electric scooter Stories Yesterday

The indoor expo at the 2018 Interbike bicycle trade show in Reno, NV has kicked off. Nearly all of the world’s biggest electric bicycle brands are here showing of their newest e-bike models, parts, accessories and even some surprisingly weirder offerings.

Here’s a breakdown of all the best new offerings in the world of electric bicycles and other light electric vehicles.

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electric scooter Stories September 20

Inboard Technology is best known for their highly acclaimed M1 electric skateboard, which is fairly unique among a large pack of competitors due to its removable and swappable batteries.

For weeks they’ve been teasing their customers with the imminent launch of “something”, while revealing very few hints. Today they’ve finally dropped the veil to show off the company’s new electric scooter, complete with an impressive list of features not found on any other electric scooters on the market.

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electric scooter Stories September 11

Yamaha and Gogoro have both proven to be powerful forces in the light electric vehicle industry. Gogoro has a line of highly successful scooters based on their battery-swapping technology, and Yamaha just rolled their four latest electric bicycle models into shops in the US.

Now the two companies have announced that they will be joining forces on swappable-battery electric scooters, leveraging the strengths of both players.

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electric scooter Stories September 4

While there has been a huge amount innovation in light electric vehicles over the last few years, such as 60 mph (97 km/h) electric bicycles and 400 mi (644 km) range electric tricycles, most of the innovation has been in performance – not design. Until now, that is.

Here’s a wacky new electric scooter design that has been finding a surprising amount of success around the world.

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electric scooter Stories August 31

Santa Monica and San Francisco both became epicenters of the fight over electric scooter share programs operating on public space over the past year.

After both cities eventually banned the alternative electric transportation options due to the companies operating without the cities’ blessings, they opened an application processes for permits allowing companies to operate scooter share programs. Now both cities have announced the winners of those permits, and the results are shocking riders and operators alike.

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electric scooter Stories August 27

Sit-down scooters and mopeds have been a popular form of transportation in Europe for decades, and have recently been finding favor in the US as well, as an increasing number of companies have started offering electric versions as part of their lineup.

Vespa, perhaps the most famous scooter maker of all, has finally dropped the veil on the production plans of their first electric Vespa, the Elettrica.

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electric scooter Stories August 21

There has been no shortage of new electric mopeds and scooters lately. While most companies are offering scooters with fancy, high tech features and long ranges, a new startup has debuted a basic electric scooter that is low on features and is also low in cost. expand full story

electric scooter Stories August 14

Electric scooter sharing programs, created by companies to provide a fast and convenient form of personal electric transportation in urban areas, have not been without controversy. Starting earlier this year, the scooter sharing programs began appearing in cities across the US seemingly overnight, dumping their dockless electric scooters on sidewalks and street corners for riders to scan with a smartphone app and ride around the city. The companies often caught cities off-guard in what many perceived as a deliberate attempt to dictate the terms of their own regulations similar to the way ride shares like Uber rolled out their own services.

While detractors have cried foul over what they sometimes consider to be dangerous vehicles zipping around pedestrians, a new study has found that Americans by and large support the electric scooter rental programs, providing more evidence to show that this is anything but a temporary fad. expand full story

electric scooter Stories August 9

Electric scooter shares have shown massive growth in cities around the US and internationally over the past year. The tiny EVs are intended to serve as “last mile” type vehicles which help commuters navigate cities faster than walking and more conveniently than taking public transportation. Riders can hop on a scooter anywhere they can find one, paying just $1.00 plus 15 cents per mile and dropping the scooter off anywhere in the city – no docking station required.

So far, the major players have been larger companies such as Bird, who is reportedly the fastest US startup ever to reach a $1 billion valuation. But with the massive growth displayed by the fledgling industry and venture capitalists tripping over each other to throw money at the startups for fear of missing the gravy train — err, gravy scooter, new electric scooter share companies are popping up all over the place. expand full story

electric scooter Stories July 31

It seems like every week now there’s a new electric scooter share program popping up in cities around the US. Companies like Bird, Lime and Skip are quickly distributing those small and zippy little electric scooters that users can rent for just a couple bucks.

What you likely haven’t seen too many of yet are the larger types of electric scooters, ones that are more akin to electric mopeds and allow the rider to sit down as if on a bicycle. And New Yorkers may be seeing them a lot more now that a new electric scooter rental company has opened up shop in Brooklyn. expand full story

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