electric scooter Stories September 9

Remember that awesome WideWheel electric scooter? There may be a brake problem

The popular Mercane WideWheel electric scooter may have an issue with its rear brake. After urging from the sole US distributor of the scooter, the Korean manufacturer is investigating to determine the severity of the issue and how widespread it may be. We spoke with the US distributor to get to the bottom of it.

electric scooter Stories September 7

Lime is offering a new feature for its electric scooter rentals in the US and Canada. Group Ride, which Lime announced today willing be rolling out soon in North America, seeks to ensure each rider in a group gets his or her own scooter.  expand full story

electric scooter Stories September 1

There are a number of great deals for electric bicycles and scooters this labor day. Don’t miss out on your chance to save big on your next two-wheeled electric vehicle!

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electric scooter Stories August 29

I never thought I’d be as comfortable going 40 mph (64 km/h) on an electric scooter as I am on the Mantis electric scooter from FluidFreeRide. This scooter is not only crazy fast — it’s also crazy comfortable to ride. Check out the full review including the video below. expand full story

electric scooter Stories August 28

Hyundai has just released details on the company’s newest electric vehicle. But this is no electric car — it’s an electric scooter! expand full story

electric scooter Stories August 26

When you think of scooters, you think of Razor. That nostalgia is hardwired into my brain from childhood. Hitting jumps. Carving corners. Smacking my ankle on that freakin’ aluminum deck each time it would spin around. Oh, the good ol’ days.

But what you might not realize is that the Razor of yesteryear is still a potent force in today’s massive electric scooter market. I’ve been riding around on their latest Razor E-XR electric scooter and have been surprised by how powerful and robust this thing is.

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electric scooter Stories August 25

As NIU furthers its global expansion, the company’s latest earnings report details continued growth and strong earnings. But the most interesting bit of all might have been the revelation that the company is working on a second, more affordable brand of electric scooters and mopeds to be called Gova. expand full story

electric scooter Stories August 21

Watch: Cop pulls over three Bird electric scooter riders on the interstate

Electric scooters may be a great way to get around cities, but they certainly weren’t meant for the interstate. That’s what three riders on Bird electric scooters found out this week when they were pulled over while trying to ride their rented electric scooters on the interstate.

electric scooter Stories August 20

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I like riding electric scooters, but I wish they could go 40 mph (64 km/h) and get a range of 55 miles (88 km) per charge”? Well then you’re in luck, because fluidfreeride has unveiled its newest model available in the US, the Mantis electric scooter.

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electric scooter Stories August 19

Electric scooters certainly have a lot of advantages, yet one of their few downsides has always been the built-in (i.e. locked in) battery. But now with the Levy electric scooter, riders can finally remove their battery from the scooter to charge more conveniently and help mitigate theft. Plus it’s a pretty sweet looking scooter, in my opinion.

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