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Razor EcoSmart Cargo review: A clever 2-seater e-scooter, but with some problems

razor ecosmart cargo scooter review

Razor is no latecomer to the micromobility world, having produced awesome scooters for over two decades now. Following on the heels of reviewing the brand’s fun-loving and nostalgic Razor Icon electric scooter, I’ve now gotten a chance to try my hand (and rear end) at a two-person seated electric scooter known as the Razor EcoSmart Cargo.

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Testing an adult electric scooter designed like a kid’s toy: Razor Icon review

razor icon electric scooter

If you’re between the ages of 25 to 50, the name “Razor scooter” likely brings with it a certain nostalgia, the flavor of which may depend on whether you associate it with the childhood freedom of cruising the neighborhood or the unforgettable sound of aluminum on ankle bone. But now both are possible again with a modern twist thanks to Razor’s introduction of an electric scooter based on its classic design. I’ve had some fun by riding, testing, and crashing the new Razor Icon electric scooter over the last few weeks, and now it’s time to tell you what I think.

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Evolv Terra review: A fun little 31 mph full-suspension electric scooter

evolv terra electric scooter review

I’ll just come out and say it: I love full-suspension electric scooters. They take a fairly small and compact EV form factor and make it possible to travel at faster speeds over rougher terrain without shaking your teeth out, and the Evolv Terra electric scooter from Urban Machina is another great addition to this rapidly growing market. While the scooter isn’t perfect, it packs in a lot of great features for a fair price.

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Gogoro delivery day: I got one of the first battery-swapping Gogoro electric scooters outside of Asia

Gogoro S2 ABS Micah Toll

Gogoro’s battery-swapping network is world-renowned for making EV charging obsolete in dozens of models of electric scooters and motorbikes. The system uses smart connected batteries and thousands of swap stations that allow riders to roll up, swap batteries, and ride off — all in less time than a fuel fill-up on an ICE vehicle. And now that I’ve gotten my own Gogoro S2 ABS electric scooter, I’ve finally had the chance to experience the system firsthand.

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Razor relaunches its ankle-smashing iconic 2000s kick scooter as a low-cost electric scooter

razor icon

Remember that shiny aluminum Razor kick scooter from your childhood that somehow every kid on the block had? You know, the one that would inevitably swing around at some point and smack you right in the ankle? Well, now the company has relaunched it as an electric scooter for adults known as the Razor Icon. And it’s headed for a store near you.

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