thanks to its market-leading position in China, which in turn became both the biggest automotive market and electric vehicle market in recent years.

But as the government is reducing its direct EV incentives and shifting to a zero-emission mandate, BYD has taken a hit and saw its sales drop 34% during the last quarter. expand full story

BYD Stories May 4, 2017

While there has been a lot of talk about Tesla venturing into the market of heavy-duty electric vehicles, it’s something its Chinese competitor BYD has been doing for years now. Earlier this year, they delivered a fleet of all-electric trucks to work in yards in California.

Now they deliver their first 60-ft all-electric bus in the US – an impressive machine equipped with an even more impressive battery pack with a capacity of 547 kWh. expand full story

BYD Stories December 26, 2016


China has not only become the biggest automotive market in the world, but also the biggest electric car market in the world. In 2016 alone, the country more than doubled its fleet of electric vehicles to now over 600,000 cars – more than the US or all European countries combined. Yet, you probably haven’t heard much about the electric cars sold in volumes in China.

Here we take a look at 3 of the country’s best-selling all-electric vehicles. expand full story

BYD Stories November 10, 2016


Battery-powered garbage truck. That’s BYD’s, the Chinese electric automaker with an electric bus and truck division in the US, latest product. We are talking about a 3.9-ton battery-powered truck capable of traveling 100 miles on electric range. That’s something.

They unveiled the vehicle (pictured above) in Phoenix today. expand full story

BYD Stories June 28, 2016

lux battery research gigafactory

A new research report from Lux Research looked into the projected growth of the battery sector for electric vehicles (BEVs and PHEVs) and concluded that the market will rise to $10 Billion in 2020 with six large carmakers led by Tesla accounting for 90% of the demand. expand full story

BYD Stories April 5, 2016


China-based electric vehicle manufacturer BYD announced the launch of the newest versions of its two latest all-electric vehicles: the Qin EV300 and the e5. The company is expanding its price range with these additions to its EV lineup and expects to further its already important lead on the increasingly growingChinese EV market. expand full story

BYD Stories March 21, 2016

double decker BYD

Transport for London (TfL) and electric vehicle manufacturer BYD announced last week that the city of London is putting in service its firsts long-range all-electric double-decker buses – picture above.

The first 5 BYD all-electric buses will operate on Route 98 on behalf of TfL by Metroline. expand full story

BYD Stories January 7, 2016

biggest electric bus fleet

The China-based electric car and bus manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) announced the delivery of the world’s largest electric bus fleet to the city of Shenzhen in China. expand full story

BYD Stories September 4, 2015

The China-based electric car and bus manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) announced today that it won an important request of proposal from Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for a contract to supply up to 800 electric buses to state transit authorities, agencies, universities, or institutions.

The deal simplifies the procurement process, now any transit agency or public institution in Washington is able to order electric buses from BYD’s selection of 30 to 60 feet battery-powered buses. expand full story

BYD Stories September 2, 2015

2013-Renault-ZOE_Image-014-1600Electric vehicles are here to stay, there’s very little doubt about that at this point, but which automakers are making sure that EVs are not a fad, but a trend? A new report from EV-Sales, a website tracking electric vehicle sales through car registration data, compiled the top automotive groups selling EVs in volume. expand full story

BYD Stories March 15, 2015



Uber Inc said on Friday it struck a deal with Chinese automaker BYD Co Ltd to test a fleet of electric cars for its drivers.The test program, which kicked off a few weeks ago in Chicago and could eventually expand to other cities, is the Silicon Valley startup’s first attempt to focus on an electric vehicle, said Uber spokeswoman Lauren Altmin.”We’ve seen interest in the program already from current and potential Chicago partners (drivers),” Altmin said.

Uber, which allows users to summon rides on their smartphones, originally started with a luxury town-car service but in many cities has added UberX, a low frills service with nonprofessional drivers using personal cars. The BYD offering is aimed at those drivers.The electric car is part of Uber’s program to help drivers buy or lease new or used cars. The BYD e6 vehicles are available through Green Wheels USA, a Chicago car dealership that focuses on electric and hybrid cars and also builds EV charging stations.

About 25 BYD vehicles are currently being used by Uber drivers in Chicago, and the hope is to bring that number to a couple of hundred by the end of the year, according to Doug Snower, Green Wheels’ president.

These BYD E6’s have 186 mile city range and are currently used in London and Hong Kong as Taxis. It will be interesting to see how the trial goes. Perhaps the biggest hurdle is the 2 hour charging time which will mean that the drivers might be taking a long-ish lunch.

Still, a great way to test out the market in the US.

BYD Stories December 13, 2013

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They sound a little expensive and there certainly needs to be more infrastructure but a good first step.

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