electric scooter Stories March 27

Wheels, a popular electric bicycle-style e-scooter sharing platform announced last week that it was pulling its vehicles from service due to the coronavirus crisis sweeping the country. Now Wheels is back with a creative solution to keeping their shared vehicles safe and sanitized.

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electric scooter Stories March 20

Bragging rights are common in the world of long-distance motorcycle rides, such as the “Iron Butt” for anyone who completes a 1,000 mile (1,600 km) ride in 24 hours. But one man might have just earned himself the equivalent “Iron Ankles” after taking a standing electric scooter on a 24-hour cross-country-style trip in Florida.

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electric scooter Stories March 17

[Update March 17: Lime has just announced that it is suspending its electric scooter sharing operations to encourage people to stay indoors as part of a social distancing policy. The countries with suspended Lime service include Italy, France, and Spain. Service is also being suspended in California and Washington State.]

Electric bicycles, electric scooters, and other personal electric vehicles have long been touted for their economic and environmental benefits. But now we’re seeing how these types of vehicles are being effectively employed as one more option to defend commuters from contracting and/or spreading coronavirus.

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Beijing-based electric scooter manufacturer NIU has shown impressive growth quarter after quarter lately. The company’s Q4 financial report was just released, continuing the trend with all-time high sales and revenue figures.

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electric scooter Stories March 12

NIU unveiled its upgraded NQi GTS Sport electric scooter at the EICMA 2019 Milan Motorcycle Show last November.

Now the company has just announced that orders are open for the new scooter. And the first customers in line are getting treated to a big discount as well.

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electric scooter Stories March 9

Don’t get me wrong, I love big and powerful electric scooters. But I don’t really want to carry a 95 lb (43 kg) electric scooter onto the subway or the bus. That’s where lightweight electric scooters come in.

Today we’re going to have a good old-fashioned face-off between some of the most popular lightweight electric scooters under 30 lb (13.6 kg) to see which one could be right for your commute.

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electric scooter Stories March 5

Electric mobility company Bird is rolling out its electric Scoot Moped in Austin, Texas today. Despite early sightings of the seated personal electric vehicles in Los Angeles last year, Bird is calling this the first official launch of the Scoot Moped.

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electric scooter Stories February 28

The bubble car is back, thanks to the upcoming all-electric Microlino. And now we’re getting word that the adorable little EV is getting a fun little electric scooter sidekick as well.

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electric scooter Stories February 25

Now that I’ve had a few weeks with the GoTrax Xr Ultra electric scooter, it’s time to share my thoughts on it. As one of the most affordable electric scooters on the market, this could be a great option for anyone on a budget.

It of course makes compromises, like any budget electric scooter does, but the compromises still leave you with a nice ride for the price.

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electric scooter Stories February 21

All indications are that Suzuki is prepping itself to debut its first electric two-wheeler, following the likes of the other major Japanese motorcycle makers.

However, it’s not exactly what we were expecting.

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