EV conversion Stories April 10

One of the coolest electric conversions we have ever seen, an old-school VW Bug powered by Tesla batteries, is being given away for a good cause. expand full story

EV conversion Stories November 14, 2018

While you still can’t buy an electric Mustang from Ford, a company decided to combine resto-mod with all-electric conversion to sell some stunning all-electric 1960’s Mustangs. expand full story

EV conversion Stories October 31, 2018

ICON, a restomod company based in Los Angeles, and Stealth EV, a company specializing in electric car conversions, unveiled a new EV conversion at SEMA today: a 1949 Mercury coupe with a Tesla battery pack. expand full story

EV conversion Stories October 15, 2018

As I stated in my ‘Taking a Tesla Model 3 Performance to the dragstrip‘ post yesterday, there was only one other electric vehicle at the track this weekend and it was a special one: A Tesla-powered Honda S2000 that ran the quarter-mile in 10 seconds. expand full story

EV conversion Stories August 6, 2018

Audi has yet to launch its first all-electric vehicle built to be electric from the ground up, but it has conversion compliance cars around.

But now an Audi S5 owner decided to make his own conversion using a Tesla powertrain and it might be the best all-electric Audi out there right now. expand full story

EV conversion Stories March 14, 2018

Lately, we are seeing an increase not only in new electric vehicles but also of EV conversions.

Now a group in New Zealand went old school by converting a classic 1957 Ford Fairlane to an all-electric powertrain. expand full story

EV conversion Stories June 1, 2017

In the balmy Missouri heat of August 2012, surrounded by what must have been a record forty lithium battery powered EV conversions, I had the opportunity to meet Michael Bream from San Diego.  He hadn’t brought a car to this convention, just a Ziploc sandwich bag containing the remains of a shattered rear differential gear.  Openly unafraid to try new things with electric motors, Michael had partnered up with fellow gear-head Matt Hauber to form one of the coolest conversion shops, EVWest.  They were both convinced that switching from gasoline to electric power was simply the next logical step to meeting their performance goals. expand full story

EV conversion Stories January 17, 2017

As the electric vehicle market grows, the salvaged electric vehicle market is bound to grow also and that opens up opportunities for hobbyists to use electric motors and battery packs from those salvaged cars to convert more classic vehicles and kit cars to electric propulsion.

We have seen some pretty cool ongoing projects already, like an all-electric 818 kit car with a Tesla drivetrain runing a quarter-mile in 10.1 seconds and conversion of a 1969 VW Karmann Ghia. We now learn of a new project with the body of a classic 427 Shelby Cobra powered by a Tesla motor and a Kia Soul EV battery pack. expand full story

EV conversion Stories October 3, 2016

Earlier this summer, we reported on an Ottawa-based car tuner, Eurodyne, and a local car shop, Tapp Auto, building an all-electric kit car with a Tesla drive unit and two Chevy Volt battery packs. The team is now back with an updated version of the car and it’s ridiculously fast. expand full story

EV conversion Stories September 21, 2016

With our recent piece about the converted VW Karmann Ghia, we thought it would only be appropriate to share with y’all the experience that Fully Charged had with the all-electric converted 1965 VW Beetle from Electric Classic Cars, which they nicknamed the ‘Voltswagen.’

expand full story

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