electric scooter Stories June 28

I don’t know about you, but when I hear about Segway, it still conjures up images in my mind of mall cops and nerds on tech company campuses. However, most people don’t realize that Segway is a totally different animal these days.

After being purchased by the Chinese company Ninebot in 2015, Segway-Ninebot has been transformed into a powerhouse of personal electric vehicles. In fact, if you’ve been in a large city recently, you might have seen hundreds of Segway-Ninebot vehicles zipping around the streets in the form of popular new electric scooter programs. expand full story

electric scooter Stories June 27

The “last mile” problem is one that cities have been trying to solve for decades. While it is fairly easy to get to most cities, getting around that last mile to your final destination is often anything but simple. On the other end of the trip, “first miles” often have the same issue. How do you get from your home or apartment to the closest bus stop or train station that will take you to work?

That responsibility has often fallen on smaller one-person forms of electric transportation, also known as personal electric vehicles (PEVs). These can be anything from electric bicycles to electric scooters and electric skateboards. Basically anything small, quick and convenient to move someone around a crowded urban environment.

In an effort to determine which of these PEVs is the best option for urban commuting, I spent the last two weeks commuting entirely by personal electric vehicle, and now I want to share my experiences to help you determine how best to get around your city. Read on to see what I learned. expand full story

electric scooter Stories June 24

Electric stand-on scooters have been in the news a lot lately, largely due to their growing popularity in electric scooter rental programs. These scooter shares have been spreading around the US and the world, introducing commuters to the convenience of these small yet functional EVs.

So far most of the electric scooters on the road have been the same model, the popular Xiaomi M365 electric scooter used by Bird, Spin and several other electric scooter rental companies. Now a new competitor is preparing to enter the consumer electric scooter market, and this one has a style that is very much its own.  expand full story

electric scooter Stories June 23

Even while facing rollout problems at home, electric scooter share companies are flush with cash and expanding their operations overseas. The scooter companies are hoping that they can make early claims to European cities and snatch up market share before their competitors. expand full story

electric scooter Stories June 22

Even though we often talk about Europe and Asia having all the options for electric scooters, there are still a few models available in the US. But except for the Detroit-built GenZe 2.0, most of the currently available alternatives are either small, under powered, or use archaic lead-acid batteries.

Today that changes, as CruZer Scooter has launched their new e2000 electric scooter in the US. expand full story

electric scooter Stories June 18

Electric scooters, ride-on scooters, mopeds – whatever you want to call them – aren’t exactly commonplace in the US. It wasn’t long ago at all that spotting these two-wheeled EVs in America’s cities was nearly impossible.

But in Bob Dylan’s ironically timeless words, “…the times, they are a’changing.” expand full story

electric scooter Stories June 13

KYMCO, the largest motorcycle and scooter company in Taiwan, has set its sights on producing electric scooters and a compatible network of battery swap stations, plus a new standard of universal removable and swappable batteries.

As part of the first step to achieving their goal, KYMCO just unveiled their two new electric scooters lines. expand full story

Even though Europe is ripe with scooters zipping around its streets, the variety and options for all-electric scooters don’t come close to matching those of gas scooters.

That may not be the case for long though, as an increasing number of electric scooter options are becoming available every month. Yesterday, the Chinese company Niu unveiled their two latest electric scooters that have been developed specifically for the European market. expand full story

electric scooter Stories June 9

India has been ripe with new electric vehicle offerings lately, in large part due to a government policy to shift away from foreign imports and domestic pollution. Combine the cheap workforce with a wealth of local skilled tech workers, and you get really cool and affordable designs like the $1,125 Flow electric scooter by 22Motors. expand full story

You’ve likely seen or heard about the massive fleets of rental electric scooters that have been taking over US cities. Even if you don’t have the rental electric scooters in your city yet, you’ve probably seen the news coverage, especially regarding the backlash against riders dangerously and illegally zipping around sidewalks and crashing into pedestrians. expand full story

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