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Best SSD/USB storage

SSD and USB storage is essential for Sentry Mode and TeslaCam.

Best USB hubs

USB hubs are useful for plugging in several USB devices into your Tesla at once.

Best wireless phone chargers

You can charge your phone in the car with the USB cord… or you can get a wireless charger. Your choice.

Best license plate mounts

Skip the sticker! Get a mount.

Best phone mounts

Keep your phone within reach.

Best mattresses

Want to make use of the fireplace/romance mode on your Tesla display? Go camping. Pick up a mattress first.

Best center console wraps

Make your center console look great with one of our recommended wraps for your Model 3 or other Tesla.

Best center console liners

Make your center console super easy to clean with one of our recommended console liners.

Best center console organizers

Keep all your knick knacks in order with a center console organizer — great for aviators, swiss army knives, and more.

Best center console screen protectors

Keep that center console display in tip-top shape with a screen protector. You protect your phone; why not protect your car display?

Best floor mats

Keep your Tesla floors clean with a mat — doubles for easy clean-up at the car wash. Just pull them out and shake them off.

Best foot pedals

Enhance the style and appearance of your standard Tesla foot pedals, and get better grip and safety as well.

Best heat shields and sun shades

Keep the summer heat rays away from your black Tesla dash — do your part to tone down the greenhouse effect.

Best door button labels

Ever get tired of explaining how to open the Model 3’s doors all the time? These stickers will save you lots of headaches.

Best door sill protection

Protect your door sill with some vinyl. That chrome door sill scratches way too easily.

Best car washing kits

Your new Tesla deserves to be kept clean.

Best game controllers for Tesla entertainment

Get what you need to play games on the go. When the car is parked, of course.

Best miscellaneous/weird accessories

There’s plenty of unconventional Tesla accessories to check out.