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BYD Han first drive: A sleek introduction to a growing name in foreign EVs

BYD’s EVs may not be sold in the United States, but that wasn’t about to stop me from getting my hands on one. As the (self-proclaimed) resident expert on Chinese EV automakers here at Electrek, I felt a civic duty to you readers to get behind the wheel of the BYD vehicle, in this case a 2021 Han EV and report my initial thoughts about a brand that is quickly expanding en route to becoming a household name. Join me on my journey through sunny Southern California during my first driving experience with BYD.

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CATL dominates global EV battery market for sixth straight year

EV battery market

The 2022 report from South Korean firm SNE Research shows that EV battery manufacturer CATL once again holds its title as the largest in the world by installed battery capacity. That’s now six years in a row that CATL leads the global EV battery market and based on 2022’s numbers, is showing no signs of slowing down.

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BYD helping light up Las Vegas with renewables using massive 543 MWh energy storage system

BYD Las Vegas

BYD has announced plans to implement a 543 MWh Cube Pro liquid-cooled energy storage system (ESS) in Las Vegas, expected to begin commercial operation before year’s end. The Chinese automaker and battery specialist shared that the massive ESS will assist Nevada’s largest energy provider in achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. Vegas, baby.

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Chevy Bolt cheap? This Chinese knockoff is a third the price, readying for export

BYD Seagull

The BYD Seagull looks a lot like the venerable Chevy Bolt EV, but comes in at a literal fraction of the price… but with a fraction of the specs as well. As BYD expects to pass Tesla in Global EV sales this year by expanding its markets with significantly lower-priced vehicles, will we start seeing these hyper-cheap products outside of BYD’s home market of China?

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BYD continues expansion to UK – could it pass Tesla in global BEV sales this year as projected?

BYD Tesla

Having already expanded into several countries throughout Europe, Build Your Dreams (BYD) has announced that sales of its EVs will begin in the UK this quarter. As the veteran Chinese automaker continues to expand its BEV production and sales presence around the globe, we wonder if 2023 is the year that BYD Auto usurps Tesla for the top spot in global sales.

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BYD Seal EV coming to Europe as company mulls adding Dolphin hatchback next

BYD Seal

Build Your Dreams (BYD) continues to expand upon its own dream of becoming a global household name in autos as it is making headlines yet again. After recently announcing entry into Europe with sales of three of its EVs, BYD has announced a fourth – the Seal – will be joining the lineup. Furthermore, the automaker’s Dolphin hatchback could soon be joining the Euro party as well.

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BYD widens its presence in Europe by selling 100K EVs to German rental company SIXT

Sixt EVs

Mere months after announcing its expansion into several European markets, Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) is making quick moves to get more of its EVs on streets overseas. German car rental company SIXT has just signed on to purchase around 100,000 EVs from BYD that will be available to rent in Europe beginning this year.

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BYD sold 161% more EVs in China than same time last year, entering new markets with growth momentum


Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) continues to stake its case for worldwide attention as it reports tremendous year-over-year EV sales growth for yet another consecutive month. When looking at the company’s growth since 2020 and its recent expansion into new markets outside of China, BYD should be on your radar as a contender to become a globally recognized EV brand.

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BYD presale pricing for its EV lineup in Europe will start below 40,000 euros

BYD Europe

Following an announcement this past summer of its intentions to bring its EVs to Europe, Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) has shared presale pricing for its first three vehicles to arrive overseas. The official premiere included additional specifications ahead of full details next month. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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BYD brings its ultra-safe Blade Batteries to the commercial EV world with new eBus platform

BYD Blade Batteries

During a presentation at IAA Transportation in Germany this week, Chinese EV manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) has shared a myriad of new commercial EV technologies that will initially debut in Europe. The most prominent of the bunch is BYD’s new eBus platform, which is powered by BYD’s durable Blade Batteries, currently being used in its passenger EVs.

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BYD continues global expansion, announcing EV deliveries coming to Germany and Sweden in Q4


Just 10 days after announcing entry into the Japanese market, Build Your Dreams (BYD) has followed up with plans to sell passenger EVs in Germany and Sweden as well. As part of a new partnership with European dealer group Hedin Mobility, BYD expects to begin delivering EVs in the new EU countries before year’s end.

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Here’s why Bloomberg thinks Volkswagen’s EV sales will overtake Tesla’s by 2024

Volkswagen sales Tesla

According to a comprehensive report published this morning by research firm Bloomberg Intelligence, Tesla will hold its global crown for EV sales for the next 18 months but will then be usurped by Volkswagen electric vehicles. The full BEV outlook report predicts that many legacy automakers will lag in sales through 2025, but Volkswagen is on track to overtake Tesla’s production volume by 2024.

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