electric scooter Stories Yesterday

NIU, one of the most popular electric scooter manufacturers in China, is preparing to begin sales in the US. But the highly anticipated US debut will feature higher prices than originally expected due to import tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

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electric scooter Stories July 15

Amazon’s Prime Day is a great time to snag just about anything on sale for a deep discount and save some big bucks. But e-bikes are an especially good target, considering they generally come with pretty hefty prices already.

9to5Toys is rounding up all of the Best Deals on Prime Day but here are the best deals we’ve seen today, including some offerings not even on Amazon.

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electric scooter Stories July 11

Boosted’s new Rev electric scooter is a beast. With dual motors and massive tires, the Boosted Rev could eat those $300 budget electric scooters for breakfast.

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electric scooter Stories July 7

Gogoro has one of the slickest battery-swapping electric scooters in the world. And now you no longer have to actually buy a Gogoro scooter to experience the vehicles and their innovative battery swap stations. With the announcement of GoShare, Gogoro is entering the shared electric scooter market.

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electric scooter Stories July 2

What would happen if you stretched a standard electric scooter to nearly twice its normal length and added a second handlebar? You’d get the BOGO two-person electric scooter, apparently.

The new dockless shared electric scooter startup wants to challenge industry heavyweights like Bird and Lime with a bold proposition: a scooter for two.

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electric scooter Stories July 1

Gone are the days when electric scooters used to cost an arm and a leg for a poorly assembled hunk of junk. Today we’ve got countless options for high quality scooters that run circles around the cheap usual suspects like Xiaomi or Ninebot. The latest one we’ve tested is the Horizon electric scooter from FluidFreeRide. This bad boy can hit road-ready speeds and has full suspension to improve ride comfort.

Best of all? It’s quite affordable!

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electric scooter Stories June 26

Lime’s dockless electric scooters can already be found in over 100 cities across at least 25 countries. But as the electric scooter sharing market continues to grow, Lime is expanding its reach even further. Now the company is spreading even further with its latest expansion covering nearly the entirety of Latin America from Argentina to Mexico.

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electric scooter Stories June 17

Until recently, electric bicycles and electric kick scooters in most forms have been illegal in New York City. But that is set to change Wednesday when a new bill finally codifies electric bicycles and scooters, legalizing them across the state and in NYC.

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electric scooter Stories June 13

KYMCO and 22Motors have just announced a new brand combining their two expertises: 22KYMCO. The two companies will focus on developing electric scooters within India as well as spreading KYMCO’s charging network across the country.

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electric scooter Stories June 12

I like getting around on two wheels. It’s kind of my thing. Whether it’s an electric scooter, moped, bike, or motorcycle, I ride them all. And over the past year, I’ve spent a significant amount of saddle time on the four two-wheeled electric vehicles that I consider to be the best options for urban commuters: The 2019 Zero FXS electric supermoto, the 2019 CSC City Slicker urban electric motorcycle, the GenZe 2.0f electric scooter, and the BloomScooter electric scooter.

Each is a strong contender for top urban electric motorbike, so I wanted to do a comparison to see how they stack up against each other. Check out my video below and read on to see why each of these could be the best urban electric commuter.

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